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Jack has big plans for his future with Breda, but Goldie and Mercedes aren't impressed. Tony is given fresh hope of freedom, while Brody and Liberty are confused by Sienna's behaviour.
Mercedes is over the moon to have her brother John Paul back by her side. Goldie is still trying to halt Breda and Jack's plans, and Darren has a lot of making up to do, but is it too late?
The McQueens have a second Christmas but it looks like they shouldn't have bothered when things take a downward turn. Nancy makes a shocking discovery, and Sienna has to explain herself.
John Paul's suspicions grow, but will he put himself in danger? Breda's erratic behaviour shocks Jack and Goldie. Lisa demands answers, while Mercedes is stunned by a gruesome find.
Diane is sure that she's made the right decision and is finally ready to rebuild her life. Those gathered at The Dog are shocked by recent events.
Warren Fox is back, and he tells the twins that it's time to put their family back together. Jack considers taking a trip to escape from his demons.
Sienna fears that she might lose Brody, unaware that she is being followed by Warren. Jesse and Courtney are excited by some unexpected help with their wedding.
Warren puts his plan into action now that he's back in the village. Courtney wonders whether she'll ever get her dream wedding, while romance could be on the horizon for one couple.
Sienna receives heartbreaking news. Diane is thankful for Edward's assistance again, but is there an ulterior motive? Grace tries to give Courtney the wedding she desires.
Diane can't help but hide her jealousy, but it's all part of Edward's plan. Sienna feels like she's been double-crossed by Warren and reverts to her cold, calculating roots.
Sienna, Liberty, Damon and Maxine join forces. James returns from his skiing trip and struggles to deal with his guilt when he finds out that Mercedes didn't kill Harry.
Warren is furious and prepared to do whatever it takes to get back on top. Marnie is worried by James's bid to self-destruct again. There's a hint of the power that Jordan has over Sid.
It's Jesse and Courtney's wedding day and Jesse is hoping for a more positive future. Meanwhile, James continues to battle with his conscience over shooting Mercedes.
Jesse's big day is overshadowed by what he discovers. Courtney is confused by an announcement from Jesse about their future, while Mitchell accuses Scott of trying to make him jealous.
Courtney wakes up alone - where's Jesse? Martine urges Mitchell to tell her why he's so unhappy, and Damon puts his feelings aside to help Maxine.
John Paul is happy to be back working at Hollyoaks High but soon clashes with Juliet. The Donovans begin to turn on each other. Mitchell is tempted to take the next step to happiness.
Liam decides to use Maxine's poor fortune to his advantage. Donna-Marie and Marnie argue over what's best for Juliet, while James has some explaining to do when he's caught in the act.
Drug dealer Jordan makes his presence known in the village, leaving his cousin Sid unnerved. The Nightingales try to stop Juliet from making a big mistake.
Mandy catches Nancy and Darren in a compromising position. James battles with his conscience and Juliet's vulnerability puts her in danger. Maxine is in the money but how will she get more?
John Paul skips his first day as deputy headteacher to help his ex, James. Jordan shares a piece of home with Juliet but has sinister plans. An intruder at Hollyoaks High attacks Nancy.
Darren invites Toby and Celeste on a night out with him and Mandy, but Toby worries that Mandy knows too much about them from the night when she was spiked.
Darren struggles to contain his emotions but comes to Tony's rescue. Walter helps Mitchell with his love life. Celeste scouts Mandy for her modelling agency - is there more to her offer?
Toby and Celeste plan a housewarming party, in the hope of discovering secrets about their neighbours. Walter plays cupid for Mitchell, but Anita Tinkle is never far from Mitchell's mind.
Mitchell has a lot of making up to do after his recent behaviour. Romeo becomes besotted with Celeste, while Toby and Celeste's party has the desired effect for their master plan.
Lisa gets caught up in Toby and Celeste's grand scheme. Diane is disappointed when her date plan falls flat with Tony. Martine urges Mitchell to follow his heart, before it's too late.
Edward is playing the perfect gentleman, but is it all an act? Mitchell has a lot of explaining to do, while Scott has made his decision. Martine is her hurt by her father's harsh words.
Celeste gets her claws into Romeo but is she playing with fire by going behind Toby's back? Diane is hopeful that she's got her Tony back when he plans a romantic surprise.
Tony takes a big step on his road to recovery but is Diane right to be worried? Damon has a plan to distract Liberty from thinking about Brody and Sienna. Celeste continues to tempt Romeo.
