Hawkeye (2021)

  • Premiered: Nov 2021
  • Episodes: 6
  • Followers: 2144
  • Ended
  • Disney+
  • Wednesday at 3
  • Action Adventure Crime Drama Mystery Science-fiction


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Season 1
Never Meet Your Heroes
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 24, 2021
Archer Kate Bishop lands in the middle of a criminal conspiracy, forcing Hawkeye out of retirement.
Hide and Seek
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 24, 2021
Clint has to help Kate disentangle herself from the Tracksuit mafia and a real-life murder mystery.
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 01, 2021
After escaping a new threat, Clint and Kate join forces against an expanding criminal conspiracy.
Partners, Am I Right?
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 08, 2021
Secrets are revealed and hard truths emerge, culminating in a battle against two opposing forces.
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 15, 2021
A fallout nearly derails their partnership, but Kate makes a discovery that changes everything.
1x6 Season finale
So This Is Christmas?
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 22, 2021
Clint and Kate’s partnership is tested as they face the consequences of exposing the conspiracy.

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