Game of Thrones

  • Premiered: Apr 2011
  • Episodes: 73
  • Followers: 79,8k
  • Ended
  • HBO
  • Sunday at 21
  • Action Adventure Drama Fantasy


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Season 1
Winter Is Coming
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 17, 2011
Lord Ned Stark is troubled by disturbing reports form a Night's Watch deserter; King Robert arrives at Winterfell.
The Kingsroad
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 24, 2011
The Lannisters plot to ensure Bran's silence; Jon and Tyrion head to the Wall; Ned faces a family crisis en route to King's Landing.
Lord Snow
Episode overview
Air date
May 01, 2011
Jon impresses Tyrion at Castle Black; Ned confronts his past and future at King's Landing; Daenerys finds herself at odds with Viserys.
Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things
Episode overview
Air date
May 08, 2011
Ned probes Arryn's death; Jon takes measures to protect Sam; Tyrion is caught in the wrong place.
The Wolf and the Lion
Episode overview
Air date
May 15, 2011
Ned refuses an order from the King; Tyrion escapes one perilous encounter, only to find himself in another.
A Golden Crown
Episode overview
Air date
May 22, 2011
Ned makes a controversial decree; Tyrion confesses to his 'crimes'; Viserys receives final payment for Daenerys.
You Win or You Die
Episode overview
Air date
May 29, 2011
Ned confronts Cersei about her secrets; Jon takes his Night's Watch vows; Drogo promises to lead the Dothraki to King's Landing.
The Pointy End
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 05, 2011
The Lannisters press their advantage over the Starks; Robb rallies his father's northern allies and heads south to war.
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 12, 2011
Ned makes a fateful decision; Robb takes a prized prisoner; Dany finds her reign imperiled.
1x10 Season finale
Fire and Blood
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 19, 2011
A new king rises in the North; a Khaleesi finds new hope.

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