United Shades of America

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Immigrants and Refugees
Episode overview
W. Kamau Bell enjoys an abundant cross-section of immigrants who come to this country from all over the world to make a better life.
Chicago Gangs
Episode overview
W. Kamau Bell goes to the heart of Chicago gang territory to explore the truth about violence in the city.
Native 'Americans'
Episode overview
Kamau goes to the Dakotas to bring light onto the indigenous people mistakenly called Native Americans.
Muslims in Small Town America
Episode overview
W. Kamau Bell meets Muslims in Michigan who are eager to explain that practitioners of Islam aren't what people assume they are.
Kamau Buys a Gun
Episode overview
W. Kamau Bell, a critic of gun laws in America, buys a 357 Magnum.
Puerto Ricans and Puerto Rico
Episode overview
W. Kamau Bell unlocks some of the myths of Puerto Ricans; a journey from New York City to Puerto Rico itself.
Appalachian Coal Country
Episode overview
The Appalachian region has a rich history and optimism, despite being one of the hardest-hit countries economically; W. Kamau Bell plans to mine.
It's Chinatown!
Episode overview
W. Kamau Bell visits San Francisco's Chinatown; what it means to be American while culturally connected to another country.