Married... with Children

  • : 1987
  • : 262
  • : 727
  • FOX
  • Comedy



Poppy's By the Tree (1)
Episode overview
27, 1987
In the second season opener, the Bundys go to a sleazy, dumpy motel in Dumpwater Florida. Trouble head their way when an axe murderer, who hates tourists, arrives.
Poppy's By the Tree (2)
Episode overview
27, 1987
Peg is kidnapped by the axe murderer and it's up to Al to save her.
If I Were a Rich Man
Episode overview
04, 1987
Al and Steve visit the vault at Steve's bank and the next day, one million dollars is reported missing. Peg and the kids hear about it and worship Al thinking that he stole the money and that they are now a wealthy family.
Buck Can Do It
Episode overview
11, 1987
One of the Bundys neighbors threaten to sue when Buck the dog mates with their dog, and asks the Bundys to neuter Buck, which Al refuses to do.
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (1)
Episode overview
18, 1987
Marcy and Steve have a fight, which leads to Marcy joining Peggy and her friends going to a strip club, where Marcy accidentally loses her wedding ring ... down a stripper's pants.
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (2)
Episode overview
18, 1987
A stripper shows up at Al's with Marcy's wedding ring. Al convinces Steve to make Marcy feel guilty about losing it, and confronts Peg about what she was doing at the strip club.
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Episode overview
25, 1987
The phone company cuts off the phone service to the Bundy household after Al refuses to pay for a phone call he did not make. This annoys Peggy, Kelly, and the rest of the neighborhood.
Born to Walk
Episode overview
01, 1987
Al fails his test for renewing his license on the same day Kelly gets hers.
Alley of the Dolls
Episode overview
08, 1987
Peg meets and old rival from high school and their two families face off at a bowling match to see who the real loser is. With the Bundy team being one player short, Steve has to step in to help.
The Razor's Edge
Episode overview
15, 1987
A fight with Marcy about his newly grown beard makes Steve spend a few nights at the Bundy household, which everyone is happy about, except Peggy and Marcy.
How Do You Spell Revenge?
Episode overview
22, 1987
Al tries to improve Peg's softball skills while Kelly's boyfriend asks her to prove her love to him by getting a tattoo.
Earth Angel
Episode overview
06, 1987
Bud meets a 21 year old art student in the park and brings her to the Bundy household. Everybody seems to like her but Marcy, who plans to get rid of her.
You Better Watch Out
Episode overview
20, 1987
This Christmas episode tells about Santa Claus, who is late showing up at the mall. His parachute doesn't open up and he falls off his sleigh and onto the Bundy property ... dead.
Guys and Dolls
Episode overview
10, 1988
Al and Steve have to go out to the streets looking for Marcy's old Barbie doll, that they traded for two rare baseball cards, not knowing that Marcy wanted to keep the doll.
Build a Better Mousetrap
Episode overview
24, 1988
A mouse finds its way into the Bundy home. Too manly and proud to hire an exterminator, Al sets on killing the mouse, even if it means he has to tear the house down and damage it to shreds.
Master the Possibilities
Episode overview
07, 1988
When the mailman delivers a credit card pre-approved for Buck the Dog, the Bundys go on a spending spree.
Peggy Loves Al, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Episode overview
14, 1988
On Valentines day, Bud awaits his first valentine, Kelly has a load of valentines to choose from, Steve plans on taking Marcy to Hawaii, and Peg wants Al to say "I love you" to her.
The Great Escape
Episode overview
21, 1988
The Bundy home is fumigated for termites, forcing the family to spend the night in the shoe store, where a grounded Kelly tends to sneak out to get to a rock concert.
Episode overview
28, 1988
Marcy dents Steve's new Mercedes and heavily regrets it. Revenge brings Steve to claim she made him impotent and he uses her as his personal servant.
Just Married... with Children
Episode overview
06, 1988
Having filled in an application for the Rhoades' to be on a game show, Al and Peg appear on the game show for newlyweds - "How Do I Love Thee", portraying Steve and Marcy.
Father Lode
Episode overview
13, 1988
Al tries to keep his race track winnings a secret, while Peg starts taking money from Al's wallet.
All in the Family
Episode overview
01, 1988
Peg's hillbilly relatives from Wanker County pay a visit. Fighting uncles, singing triplet aunts, whose showbiz career is threatened by Al's inputs, and Al is trying all he can to watch the John Wayne film "Hondo."