Deadliest Catch

  • Premiered: Apr 2005
  • Episodes: 356
  • Followers: 753
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  • Tuesday at 20
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Season 5
Everything on the Line
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 14, 2009
The 2008 King crab fleet faces huge stakes - before boats even cast off. Skippers Keith and Phil could be sidelined by life threatening illnesses and all the boats are in debt from .. show full overview
Red Skies in the Morning
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 21, 2009
A vicious storm kicks up and a Mayday goes out. The Skippers are glued to their radios -- waiting to hear the fate of 11 brother fishermen in distress...
Stay Focused or Die
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 28, 2009
The fleet is still dialing into the crab, and already a typhoon has taken its toll. A boat has sunk - and bone-chilling accounts of the fate of its men relay around the fleet.
Put Up or Shut Up
Episode overview
Air date
May 05, 2009
It's week four of King Crab Season. Seven souls have perished, but the fishermen soldier on, in the hunt for crab. Grueling hours and vicious hazing test the Greenhorns -- and some start to crack.
Long Haul, Short Fuses
Episode overview
Air date
May 12, 2009
Crab pots still come up empty and the skippers are out of ideas. Low bait and long grinds take our crews to dark places -- the smallest infractions from a Greenhorn or fellow Deckhand cause tempers and even violence to flare.
Episode overview
Air date
May 19, 2009
A new deadline is set: an upcoming drop in the price of king crab has the skippers rushing to finish their season. But crew battles and a fierce arctic storm block the way.
Down to the Wire
Episode overview
Air date
May 26, 2009
The king crab season is down to the wire and skippers are desperate to top off their quotas. It's looking bleak as crews pick through bone-yards of fished out grounds. Some boats dig .. show full overview
Payback Time
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 02, 2009
The 2008 King crab season is over with and It's the start of the 2009 Opilio Crab Season. Anything the Bering Sea held back during King Season is now being paid out in spades. The .. show full overview
No Second Chances
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 09, 2009
In this episode the fleet arrives on the Opi Grounds and boats struggle with ice, big seas, and bad information to hunt down the crab. A skipper regrets sending his men out in savage .. show full overview
Sea of Misery
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 16, 2009
It's week three of the Opilio Crab Season. Long hours and miserable conditions already have the crabbers turning on each other. Boat-crushing ice stands between one skipper and the safety of harbor.
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 23, 2009
After weeks battling freezing spray, forty foot waves, and sub-zero temperatures, skippers have begun plugging their boats with Opilio crab. As they race to St. Paul harbor for offload, the 250,000 square mile arctic ice pack stands in their way.
A Slap in the Face or Kick in the Butt
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 30, 2009
Halfway through the season, each skipper faces his own personal form of hell. Frozen crab, frozen gear, and a frozen harbor chill the hearts of the most callous of fishermen. On the .. show full overview
Ends of the Earth
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 07, 2009
When the fleet gets word of great fishing by the ice pack, the chase is on to the ends of the earth! Two egos collide, when Keith and Phil fight over fishing turf. Sick of hauling .. show full overview
Bitter Tears
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 14, 2009
After three consecutive 25-hour shifts with poor numbers, dirty crab, and 400,000 pounds (180,000 kg) left in their quota, the crew of the Northwestern begins to think of home. On deck, .. show full overview
Day of Reckoning
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 21, 2009
The Opilio season is almost over, but an arctic storm front has the skippers on edge. The boats race to plug their tanks with crab and get back to port unscathed. On the first boat to finish, a tight knit crew fractures.
5x16 Season finale
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 28, 2009
The fleet receives a PAN PAN call that a fishing vessel has taken on water off Akutan Island. A Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk arrives on scene to find the Icy Mist grounded on the western .. show full overview

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