The Real Murders of Orange County

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Wrong Turn
Episode overview
The episode examines the case of Jane Carver, a flight attendant who died while jogging yards away from her home in the picturesque community of Fountain Valley. With no evidence and .. show full overview
Spoiled to Death
Episode overview
The Sachs family seems to be living the OC life in their hilltop mansion when their family is suddenly torn apart by a vicious shooting in the middle of the night.
Love Lost at Sea
Episode overview
The Hawks live the OC dream on their luxurious yacht until their disappearance sparks a frantic search. The investigation turns as details of the alleged yacht sale point toward someone going to great depths to take their own piece of this dream.
The King of Orange County
Episode overview
The larger-than-life owner of a strip club empire is mowed down with a machine gun before the gates of his Orange County estate. The secrecy surrounding the clubs and their employees makes the case extremely challenging for investigators.
A Deadly Double Life
Episode overview
Keeping up appearances is key in the OC, but when the Stahls are found shot to death on the side of the Ortega Highway, the façade turns deadly. The case leads detectives down a dark path through a series of scandalous and twisted love triangles.
A Tale of Two Brothers
Episode overview
The brutal murder of three members of a family in an old monied Fullerton enclave reverberates throughout the neighborhood and the rest of Orange County. The investigation reveals the family’s dark secrets and a tragically OC motive.
A Legacy to Die For
Episode overview
After a fire breaks out at a hill-top mansion, OC detectives discover two bodies riddled with bullets. Police must investigate the affluent and seedier side of the victim’s past to discover who would take these measures to erase their existence.
Sleeping with the Enemy
Episode overview
A rising star financial whiz is brutally murdered in his seaside Huntington Beach home where the only witness, his wife Dixie, was also assaulted. After years of determined and methodical investigation, the shocking true killer is revealed.