Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne

  • Premiered: Jan 2012
  • Episodes: 24
  • Followers: 5
  • Ended
  • Tokyo MX
  • Sunday at 22
  • Action Adventure Animation Comedy Science-fiction


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Season 2
Welcome, Kamogawa!
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 08, 2012
As Madoka contemplates her career options, Lan is on a space station being experimented on by her brother, Dizelmine. Just then, the station is attacked by the De Metrio army, led by .. show full overview
Mayhem on Kamogawa Beach
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 15, 2012
Madoka rushes to try and stop Lan and Muginami from fighting, though has trouble piloting Midori in the process. Just then she hears Lan and Muginami's true thoughts about how they hate .. show full overview
The Kamogawa Experiment
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 22, 2012
As Kamogawa prepares for an intergalactic conference, Asteria calls Madoka, Lan and Muginami about a Vox Particle Control Experiment, the same that Dizelmine attempted on Lan. She .. show full overview
A Reunion in Kamogawa
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 29, 2012
As Diezelmine and Villagiulo arrive in Kamogawa for the conference, Asteria arranges for them to be trapped in an elevator to have their discussion, which seems revolve around Madoka and .. show full overview
Orbiting Above the Summer Skies of Kamogawa
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 05, 2012
As the girls arrive on Le Gartie's ship, Dizelmine explains why he kept Yurikano's presence on the ship a secret from Lan. Later, Dizelmine brings Madoka to where Yurikano is, putting .. show full overview
May This Voice Reach Kamogawa
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 12, 2012
As Madoka and Yurikano wake up and discover they have switched bodies, Muginami ends up taking Yurikano away before an explanation can be made. As Kirius, Izo and Array engage in battle .. show full overview
A Vow to Kamogawa
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 19, 2012
After Madoka knocks some sense into both of them, Dizelmine and Villagiulo agree to work together to resolve the threat to their planets, announcing their unionship at the Intergalactic .. show full overview
Kamogawa Balloons
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 26, 2012
As Madoka, Lan and Muginami feel someone is watching them, they are told they will have to move out of their storeroom at the request of the Student Council as the Jersey Club isn't an .. show full overview
A White Kamogawa
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 02, 2012
Madoka has her hands full as, on top of her usual Jersey Club requests, she has to sort out her post-graduation plans and organise a party for Kirius and Array, who are to leave for .. show full overview
Betrayal Over The Skies of Kamogawa
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 09, 2012
As Le Garite ships open fire against De Metrio's forces, Villagiulo decides to confront Dizelmine personally to find out the reason for his betrayal. Meanwhile, as Madoka, Lan and .. show full overview
Beyond the Seas of Kamogawa
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 16, 2012
As the darkness continues to spread across the earth, Madoka, Lan and Muginami wake up seperated in a strange place similar to where she first met Yurikano. They each come up against a .. show full overview
2x12 Show finale
Another Day in Kamogawa
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 23, 2012
Madoka and the others find Dizelmine on the beach, where Yurikano is standing by him. The Rin-ne they are in soon changes as a result of their will changing Dizelmine's heart. As the .. show full overview

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