Perry Mason (2020)

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Chapter 9
Episode overview
1933. In the months following the Dodson trial, an aimless Perry leans on Della to keep the law firm afloat. Paul accepts a job from an unlikely source. Corrupt oil scion Brooks .. show full overview
Chapter 10
Episode overview
After a manhunt pegs brothers Rafael and Mateo Gallardo for the McCutcheon murder, Perry initially resists taking the case… until a hunch reels him in. Della goes on a date with a new flame while Paul wrestles with a shocking truth.
Chapter 11
Episode overview
As Rafael and Mateo face discrimination from their fellow inmates and the court, Perry continues his push for justice, while Della engages the help of wealthy socialite Camilla Nygaard. .. show full overview
Chapter 12
Episode overview
When Paul’s explosive discovery blows a massive hole in Rafael and Mateo’s story, Perry begins to question his clients’ innocence, while Della doubles-down on the case.
Chapter 13
Episode overview
As the Gallardos’ trial nears, Perry attempts to negotiate with the DA. Rafael and Mateo recount the real-life consequences of the McCutcheons’ Los Angeles expansion. The pursuit of a .. show full overview
Chapter 14
Episode overview
After he’s subpoenaed, Holcomb offers Perry an olive branch. Meanwhile, Della continues to foster her relationships with Camilla and Anita, giving her the confidence to question her first witness – and push the verdict in the Gallardos’ favor.
Chapter 15
Episode overview
Facing career-ending accusations and potential jailtime, Perry must turn to Strickland to stay ahead of the prosecution—and Lydell. With the Gallardos' fate in the balance, Della presses .. show full overview
Chapter 16
Episode overview
As their final day in court nears, Mateo and Rafael prepare for the worst, while Perry, Della, and Paul work with an unlikely ally to sway the prosecution's hand. Then, after making his .. show full overview