United Shades of America

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Policing the Police
Episode overview
Kamau examines the history and current state of policing in America through the eyes of activists, organizers, politicians, victims and police themselves in his hometown of Oakland, California and the Bay Area.
Black To The Future
Episode overview
Kamau visits Atlanta and digs deep into the discrimination and racism that lingers in programs like STEM; he looks at efforts to build a more inclusive workforce for the globally competitive future in technology and space.
Power Of Protest
Episode overview
Kamau goes back to Portland to explore the dynamics of the protests.
The Wealth Gap
Episode overview
Kamau discovers American disparity through the lenses of generational wealth.
Thank You For Your Service
Episode overview
Kamau spends time speaking with military veterans in San Diego to examine how the military is beset by the same destructive forces that keep the U.S. divided as a nation.
The Color Of America
Episode overview
Kamau goes to Philadelphia to explore the shifting ethnic makeup of the U.S. in a celebratory exploration of an increasingly robust mixed-race population and the ways in which they are changing and challenging the culture.
Trans in Texas
Episode overview
While visiting Dallas, Texas, to listen and learn about the joys and struggles of the Black transgender community, W. Kamau Bell hears from Naomi Green on the frightening reality of medical discrimination.