Ink Master

  • Premiered: Jan 2012
  • Episodes: 197
  • Followers: 651
  • Running
  • Spike TV
  • Tuesday at 22
  • Reality


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Season 14
Legends Return
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 07, 2022
10 legends return to the Ink Master Shop and must immediately battle it out in an epic three round tattoo gauntlet for survival. The battle begins for $250,000 and the title of Ink Master.
A Work of Art
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 07, 2022
Alliances start to form as the first Flash Challenge pushes the Artists' creativity to the limit. Then, a Fine Art Elimination Tattoo has the artists creating museum worthy pieces.
Devil's in the Details
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 13, 2022
The Artists must make impressive illusions in an ultraviolet Flash Challenge, and every detail counts in an epic twist on Pin Up tattoos.
Match a Master
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 21, 2022
In an unexpected twist, 4 Ink Masters show up to keep the Artists on their toes. The Master of Chaos stops by and flips the competition on its head.
Master Mash Ups
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 28, 2022
A game-changing turn of events elevates the competition. Insane Mash Up tattoos puts the Artists artistry skills to the test and a skull pick backfires.
Up in Flames
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 05, 2022
An explosive Flash Challenge has the original Artists targeting a common enemy. Difficult throat tattoos have the artists bugging out.
Panes of Pressure
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 12, 2022
A layered Flash Challenge has the Artists testing their composure. The pressure is on as Japanese tattoos give the Artists a run for their money and a special Guest Judge stops by.
Let the Sparks Fly
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 19, 2022
Sparks fly in a heavy metal Flash Challenge, and shots land in an intense skull pick. Things heat up in the race for the title when the Artists take on color portraits in the Elimination Tattoo.
Finale Part 1
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 26, 2022
The final 6 artists must take on 2 epic tattoo challenges to secure their place in the top 4. Blind judging shakes up the competition, and an emotional elimination leaves the artists feeling rattled.
Finale Part 2
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 02, 2022
The top 4 Artists take on the most intense final tattoo in the history of the competition. Mind-blowing tattoos lead to a heated debate. One Artist wins $250,000 and the title of Ink Master.

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