Hollyoaks Later

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October 7th 2013
Cancer-stricken Tony reunites with his brother Dom and old mate Finn on a trip to Spain that quickly becomes a dangerous journey when he agrees to transport a package for local bad man Trevor Royle.
October 8th 2013
Tony, Finn and Dom hit Spain and Morocco in pursuit of Tony's rebellious son Harry and take part in a poker game with high stakes.
October 9th 2013
Tony has to face his fears when casino owner 'The White Man' threatens his family and friends. Things don't go according to plan and soon Harry is in danger.
October 10th 2013
Tony collapses when Harry is kidnapped and held hostage, so Finn and Dom face up to 'The White Man'. Back at the country house, Jade begins a murderous spree.
October 11th 2013
Tony takes part in the most dangerous game of his life with 'The White Man'. Esther and Tilly are forced to confront a terrifying and violent Jade. Louis is faced with desertion charges.