Saturday Night Live

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Season 17 Discuss
Michael Jordan/Public Enemy
Air date
Sep 28, 1991
Sketches include ""Wayne's World,"" ""Schmitt's Gay Beer,"" ""The First Black Harlem Globetrotter,"" ""Superfans,"" ""The Dark Side With Nat X,"" ""Zoraida""
Jeff Daniels/Color Me Badd
Air date
Oct 05, 1991
""Johnny Carson's Tonight Show: The 29th and Final Anniversary"", ""Earthies, the Bountiful Diaper Commercial (From Dell Monty)"", ""The Richmeister Vs. The Name Singing Guy"", ""The .. show full overview
Kirstie Alley/Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Air date
Oct 12, 1991
Sketches include ""Judge Clarence Thomas,"" ""Cantore,"" ""Coffee Talk with Linda Richman,"" ""It's Pat,"" and ""Look Who Else is Talking Also.""
Christian Slater/Bonnie Raitt
Air date
Oct 26, 1991
Sketches include: Coldcock Malt Liquor, Dysfunctional Family Feud, The Wolf Man's Curse, Pumping Up With Hans and Franz, Nich-Aid Hair Dryers, Super Fire-Hot Chicken Wings, and Club Banana.
Halloween Special
Air date
Oct 28, 1991
Sketches include ""Martha Stewart Living,"" ""Wayne's World,"" ""Matt Foley,"" ""Goth Talk,"" ""Tonto, Tarzan, and Frankenstein Recite 'The Raven',"" ""Consumer Report,"" ""Weekend .. show full overview
Kiefer Sutherland/Skid Row
Air date
Nov 02, 1991
Sketches Include: Testifying for the Kennedys - The defense is picking members for the jury supporting Ted Kennedy. Campaign '92 - Democratic ""unhopefuls"" try not to become the .. show full overview
Linda Hamilton/Mariah Carey
Air date
Nov 16, 1991
Sketches include ""Weekend Update Special Report,"" ""Toonces, the Cat Who Can Drive a Car,"" ""It's Pat,"" ""Annoying Double Date,"" and ""The Chris Farley Show.""
Macaulay Culkin/Tin Machine
Air date
Nov 23, 1991
Sketches include ""Macaulay Culkin Gets Permission to Host,"" ""Superfans,"" ""Richmeister,"" and ""Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer.""
Air date
Dec 07, 1991
Live from New York, it's ... Dana Carvey! Sketches include "Bush's Gift Ideas," "Bad Haircut Support Group," "The Daily Star," "Tales From The Barbecue," "Johnny Letter," "Deep .. show full overview
Steve Martin/James Taylor
Air date
Dec 14, 1991
Sketches include ""Steve Martin Decides to Try,"" ""Theatre Stories,"" ""The Dark Side with Nat X,"" and ""Tarzan, Chris Farley, & Frankenstein.""
Rob Morrow/Nirvana
Air date
Jan 11, 1992
Sketches include ""Oliver Stone,"" ""It's Pat,"" ""Delta Delta Delta Girls,"" ""Chris Rock's Guide to Surviving the Apollo,"" and ""Awkward Conversation.""
Chevy Chase/Robbie Robertson & Bruce Hornsby
Air date
Jan 18, 1992
Live from New York, it's Mike Myers and Dana Carvey! Sketches include "Wayne's World's Top Ten Reasons We're Bummed Communism Fell," "Love Toilet," "Adopt-a-Pet," "Bob Swerski's Quiz .. show full overview
Susan Dey/C+C Music Factory
Air date
Feb 08, 1992
Sketches include ""Richmeister on L.A. Law,"" ""Mike Tyson Trial,"" ""Partridge Family vs. Brady Bunch,"" ""The Sensitive Naked Man,"" and ""Janitor/Executive Irony"".
Jason Priestley/Teenage Fan Club
Air date
Feb 15, 1992
Sketches include ""Olympic Skating,"" ""The Life and Times of Johnny Hildo,"" ""Sprockets,"" ""The Arsenio Hall Show,"" and ""Beverly Hills 90210"".
Roseanne Arnold & Tom Arnold/Red Hot Chili Peppers
Air date
Feb 22, 1992
Sketches include ""Message To Bush,"" ""Coffee Talk,"" ""A Star Is Born '92,"" ""Daily Affirmation,"" ""New Triple-Delta Sister,"" ""Dick Clark's Snotty Receptionist"", ""Tall Tales of .. show full overview
John Goodman/Garth Brooks
Air date
Mar 14, 1992
Sketches include ""Star Trek Democrats,"" ""Unforgettable: Natalie Cole Sings With All Her Dad's Dead Old Friends,"" ""My 75 Kids,"" ""Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer,"" ""Theatre Stories,"" .. show full overview
Mary Stuart Masterson/En Vogue
Air date
Mar 21, 1992
Sketches include ""The McLaughlin Group"" and ""Lisa Pograsic, Very Pregnant Undercover Cop.""
Sharon Stone/Pearl Jam
Air date
Apr 11, 1992
Live from New York, it's... Mike Myers and Dana Carvey! Sketches include "Wayne's World," "Jiffy Pop Airbag," "Hitting on a Women," "Sex Games," "Flippy, The Flipping Chihuahua," .. show full overview
Jerry Seinfeld/Annie Lennox
Air date
Apr 18, 1992
Live from New York, it's Al Franken! Sketches include "Bill Clinton and Jerry Brown," "Stand Up and Win," and "Make You Think," "Lank Thompson's I'm a Handsome Black Man," and "Superman on Talk Radio."
Tom Hanks/Bruce Springsteen
Air date
May 09, 1992
Sketches include ""Ross Perot,"" ""Sabra Price is Right,"" ""The Guy Who Plays Mr. Belvedere Fan Club,"" ""Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey,"" and ""She Turned Into Her Mother""
All the Best for Mother's Day
Air date
May 10, 1992
They say ""All the Best for Mother's Day,"" but that title doesn't necessarily apply as the entire SNL cast and their mothers witness a collection of wild sketches such as ""Massive .. show full overview
17x20 Season finale
Woody Harrelson/Vanessa Williams
Air date
May 16, 1992
Sketches include ""Johnny Carson's Last Episode,"" ""Action Cats,"" ""Take Off Your Shirt,"" ""Jon Lovitz's Dangerous Mother,"" ""Deep Thoughts,"" ""Frank Gannon: Politically Incorrect .. show full overview

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