The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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Season 9 Discuss
Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy
Air date
Feb 12, 2019
Erika is excited when Lisa Rinna introduces actress Denise Richards to the group; Lisa Vanderpump struggles to come to terms with her grief after a personal tragedy; Dorit is concerned that Teddi will twist information about her family's dog.
Eat Your Heart Out
Air date
Feb 19, 2019
Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump visit a cosmetic dermatologist in the hopes of lifting Lisa's spirits, as well as some other body parts; Dorit suggests a girls' trip to the Bahamas; Lisa Rinna hosts a pastry party.
Sun and Shade in the Bahamas
Air date
Feb 26, 2019
In the Bahamas, newcomer Denise quickly discovers that fun in the sun, sand and surf comes with plenty of conflict for the rest of the women; Lisa Rinna suspects Kyle and Teddi were used in a scheme to exact revenge on Dorit.
Bahama Drama
Air date
Mar 05, 2019
Lisa Rinna and Denise comfort Dorit, who struggles to make sense of the gossip surrounding her dog; Lisa Vanderpump is accused of spreading the dog story; Erika and Teddi put their rocky past behind them; Kyle buys jewelry after last year's burglary.
The Proof Hurts
Air date
Mar 12, 2019
Denise shares exciting news with Lisa Rinna; Kyle and her family drop Sophia off at college; in Erika's chapel, Teddi confesses her involvement in the dog drama, but Lisa Vanderpump insists that Teddi is not as angelic as she makes herself out to be.
Fifty Shades of Shade
Air date
Mar 19, 2019
Erika pushes Dorit to take her sex appeal to the next level during a photo shoot; Denise lets it all hang out at dinner with Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle; Lisa Rinna helps Camille plan her 50th birthday bash, but tensions run high at the celebration.
Eat, Drink, and Be Married
Air date
Mar 26, 2019
Kyle, Dorit and Teddi shop for a wedding gift for Denise, who scrambles to pull off her big day in record time; Lisa Rinna comes face to face with an old flame, who dated her and Denise at the same time; Lisa Vanderpump dreads seeing Teddi.
Showdown at Villa Rosa
Air date
Apr 02, 2019
Denise and Aaron begin their life together by nesting at home; Dorit deals with the repercussions of the dog fiasco; a monster argument breaks out between Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump culminating in Lisa and Ken demanding that Kyle leave their house.
A Wolf in Camille's Clothing
Air date
Apr 09, 2019
As Lisa Vanderpump's birthday approaches, she and Kyle deal with raw emotions in the aftermath of their falling out; Denise is caught between her loyalty to the group and her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump; Lisa Rinna and Teddi discuss a tweet.
A Supreme Snub
Air date
Apr 16, 2019
After throwing a bridal shower for Camille, Kyle finds out she is being blamed for Lisa Vanderpump's absence; Lisa Rinna and Teddi get into a political argument with Camille; Denise gives Dorit a shoulder to cry on; Erika prepares for her tour.
Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?
Air date
Apr 23, 2019
Denise meets with Lisa Vanderpump to mediate the situation between Lisa and the others; after kicking off her tour, Erika returns to join the others at the Culture Club concert, where Lisa Rinna meets an idol, and Kyle and Teddi have run-ins.
The Ultimate Ultimatum
Air date
Apr 30, 2019
Lisa Vanderpump gives Dorit an ultimatum that could end their friendship forever; unresolved tension between Kyle and Dorit comes to a head at Teddi's dinner party; Denise gets her first taste of Camille's insincere ways.
Grilling Me Softly
Air date
May 07, 2019
The ladies hit the road in Teddi's RV for a camping trip; Erika and Dorit embrace the idea of roughing it; during a fireside chat, Camille lets Teddi know how she really feels about her, and Denise shares a raunchy story that stuns the others.
The Show Must Go On
Air date
May 14, 2019
Kyle, Lisa Rinna, Dorit, and Teddi get wild at the L.A. stop of Erika's concert tour, but a major mishap threatens to silence the show; while inviting Lisa Vanderpump to her Hawaiian wedding, Camille finds another opportunity to criticize Teddi.
One Wedding and a Polygraph
Air date
May 21, 2019
The women travel to Hawaii for Camille's lavish wedding in paradise; Kyle stands up as a bridesmaid; Lisa Rinna's health may derail her fun time with Dorit; Lisa Vanderpump resorts to drastic measures to prove her innocence in the dog drama.
Meet Rinna Jayne
Air date
May 28, 2019
Lisa Rinna, Kyle, Teddi, and Dorit discover an article that exposes Camille's duplicity; while planning a Halloween bash, Kyle faces her worst fear; Dorit and Teddi battle the urge to confront Camille; Lisa Rinna makes a move that shocks everyone.
A Double Shot of Brandi
Air date
Jun 04, 2019
Kyle plans a girls' trip to Provence, France; Erika and Lisa Rinna are astonished by Camille talking out of both sides of her mouth; Denise spends a wild night with Brandi Glanville; tragedy strikes as Kyle, Lisa Rinna and Teddi head to the airport.
Pardon Our French
Air date
Jun 11, 2019
Kyle, Erika, Dorit, Teddi, and Lisa Rinna arrive at a chateau in Provence, France, for a wine-tasting adventure; Denise and Camille must stay behind when a wildfire forces them to evacuate their homes; Kyle opens up about something deeply personal.
Thirst Impressions
Air date
Jun 18, 2019
In Provence, France, an excursion features wine and laughs; Teddi and Kyle overindulge, leading to a night of revelations, tears, and chaos; Denise and Camille return to their homes for the first time since wildfires upended their lives.
Un Petit Hangover
Air date
Jun 25, 2019
The morning after their drunken tirade, Lisa Rinna encourages Kyle and Teddi to do damage control; Denise copes with her family's displacement; Dorit reveals her first window display; Camille reveals her true feelings about Dorit.
Hurricane Camille
Air date
Jul 09, 2019
When Kyle hosts a party, Camille is eager to settle the score with Teddi, Dorit and Lisa Rinna; Denise loses her cool; Kim updates Kyle on where she stands with Lisa Rinna; Kyle reveals she had an encounter with Lisa Vanderpump.
Reunion (Part 1)
Air date
Jul 16, 2019
The women gather to settle their grievances, but Lisa Vanderpump is a no-show, setting Kyle off; Denise reflects on her roller-coaster year; Erika and Lisa Rinna reveal some naughty secrets about their husbands; Dorit calls out Teddi's betrayal.
Reunion (Part 2)
Air date
Jul 23, 2019
Teddi finds herself in the hot seat as Andy holds her accountable for her role in Puppygate, which ultimately led to a rift between Dorit and Lisa Vanderpump; unresolved emotions between Camille and the rest of the ladies come to a shocking climax.
Reunion (Part 3)
Air date
Jul 30, 2019
The reunion concludes with the fallout over Camille's storm-off; Teddi and Denise face a volatile foe; Kyle reflects on the end of her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump; Lisa Rinna, Dorit, and Erika debate Lisa Vanderpump's behavior this season.

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