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Taken Before Graduation
Episode overview
Weeks before graduation, officers find a Georgia high school senior's strangled body in flames, sparking a decades-long quest for justice. In South Carolina, a promising college student .. show full overview
Danger at Close Range
Episode overview
A bride-to-be vanishes weeks before her wedding; suspicion swirls around her fiancé and ex-boyfriend, before a shocking revelation about a coworker makes him the main person of interest; a mysterious death of a young trans woman.
Indiana Unsolved
Episode overview
A college student sends his sister a mysterious text about leaving the country, but his body turns up in a lake, and it is weighed down by a backpack full of rocks; a young woman vanishes after trying to make a call from a payphone.
The Party's Over
Episode overview
A young woman acts erratically at a restaurant and police take her into custody; they release her in the middle of the night, but she disappears; a soldier at Fort Hood dies after falling off a balcony in suspicious circumstances.
Suspicious Circumstances
Episode overview
The families of two young mothers who die in suspicious circumstances search for answers. Racheyl Brinson's husband says she fell to her death while hunting, while Jessica Alva's boyfriend tells police that she hung herself.
What the Trees Know
Episode overview
A Georgia man suffers 17 stab wounds while on a hunting trip, and authorities rule his death a suicide, shocking his family. Another man disappears without warning -- the only clue is his burned-out car, found 14 hours from where anyone saw him last.
Suffer the Children
Episode overview
Oakley Carlson is missing and no one can find her, including her foster parents and her biological parents; a young mother leaves a bar with a man she doesn't know and ends up dead.
Secrets in the DNA
Episode overview
A truck driver finds an unconscious woman on a Missouri motorway, and police determine the suspect attacked her elsewhere and placed her on the road; an unknown killer bludgeons a mum and her daughters at home while her son and nephew cling to life.
Unseen Enemies
Episode overview
The murder of billionaire couple Barry and Honey Sherman in their mansion stuns Toronto, since Barry is a pharmaceutical mogul with many enemies, but it is unclear who would kill his wife; a New York teen disappears after a mysterious road trip.
The Stuff of Nightmares
Episode overview
A 14-year-old disappears in Aruba while on a jet ski ride with an older man; a man kidnaps a young woman from the parking lot of her boyfriend's apartment building.