Married... with Children

  • : 1987
  • : 262
  • : 727
  • FOX
  • Comedy



Hot Off the Grill
Episode overview
03, 1989
Marcy's dead aunt's ashes end up in the Labor Day hamburgers.
Dead Men Don't Do Aerobics
Episode overview
10, 1989
Peggy wins a free health week with the healthiest man in Chicago, but ends up converting him to her lifestyle, and he drops dead.
Buck Saves the Day
Episode overview
24, 1989
Kelly and Bud try to raise money to go to a concert. Kelly's scheme involves playing poker against Peggy's friends and Bud makes Al take a bunch of kids camping.
Tooth or Consequences
Episode overview
01, 1989
Al goes to Marcy's dentist and finds that he has a relationship with his assistant.
He Ain't Much, But He's Mine
Episode overview
08, 1989
Peggy talks to a woman at a beauty parlor, and becomes convinced that Al is cheating on her, with that woman.
Fair Exchange
Episode overview
29, 1989
The Bundys lets a foreign exchange student live in their home for the weekly $500 that the government will pay them, but the French girl ends up ruining Kelly's social life.
Desperately Seeking Miss October
Episode overview
05, 1989
A Playboy model visits the shoe store and Al wants to find out which issue she is in, but Peggy sold his Playboy collection and Al has to convince her to get the magazines back.
Episode overview
12, 1989
Steve risks his job when Al takes a $50,000 loan from Steve's bank to start a shoe hotline.
Oh, What a Feeling
Episode overview
19, 1989
Al decides to get a new car, but finds out that Peggy spent all his saved up money, and he has to buy an old, used car.
At the Zoo
Episode overview
26, 1989
Steve spends time at the zoo with the Bundys instead of looking for a job, which upsets Marcy.
It's a Bundyful Life (1)
Episode overview
17, 1989
Al has finally saved up enough money to buy Christmas gifts for everyone, but a few late customers to the shoe store makes Al unable to get to the bank.
It's a Bundyful Life (2)
Episode overview
17, 1989
Al gets a visit from a guardian angel and discovers what the Bundy household would look like if he was never born.
Who'll Stop the Rain?
Episode overview
07, 1990
Al's pride and "do-it-yourself" beliefs annoys the rest of the family when Al decides to fix the leaking roof himself.
A Taxing Problem
Episode overview
14, 1990
After Peggy lied on the Bundy taxes, Al has to find a quick way to raise money for the audit, and when a couple offers good money for Peggy's hair, Al must find a way to convince her.
Rock and Roll Girl
Episode overview
04, 1990
Kelly becomes a rock and roll singer with Bud as her agent.
You Gotta Know When to Hold 'Em (1)
Episode overview
11, 1990
Peggy takes Marcy on a trip to Las Vegas to get over her divorce from Steve.
You Gotta Know When to Fold 'Em (2)
Episode overview
18, 1990
Al, Bud and Kelly arrive in Las Vegas to find Peg and Marcy completely broke, and they must find a way to raise some money to get back home.
What Goes Around Came Around
Episode overview
25, 1990
Bud tries to get revenge on a girl who humiliated him years ago.
Peggy Turns 300
Episode overview
25, 1990
Al plans a special evening for Peggy's birthday by taking her out to the Bowlarama where he hopes to finally beat his arch rival's high game score. Al beats the score, but minutes later, Peggy bowls a perfect game, destroying Al's self-esteem.
Peggy Made a Little Lamb
Episode overview
15, 1990
Peggy must repeat Home Ec class to get her high school diploma.
Rain Girl
Episode overview
29, 1990
Kelly gets a new job as a weather girl at a local news station.
The Agony of De Feet
Episode overview
06, 1990
Al has to judge a beauty contest at the shoe store and has nightmares about feet. Meanwhile, Kelly tricks Bud and Marcy into thinking they slept with each other.
Yard Sale
Episode overview
13, 1990
After discovering Peggy's latest purchases, Al throws a yard sale to get rid of a lot of the junk, but no one is interested.