Being Human

  • :
  • : 37
  • : 1874
  • BBC Three
  • 22
  • Comedy Drama Fantasy Horror



The Trinity
Episode overview
As ghost Alex adjusts to life after death with werewolf Tom and vampire Hal, we meet poisonous pensioner Captain Hatch, behind whose foul exterior lurks an ancient evil.
Sticks and Rope
Episode overview
Alex discovers she's not the only ghost haunting Honolulu Heights. Tom and Hal go head to head in the hotel's employee of the month competition, much to the delight of Captain Hatch, who feeds on werewolf / vampire conflict.
Pie and Prejudice
Episode overview
Tom learns how to be successful from werewolf mentor Larry, but is Larry everything that he claims to be? Alex discovers some worrying similarities with Hal's Regency ghost friend, Lady Mary.
The Greater Good
Episode overview
It's vampire rehab at Honolulu Heights when Crumb comes to stay. Tom has his work cut out reintroducing werewolf Bobby to a world he's long forgotten.
No Care, All Responsibility
Episode overview
When a damsel in distress seeks haven at the hotel, Tom and Hal are attracted to her for different reasons. Alex investigates her suspicions about Captain Hatch with dangerous consequences.
The Last Broadcast
Episode overview
Hal is ready to return to his vampire ways and Tom is set on killing him as an act of revenge, but the trio have to battle the devil and Captain Hatch.
The Final Scene?
Episode overview
Tom, Hal and Alex face the world as humans... Or is it all just another dream by Captain Hatch?