Missing (2009)

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  • BBC One
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  • Drama



A New Beginning
Episode overview
Mary Jane and the team investigate after a 6 year old girl goes missing. Suspicion soon ends up falling on the girl's dad.
The Old Romantic
Episode overview
Mary Jane and the team investigate after a teenager disappears from a local hostel. They are soon concerned that something sinister might have happened.
Two of the Same
Episode overview
The team investigate after Karen Clitheroe's husband suddenly disappears. Mary Jane also founds her relationship with her own father becoming strained.
Episode overview
After Jerry and Emma report the disappearance of friend Darren, Mary Jane is worried for the well-being of the popular missing soldier.
Married Acquaintance
Episode overview
Jason Doyle tries to help his old friend Lee after he reports that his girlfriend has gone missing. The investigation leads to tragic consequences though.
Unselfish Reasons
Episode overview
After Judy reports her fiance Nev missing, the team investigate. They become concerned when they find out some sleeping pills have gone missing.
One for Sorrow
Episode overview
An au pair working for a wealthy couple goes missing and Mary Jane thinks she that she may be pregnant. The team work to discover what has happened to her. Mary Jane learns that her department is being joined by DC Josh Kemplin.
Proving the Point
Episode overview
DC Josh Kemplin is eager to get stuck in after joining the team. He works with Jason on the case of a missing 14-year-old musician.
Episode overview
After a teacher at an expensive public school goes missing Jason gets the chance to head the investigation. The team soon discover that he could of been having an affair with one of his pupils.
Episode overview
Mary Jane and the team are called to investigate an old case when a couple whose daughter went missing eight years ago are convinced they've seen her on a beach in Dover.