United Shades of America

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The New KKK
Episode overview
Despite their dwindling numbers over the decades, the notorious white supremacist group, the Klu Klux Klan, seek to reignite the flames of white power with a new message; W. Kamau Bell heads to the South to speak to KKK members.
Behind These Walls
Episode overview
W. Kamau Bell speaks to prisoners of the infamous San Quentin prison to hear their individual, real stories about life inside the prison and what it has turned them into.
Latino, USA
Episode overview
The population of East Los Angeles is over 90 percent Latino; they are predicted to be the majority population of Americans by 2044; W. Kamau Bell speaks to many Latinos who are fighting prejudice and spreading the message of tolerance.
Protect and Serve?
Episode overview
Camden, New Jersey has a reputation as one of the country's most dangerous cities; W. Kamau Bell heads there to see if a newly implemented community policing program is helping the relationship between citizens and the police force.
Off The Grid
Episode overview
W. Kamal Bell visits people in North Carolina and Tennessee who are living completely off the grid; inside the tiny house movement; legendary Summer of Love commune, The Farm; doomsday prepper who refuses to be identified.
Is It Cool to Be Hip?
Episode overview
W. Kamau Bell is off to speak to the people of Portland, Oregon where the result of a massive influx of hipsters appears to be gentrification; he inquires as to how this has affected the local neighborhoods.
The Last Frontier
Episode overview
W. Kamau Bell visits the Inuit people of Barrow, Alaska, 320 miles north of the Arctic Circle, where this town, only accessible by plane, is fighting to hold on to its traditions as large companies seek to acquire their natural resources.
The Fountain of Youth
Episode overview
Kamau Bell searches for the fountain of youth. He heads to Daytona Beach, Florida and gets schooled on 'beachin.'