Hanaukyo Maid Team: La Verite

  • Premiered: Apr 2004
  • Episodes: 12
  • Followers: 1
  • Ended
  • AT-X
  • Unknown
  • Animation Comedy


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Season 1
How Do You Do, Master?
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 04, 2004
After the death of his mother, Taro Hanaukyo is sent to live with his grandfather, who he has never met. He soon discovers that his grandfather is gone, and has left the .. show full overview
A Ten-Game Match
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 11, 2004
Taro begins to have strong feelings for Mariel. He also discovers that he has an arranged marriage to, Ryuka, a member of the Jihioh family, his families rivals. Ryuka later challenges .. show full overview
Cynthia and Grace
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 18, 2004
Taro says says, "Hello" to Cynthia in the hallway, but to his surprise, not only does she speak to him for the first time, she acts bitterly toward Taro. He soon learns that Cynthia was .. show full overview
Konoe Rises
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 25, 2004
Konoe instucks Yashima to watch over Taro while pretending to be a personal maid to him, to try to get him to be more like a proper, "Head of the Household." Later, Taro goes shopping .. show full overview
Ryuka Again
Episode overview
Air date
May 02, 2004
Ikuyo-chan creates a Manga and along with Taro, Mariel and others sell out at Comic Convention while Cosplaying popular Mandy/Anime characters. Later, Ryuka sets her sights on working .. show full overview
Budget Contest
Episode overview
Air date
May 09, 2004
The annual Budget Softball tournament is upon the Hanaukyo house, with each department playing for the amount of money they will receive for the next year. Taro, decides he wants to be .. show full overview
Unidentified Living Creature
Episode overview
Air date
May 16, 2004
After Grace/Cynthia disappear, Taro and others go looking for her in a hidden tunnel under the mansion.
Woman In A Sportscar
Episode overview
Air date
May 23, 2004
Taro-soma decides to take a trip alone to where him and his mother use to visit together, much to the dismay of the staff. At the train station he is picked up by a stranger who he gets .. show full overview
The First Date
Episode overview
Air date
May 30, 2004
Taro-soma and Mariel finally go on their first date, but it does not end as Taro expected. Meanwhile, Cynthia discovers some interesting new about Mariel...
Blue Silent Bell
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 06, 2004
With Mariel still in an coma, Taro-sama soon learns of her origins and her purpose in life, but not before his Grandfather's 'Team' takes her to him. Soon, Taro-sama decides it is time .. show full overview
Forced Entry
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 13, 2004
This episode has no summary.
1x12 Show finale
True Smile
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 20, 2004
This episode has no summary.

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