Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

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Saison 2 Discuss
Censorship in China
Date de diffusion
Fév 10, 2019
After addressing his Saudi Arabia controversy, Hasan highlights censorship in China and how a #MeToo movement has emerged despite government controls.
Drug Pricing
Date de diffusion
Fév 17, 2019
Hasan examines the major players in America's drug industry, and how the prices of life-saving medications like insulin continue to rise unabated.
Student Loans
Date de diffusion
Fév 24, 2019
As millions of Americans struggle with crushing student loan debt, Hasan digs deep to expose the negligent and dishonest practices of loan servicers.
Civil Rights Under Trump
Date de diffusion
Mar 03, 2019
Two years into the Trump administrations, Hasan spotlights how government officials have been quietly and systematically dismantling civil rights.
Hip-hop and Streaming
Date de diffusion
Mar 10, 2019
Hip-hop has already taken over America, but streaming platforms have allowed the genre to transform into a disruptive political force around the world.
2x6 Épisode final de la saison
Indian Elections
Date de diffusion
Mar 17, 2019
Just before voters head to the polls in India's national election, Hasan explains what's at stake for the world’s largest and most diverse democracy.

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