Diane is concerned about Tony's whereabouts, while Edward has a seemingly sinister plan for his son. Joel is the third wheel on Warren and Brody's road trip to find Sienna.
Joel wants answers when Warren behaves strangely at the next destination on their road trip. Toby makes a surprising discovery. Ollie can't get his unborn baby out of his mind.
Sienna has put a plan in place to stop Warren from ever getting what he wants. It's time for Sylver to face up to his actions. Ollie is given fresh hope when Brooke buys baby clothes.
It's Valentine's Day and Ollie is hopeful that he and Brooke can raise their baby together. Liberty prepares for her 12-week scan, but will Brody be by her side?
Mercedes and Goldie are back, but there's an unwelcome visitor waiting for them. Maxine and Minnie are threatened with eviction, until Liam steps up to 'help'.
Maxine is still feeling pressured to come up with some quick cash: will she listen to Liam's advice? Unaware of his dad's illness, Ollie looks forward to a future with his dad and his son.
Cindy and Luke are the centre of attention at the opening of The Cunningham Grande Bazaar. Maxine thinks she's in the clear, but her debts are mounting. Brooke goes into labour.
Ollie is by Brooke's side as she gives birth to their son and Kyle wants him and Nancy to think about having a baby again. Marnie tries to steal customers from The Cunningham Grande Bazaar.
It's decision time for Ollie and Brooke: will they keep their son? Kyle proves Nancy right with his recent behaviour, and Marnie plans to bring her family closer together.
James's guilt about shooting Mercedes and contributing to Jesse's death resurfaces. Jordan worms his way back under Leela's roof and into Peri's affections. Liam enjoys controlling Maxine.
Mercedes confronts James about his 'secret'. Courtney is confused at Jesse's wake when her speech is interrupted by an emotional outburst. Sid wants more excitement.
Tony's positive outlook jeopardises Edward's plan to win back Diane. James and Grace try to work out who's blackmailing them. Sid risks getting caught with drugs at school.
Jordan asks Juliet to work for him. Mercedes advises Tony on how to move things forward with Diane. John Paul and James discuss their future.
Liam and his heavies trash The Dog in front of a scared Mercedes. Sid is worried for Juliet's safety. As Tony prepares for the perfect date with Diane, Edward plots to ruin everything.
Diane can no longer contain her secret about sleeping with Edward. Warren is on the warpath after Liam's latest stunt. Darren is starting to feel defined by his failures.
Some bad advice leaves Tony in a sticky situation on a boys' night out with Darren. Edward has to let Marnie down gently when she wants some private tuition.
Verity returns and Edward lets her in on his plan to win back Diane. Darren is becoming overwhelmed and starts to let down his family. Toby and Celeste find out some information about Lisa.
Nancy and Jack question Darren's behaviour: will he open up? Edward tries to make Diane jealous, and sparks fly when Verity and Sami cross paths. Meanwhile, Toby gets Lisa on her own.
Maxine's help goes unappreciated. Toby is angry when he spots Romeo leaving his flat. Yazz is hopeful of getting her hearing back, but is she getting ahead of herself?
When Warren goes missing, Mercedes worries that she's put him in danger. Mitchell returns from his holiday with Martine and Scott, but can he build bridges with Walter?
It's Mitchell's birthday - and Toby's - and Celeste is concerned about Toby's plan to reveal his true identity at Mitchell's party. Mercedes is spooked as Liam puts his plan into action.
Mitchell tries to come to terms with the events of his birthday party.
Celeste wants Toby to promise that he hasn't gone off their plan to make Martine pay. Jordan is back and wants Juliet's help to sell drugs again. Liberty is pining for Brody.
Juliet prepares to deal drugs for Jordan. Martine and Walter worry about Mitchell when he decides to find his dad. Brody tries to keep Liberty happy. Brooke is ready to go back to school.
Those closest to Darren are becoming fed up with his obsessive behaviour. Mitchell's mission to find his dad continues. Imran and Ollie try to come up with an idea for their school project.
Darren struggles when he's left alone in the flat. Juliet is desperate to keep her drug dealing secret from her family. Edward tells Diane that he's going to reveal their affair to Tony.
Mandy shares her concerns about Darren's behaviour, and something strikes a chord with Kyle. Cindy's attempt at stand-up comedy doesn't go down well.
Kyle does his best to help Darren, but does he need help himself? Diane worries about Edward's threat to expose their affair to Tony. Mercedes is petrified of what Liam has planned for her.
Peri wants answers from Jordan. Liam tries to keep his enemies at bay.
