On the Case with Paula Zahn

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Follow the Blood
Episode overview
Blood spattered from a young woman’s apartment balcony to the parking lot below could lead police to her coldly calculated murderer. Season Premiere.
Faith and Duty
Episode overview
A mysterious late-night call requesting last rites for a loved one leads to the shocking murder of a beloved priest.
Justice Frozen
Episode overview
The police look to find the killer of an unidentified woman found bound, frozen and shot to death in the mountains of Utah.
A Lifetime of Grief
Episode overview
Painful questions torment a loving husband after his wife's brutal murder; in particular, the community's doubts about whether he had been her killer.
Voice for the Nameless
Episode overview
Police must track down the vicious killer of two separate Jane Doe victims, murdered in a shockingly similar way.
Tragedy in Visalia
Episode overview
The abduction of a young girl sends a relentless detective on a quest to bring justice to her heartbroken family...
A Quest for Justice
Episode overview
A young mother is murdered inside her home, and her family hopes to help put her killer behind bars...
Text, Lies and Video
Episode overview
A daughter receives an odd text from her mother's phone claiming she left town with a new man, which is the first clue that something is very wrong. The ensuing investigation uncovers more troubling evidence proving her worst fears have come true...
Where is Jonelle?
Episode overview
Someone abducts a 12-year-old girl returning home from her church choir recital, staying alone for less than one hour...
A Murder in Red Cliff
Episode overview
Did a woman's crusade to teach children to read lead to her murder? Police ultimately realize their only hope of finding an answer is to follow the clues left behind by the victim...
Righting a Wrong
Episode overview
A look at a witness account that could lead a small-town police department in the wrong direction as it tries to solve the murder of a friend...
Love Lost, Justice Found
Episode overview
Will the chilling evidence found inside a quaint Utah bookstore bring the killer of its beloved owner to justice?