Fantasy Island (2021)

  • Premiered: Aug 2021
  • Episodes: 17
  • Followers: 118
  • Running
  • FOX
  • Monday at 21
  • Adventure Drama Fantasy Mystery


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Season 2
Tara and Jessica's High School Reunion; Cat Lady
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 02, 2023
Longtime best friends, Tara and Jessica, want to rule their 30th High School Reunion, but their plans go sideways when everyone is forced to tell the truth. Andi wants to know if her cat .. show full overview
Hurricane Helene; The Bachelor Party
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 09, 2023
In the wake of her mother's passing, Helene visits the Island in search of her biological father. She thinks he might just be one of the guys who's come to celebrate a Bachelor Party. .. show full overview
Paymer vs. Paymer
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 16, 2023
Empty nesters Dolly and Dutch seek clarity on how to spend their next chapter. Meanwhile, Helene helps Ruby tap into her newfound youth. Javier opens up to Roarke as he wrestles with his new role.
Mystery in Miami
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 23, 2023
Three best friends of fifty-plus years set out to track down the missing fourth member of their squad... in 1980s Miami! Meanwhile, Roarke confides in Segundo about letting people in, and Ruby's cabin fever is an itch that needs to be scratched.
The Urn
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 06, 2023
After an urn comes off the plane, three siblings must work through their past resentments in order to spread their mom’s ashes and fulfill her last fantasy. As the kids wrestle with .. show full overview
Forever and a Day
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 13, 2023
Oliver’s fantasy is to surprise his boyfriend Emilio with the perfect proposal, but when Emilio says no, Oliver finds himself reliving that day over and over again. Meanwhile, Roarke, .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 20, 2023
Amber's fantasy is to have her actual life be as perfect as her Instagram life. But when Amber's family transforms into the perfect Insta-versions of themselves, she soon realizes .. show full overview
Walk a Country Mile
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 06, 2023
A country music star with writer's block, Shay, fantasizes about being anonymous so she can focus on finishing her next album. Her beleaguered assistant, Beau, is surprised when Roarke .. show full overview
Gwenivere of Glendale
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 10, 2023
Gwen's fantasy is to go back in time and be the Princess she longs to be—pampered, rich, and cared-for. At first, the fantasy is everything she dreamed of—the gowns, the pageantry, .. show full overview

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