Mercedes and Grace are shocked by the depths Liam will stoop to and decide to end his reign of terror. Meanwhile, Liam has a surprise for those who have wronged him and Tony feels betrayed.
Liam refuses to listen to Grace and Mercedes: can someone else get through to him? Edward needs Diane's help, but decides to take matters into his own hands. Brody and Liberty get close.
Liam welcomes his guests to a meal they'll never forget. Diane's happy to have the old Tony back, unaware of what Edward has set in motion. Liberty distracts herself from her true feelings.
John Paul and Sylver are missing as Liam's other guests wonder what he's got planned. Liberty confides in Courtney. And the pieces of the puzzle fall into place for Mercedes.
Mercedes demands justice as the village reels from the events of the previous day. Liberty desperately searches for Brody. Walter decides that he doesn't want to lose Mitchell.
Mitchell's dad arrives in the village and quickly makes an impression. Liberty and Brody prepare to face their feelings, just as Sienna returns. Goldie and Warren hatch a matchmaking plan.
Emotions run high as Sienna and Warren are forced to decide what to do next. Martine doesn't hold back when she is faced with her former flame Felix, but can he win her round?
Sienna is convinced something is going to go terribly wrong, and Liberty is determined to sort things out. Felix has an idea to win over Mitchell, and Juliet blows hot and cold with Sid.
Felix blackmails Walter in order to get closer to Mitchell. There's light at the end of the tunnel for Sienna. Yazz takes a different approach to parenting while babysitting Tom's daughter.
Walter enlists Scott's help to reunite Mitchell and Felix. Liberty has a big decision to make. Sid is looking forward to some alone time with Juliet, but she has other ideas...
Sid tries to prove his worth to Jordan. Nancy decides to tell Kyle's parents about their engagement. Scott urges Walter to tell Mitchell the truth. And Imran has a new crush.
Sid and Juliet are in grave danger when Jordan sends them to the seaside to make a delivery. Kyle is annoyed by his parents' arrival but rushes off when he realises Darren needs his help.
Marnie and James demand answers about Juliet, leaving Jordan furious. Things go from bad to worse for Kyle when Nancy discovers what he's been up to. Martine finds Felix hard to resist.
Felix gets mixed signals from Martine. Toby and Walter try to bond, while Lisa feels pushed out. Kyle has more apologies to make. And Tony and Diane can't keep their hands off each other.
Verity interrupts Tony and Diane's alone time. Liberty launches the Hollyoaks Easter Egg Hunt, but the day soon descends into chaos, thanks to some shocking Deveraux family revelations.
Tony is glad to be feeling happy again but is concerned about the new pills he's been taking. Meanwhile, Sami wants to join the law firm. And the Deverauxs try to work out who is guilty...
Verity is on a mission to prove Mitchell's innocence, while Scott wonders what his boyfriend could be capable of. Meanwhile, Sally plays Cupid for John Paul and PC George Kiss.
Tony wants to build a relationship with Verity, but can their father Edward be trusted? Mitchell is desperate to prove to Scott how much he loves him. Sally steps up her matchmaking plan.
Tony is shocked to receive some devastating health news. Scott and Mitchell have big news for Martine. John Paul has a date - but his ex James admits that he still has feelings for him.
Tony has a life-changing decision to make. James plans to win back John Paul. Charlie needs cash but starts looking in the wrong places. Ollie and Brooke embark on a business venture.
Verity makes a shocking discovery about Edward: will she jeopardise his plan? Drug-dealer Jordan sets his sights on Charlie. Sami can't hide his feelings. Romeo gives Tom some love advice.
Edward urges Verity to take his side. Tony makes a surprising decision. Charlie passes Jordan's test. Sami makes a move. And are Tom and Yazz about to take things to the next level?
Kyle makes a shocking discovery. Tony starts his new medication, prescribed by manipulative Edward. Tom makes a move that doesn't go down well with Yazz. Mercedes feels like a third wheel.
Nancy struggles to trust a spiralling Kyle to look after Oscar: can Darren help Kyle prove himself? Mercedes has had enough of Sylver's behaviour but gets a surprise when she confronts him.
Mon 1st June
Can Nancy ever trust Kyle again? Jordan and Leela have a heart-to-heart about their upbringings. Mercedes and Sylver are loved-up but unaware that someone is watching them...
Tue 2nd June
Mercedes and Sylver renew their vows, but there's a shock when an uninvited guest makes a big announcement. Kyle urges Darren to help him fix things with Nancy. Peri is smitten with Jordan.