United Shades of America

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Where Do We Even Start With White Supremacy?
Episode overview
White supremacy in America, explained How our new war collided with an old fight -- and put Black Americans on the frontlines. We're living in a perfect storm for extremist recruitment. .. show full overview
All-American Family Farms
Episode overview
How we can fix America's broken food supply chain? A nightmare scenario for farmers is happening right now. 'Essential' farmworkers feel underpaid and at risk.
Going to Public School
Episode overview
A look into the public education system of two contrasting school districts in Cleveland, Ohio.
The Gig Economy
Episode overview
Across the United States, the fastest-growing category of new jobs is gig work, spurred on by tech companies and their never-ending stream of apps; low and uncertain incomes have replaced benefits.
The Time for Reparations
Episode overview
W. Kamau Bell heads to New Orleans to explore the topic of reparations.
Venezuelans in Florida
Episode overview
W. Kamau Bell heads to South Florida, home of the largest number of Venezuelans in the United States, to understand the crisis that led them to seek asylum.
The Homeless Crisis in LA
Episode overview
W. Kamau Bell visits Los Angeles to explore the homelessness crisis.
Iranian-Americans in New York
Episode overview
W. Kamau Bell visits New York City to meet with Iranian immigrants to learn about their American experience.