Married... with Children

  • : 1987
  • : 261
  • : 729
  • FOX
  • Comedy



Magnificent Seven
Episode overview
13, 1992
Al is shocked about having another kid when Peggy's relatives leave their five-year-old son Seven in the Bundy home.
T-R-A-Something-Something Spells Tramp
Episode overview
20, 1992
Kelly has to walk through the wilderness after dumping her boyfriend in the forest. Al and Peg try to talk their marriage alive, but without success. Bud dates a girl with the measles.
Every Bundy Has a Birthday
Episode overview
27, 1992
Peggy discovers that Seven does not know when his birthday is, and the family decides to celebrate him... on Al's birthday.
Al on the Rocks
Episode overview
04, 1992
Al has to take a job as a topless bartender to pay for Seven's doctor bill, but Peggy fears that Bud and Kelly might make Seven sick, and kicks them out of the house.
What I Did for Love
Episode overview
11, 1992
Peggy tries to make Al more interested in having sex with her by purchasing new dresses, unsucessfully.
Frat Chance
Episode overview
25, 1992
Bud starts his own fraternity to get women.
The Chicago Wine Party
Episode overview
01, 1992
The Bundys vote against a two cent beer tax.
Kelly Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Episode overview
08, 1992
Al makes Kelly get a job, so she becomes a waitress.
Rock of Ages
Episode overview
15, 1992
Al and the family try to sneak into the first class lounge by dressing up like rock stars.
Death of a Shoe Salesman
Episode overview
22, 1992
Al buys a cemetery plot so that he will be buried next to a western movie star and a mule. But Peggy feels excluded.
The Old College Try
Episode overview
13, 1992
Bud gets a huge money grant to go to college, but Al and Peggy spend it all on items for themselves.
Episode overview
20, 1992
Al remembers how the Bundys celebrated Christmas over the years.
Wedding Show
Episode overview
10, 1993
Al becomes frustrated when Peggy can't decide what to wear to a family wedding. Meanwhile, Bud gets to know the bride and Kelly spends time with the bridesmaids.
It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This
Episode overview
24, 1993
Peggy and Marcy ruin Al's fishing trip by constantly fighting. Meanwhile, Jefferson and the kids spend Marcy's money.
Heels on Wheels
Episode overview
07, 1993
Kelly buys a motorcycle, which upsets the rest of the family who find it unsafe.
Mr. Empty Pants
Episode overview
14, 1993
Peggy creates a cartoon character named Mr. Empty Pants, who bears a strange resemblance to Al.
You Can't Miss
Episode overview
21, 1993
Bud appears on a game show for single men. Meanwhile, Al and Peg doesn't sleep for days and Kelly fears that there is a conspiracy against her.
Peggy and the Pirates
Episode overview
28, 1993
Peggy tells Seven a fantasy store about pirates and beautiful princesses.
Go for the Old
Episode overview
14, 1993
Al competes in an athletic championship for seniors.
Un-Alful Entry
Episode overview
28, 1993
Al ends up being sued by a burglar after Al punches him while he breaks into the Bundy house.
Movie Show
Episode overview
11, 1993
The Bundys go to the movie theater for Kelly's birthday and they see her boyfriend with another woman.
'Til Death Do Us Part
Episode overview
25, 1993
Al's lack of performance in the bedroom makes him the laugh of the town, so Al sets his mind on getting back in shape.
'Tis Time to Smell the Roses
Episode overview
02, 1993
Al plans on retiring early, but Peggy spends too much money shopping and he must get a job at Homeplate Athletic Shoes.
The Old Insurance Dodge
Episode overview
09, 1993
Al tries to scam the insurance company when the Dodge is stolen.
The Wedding Repercussions
Episode overview
16, 1993
Bud's cousin shows up angry after finding out that someone slept with his wife before their wedding... not knowing that that person is Bud.
The Proposition
Episode overview
23, 1993
Al's old girlfriend wants to buy Al from Peggy for $500,000.