Food Unwrapped

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Season 10 Discuss
Crocodile Meat & Eggs, Cod Liver Oil, Bagels
Air date
Jan 09, 2017
Kate's down under, on the trail of one of the most exotic meats going: crocodile. It's started popping up on our supermarket shelves, but how on earth do you farm such a dangerous .. show full overview
Tea, Seaweed, Rosemary
Air date
Jan 16, 2017
Jimmy Doherty visits one of Kenya's largest tea plantations and discovers that tea comes in multiple grades and flavours, and every batch can be subtly different. Matt Tebbutt dives in .. show full overview
Eucalyptus, Pickles, Sauerkraut
Air date
Jan 23, 2017
Kate investigates eucalyptus. It's found in throat lozenges and chewing gum, but what exactly is it, where does it come from, and why is it so good at clearing the airways? In Australia, .. show full overview
Gelato, Rum, Sweets
Air date
Jan 30, 2017
Gelato bars are popping up everywhere in the UK, but what exactly is gelato? Is it just ice cream? At the oldest gelato parlour in Rome, Kate learns some important differences. And a .. show full overview
Tequila, Carp, Mandarins, Satsumas and Clementines
Air date
Feb 06, 2017
Matt visits the town of Tequila, on the trail of Mexico's national drink. Where does the idea of a worm in your tequila come from? As he attempts to find out, Matt visits fields of .. show full overview
Prunes, Black Pepper, Swiss Cheese
Air date
Feb 13, 2017
Jimmy finds out if prunes can help the Food Unwrapped team stay regular. After a trip to southern France for the prune harvest, Jimmy puts plums, prunes and prune juice to the test, and .. show full overview
Pineapples, Vitamin D, Elderflower Cordial
Air date
Feb 20, 2017
Jimmy Doherty, Kate Quilton and Matt Tebbutt present some of their favourite investigations. In Ghana, Kate learns that pineapples contain a special enzyme that destroys dead skin cells .. show full overview
10x8 Season finale
MSG, Pistachios, Onions
Air date
Feb 27, 2017
Jimmy Doherty, Kate Quilton and Matt Tebbutt present some of their favourite investigations. Is food additive MSG really as bad as some scary headlines claim? Jimmy visits a colossal .. show full overview

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