The Real Murders of Orange County

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Nightmare In Laguna
Episode overview
After a beloved party planner at an iconic Laguna Beach hotel is found murdered at home, investigators use high-tech tools and old-fashioned shoe leather to capture two killers and restore calm to the tight-knit beachside community.
Driven to Kill
Episode overview
When two loyal employees at a family-owned mobile home business are gunned down at work, detectives are left with no hints towards a motive. A hunt for a missing car, however, finally reveals a killer driven by old-school Orange County intentions.
Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Episode overview
When a hockey player and a single mum are found dead in an upscale Newport Beach, Calif., condo, loved ones have no idea how they knew each other; the discovery of a link to another area attack launches the race to catch a killer.
Lethal Lies
Episode overview
A young woman tells her mum she's going out for a night with friends and never returns home in a puzzling case that went cold for nine heartbreaking years until a shocking confession breaks the case wide open and exposes the brutal missing piece.
Christmas Catastrophe
Episode overview
When a wealthy churchgoing woman is found murdered in her bedroom just a week before Christmas, investigators initially believe this is a robbery gone wrong; the painstaking investigation, however, uncovers a killer much closer to home.
Money, Lies, and Murder
Episode overview
Investigators working on the cold case murder of a beloved Orange County millionaire uncover a box of old tape recordings that reveal long-buried secrets, leading them on a path to finally nail the killer.
Campus Killer
Episode overview
When an ambitious college student is stabbed to death after a campus concert, the brutality of the attack leads police to believe it must have been personal; the resolution nine years later, however, proves darker than anyone could have imagined.
Tragedy in Tustin
Episode overview
The vicious murder of an immigrant family's oldest son sends shockwaves through Orange County's tight-knit Vietnamese community and leads detectives on a multi-state chase that ultimately captures two killers.
Stolen Youth
Episode overview
A young mother is killed in her own bed in what seems to be a sudden crime of rage, but the true killer is shockingly revealed years later to be a twisted master of manipulation.
A Complex Affair
Episode overview
When a retired Marine captain is shot to death in his home, detectives quickly focus in on someone close to him. The apartment complex where the murder took place hold many secrets, which ultimately lead investigators to the real killers.