Man vs. Wild

  • Premiered: Mar 2006
  • Episodes: 74
  • Followers: 342
  • Ended
  • Discovery
  • Wednesday at 22
  • Adventure Documentary Reality


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Season 7
Men vs. Wild with Jake Gyllenhaal
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 11, 2011
In this episode, Bear is joined by movie star Jake Gyllenhaal as he attempts to find his way out of the Icelandic wilderness, doing (and eating) whatever they have to to survive.
New Zealand South Island
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 18, 2011
This week Bear braves the remote wilderness of New Zealand's South Island, crossing the country's tallest mountains and attempting to start a fire with wood that is soaking wet.
Iceland: Fire and Ice
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 25, 2011
Bear returns to Iceland to demonstrate the challenge of surviving its many pitfalls. His trek begins on an ice cap covering an active volcano, where food sources are scarce and travels .. show full overview
Red Rock Country
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 12, 2011
Bear treks through Southern Utah's Red Rock Country.
Land of the Maori
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 19, 2011
Over 100 people drown each year in New Zealand, and Bear must cross a raging river on a tree trunk to head toward civilization. On his journey to safety he runs out of water, is forced to climb up active volcanic ranges and scale down a waterfall.
7x6 Show finale
Working in the Wild
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 26, 2011
Bear Grylls takes the viewer behind the scenes to meet the crew that follow his every step through the world’s wildest environments.

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