Married... with Children

  • : 1987
  • : 261
  • : 728
  • FOX
  • Comedy



He Thought He Could
Episode overview
06, 1988
In the third season opener, Al learns that he has had a copy of "The Little Engine That Could" since 1957 and when he goes to return it, he finds the same fat librarian that was there in 1957.
I'm Going to Sweatland
Episode overview
20, 1988
Peg thinks she might have seen Elvis at the mall and Marcy notices a pit stain shaped like him on Al's shirt. Elvis fans come flocking around just to see it.
Poke High (aka The Red Grange Story)
Episode overview
27, 1988
A high school football player is threatening to break the record Al set for Polk High.
The Camping Show (aka A Period Piece)
Episode overview
11, 1988
A nice weekend away for the Rhoades' and the Bundys turns into misery when Peg, Kelly and Marcy all have their period at the same time, torturing the men.
A Dump of My Own
Episode overview
08, 1989
Al plans on building his dream - an executive's type of bathroom in the garage.
Her Cups Runneth Over
Episode overview
15, 1989
Al and Steve head off to a fancy boutique to get Peggy a new bra for her birthday.
The Bald and the Beautiful
Episode overview
29, 1989
Steve fears he is losing his hair, and convinces Al that the same thing is happening to him.
The Gypsy Cried
Episode overview
05, 1989
When a psychic's predictions all come true for Al, Peggy and Steve, Marcy fears that what the psychic told her will come true - her death.
Requiem for a Dead Barber
Episode overview
12, 1989
Al grows his hair when his barber dies, and fears he is turning into a "sissy" just because he has to go to salons.
Eatin' Out
Episode overview
19, 1989
The Bundys inherit some money from a relative and decides to go to a fancy restaurant, but Al accidentally forgets his wallet. It is up to Bud and Kelly to go back and get the wallet, .. show full overview
My Mom, the Mom
Episode overview
26, 1989
Peg goes to Kelly's school for mother-daughter day and talks about the joy of being a housewife, meanwhile Bud has to learn the value of a dollar after breaking the Rhoades' window.
Can't Dance, Don't Ask Me (aka Kelly's Dance)
Episode overview
19, 1989
Kelly has to tap dance at a dance recital because of a prank she pulled.
A Three Job, No Income Family
Episode overview
19, 1989
Al gets a second job in an attempt to make more money than Peg after she starts earning money selling 'Patty Girl' cosmetics.
The Harder They Fall
Episode overview
26, 1989
Steve gives a driver "the finger" and fears that the man will beat him up.
The House That Peg Lost
Episode overview
09, 1989
Steve and Marcy ask Peggy to look over their house, but when a moving company asks for "Steves Roadhouse", Peggy allows the company to tow away the Rhoades' home, and they have to spend a night at the Bundys - where Kelly is having a slumber party.
Married... with Prom Queen (1)
Episode overview
23, 1989
Al and Peggy go to their high school reunion. Peggy wants to be prom queen and she spent a lot of money calling old friends and buying new clothes to gain votes. But when she thinks she .. show full overview
Married... with Prom Queen: The Sequel (2)
Episode overview
30, 1989
Peggy tries desperately to get more votes but it seems that most of the people are going to vote for Connie. Bud and Kelly ask Marcy and Steve about the sixties and after some history, .. show full overview
The Dateless Amigo
Episode overview
07, 1989
Bud tries to find a girl who will date him when both of his friends have dates.
The Computer Show
Episode overview
14, 1989
Steve and Marcy convince Peggy to buy a computer for the family, but nobody uses it.
Life's a Beach
Episode overview
21, 1989
When the family visit the beach, Al meets an ex-girlfriend and Bud and Kelly both look for dates.
Here's Lookin' at You, Kid
Episode overview
28, 1989
When all the women in the neighborhood get peeped on except Peggy, she gets really jealous and eventually puts out a ladder, milk, and cookies for him. Meanwhile Al convinces Bud to stop fooling Kelly and actually help her with her studies.
I'll See You in Court
Episode overview
18, 2002
The Bundys and the Rhoades sue a motel after Al and Peg discovers that the motel taped the Rhoades having sex. **Conflict erupted between the show's producers and the airing network .. show full overview