Nyaruko: Crawling with Love!

  • Premiered: Apr 2012
  • Episodes: 26
  • Followers: 12
  • Ended
  • TV Tokyo
  • Monday
  • Action Animation Comedy Fantasy Romance Science-fiction


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Season 2
Attack on Evil Deity
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 08, 2013
The deities of the Chutlhu mythos who live in ordinary high school student Yasaka Mahiro's home - Nyarko the Nyarlathotepian, Kuuko the Cthughan, and Hasuta the Hasturian - are enjoying .. show full overview
Celaeno Library War
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 15, 2013
The Celaeno Library in the Pleiades star cluster is home to the largest book collection in the universe. It's said that even variants of Yiu-th only handed out at events can be found .. show full overview
Super Deity Apocalypse
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 22, 2013
The troubles from the library continue as the group travel to the ancient city of Alaozar. Before Nyarko can dispense justice the Great Old Ones pull an unexpected move.
Talent At Love
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 29, 2013
Kurei Tamao is known as the "Walking Speaker." Not only is she the one to go to about gossip, but she's also famous for her advice on love. She's even had students from other schools ask .. show full overview
Say It Isn't So, Kuuko
Episode overview
Air date
May 06, 2013
As usual, the Yasaka household living room is the gathering area for the deities and they're rowdy as ever. However after Mahiro's request that they make their own private living space, .. show full overview
I'll Try to Act it Out
Episode overview
Air date
May 13, 2013
To try to chase Kuune away, Mahiro and Kuuko keep acting like a couple, but Kuune still isn't convinced after seeing their awkward date, adding that she can't see the subtle lust for .. show full overview
Color the Pool Red With Blood
Episode overview
Air date
May 27, 2013
Mahiro's mother, Yoriko, wins some tickets in a lottery for them to all go to the pool. Nyarko wears an amazing sexy and commando bathing suit to try to tempt Mahiro, as well as asking .. show full overview
A Little Love Song
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 03, 2013
Shanta-kun expresses that she'd like to be of some use to Mahiro who is always taking care of her and her master, so Kuuko gives her some red and blue candy. As soon as she ate it, she .. show full overview
High School of the Heat
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 10, 2013
"Yasaka Household, I have returned!" Kuuko's cousin, Kuune, seems rather mad that she had been left alone for so long. Once Mahiro and the others get to school, there is a strange aura .. show full overview
Yuggoth Attacks
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 17, 2013
Nyarko is usually happy and hyper, but she's caught a cold and is stuck in bed. Nyarko is smitten by Mahiro, who's being a little nicer than usual. It's then that they get a report that .. show full overview
A Certain Camp's Haunted House
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 24, 2013
The whole group goes camping on a day off. Nyarko grills some suspicious meat on the BBQ and Mahiro won't eat it. Nyarko's friend, Atko, had sent them some chocolates, but Mahiro won't .. show full overview
2x12 Show finale
Goodbye, Nyaruko-san W
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 01, 2013
The Banshin had been built in a day rather than 500 years, and Nyarko, Kuuko, and Hasuta are ordered to leave Earth as a result because they aren't needed anymore. The group goes to .. show full overview
2x13 Show finale
Hello to the Confusingly Passionate Hot Spring
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 01, 2014
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