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Episode 7041
Ross presents Colby with an awful choice. Tori is blindsided by news of Robbo and Jasmines engagement. A guilt-ridden Brody remains torn between Ziggy and Simone.
Episode 7042
Tragedy sets Colby and Dean on a dangerous path. Brody is forced to choose between Simone and his marriage.
Episode 7043
Is Colby about to cross the line? Alf reaches out to an old friend. Maggie’s maternal instincts flare when Coco is presented with an opportunity.
Episode 7044
Alf’s past comes back to haunt him. Will Coco and Ben convince Maggie to make the right choice? Ryder fears retribution from the Morgan brothers.
Episode 7045
Will Jasmine discover Tori’s secret? Alf is forced to confront his feelings for Martha. Raffy is mortified by Mason’s interference.
Episode 7046
Marilyn attempts to bring Alf and Martha closer together.
Episode 7047
Jasmine is torn over whether or not to tell Robbo about the baby. With no change in Willow’s condition, Dean is desperate for answers. Will Colby tell Chelsea the truth about Ross?
Episode 7048
Will Willow pull through a second operation? Maggie experiences pre-marathon jitters. Alf and Martha reminisce on old times together.
Episode 7049
Ziggy enters the half-marathon to blow off steam, with grave consequences. Brody and Simone take time out to get to know each other.
Episode 7050
How will Chelsea react to Colbys decision? The bay farewells Coco to Cairns and exciting, new opportunities. Is seeing Ziggy in hospital the wake-up call that Brody needs?
Episode 7051
Will Jasmine crumble under the weight of Tori’s secret? Bella feels responsible for ruining her brother’s life. What does Colby’s future look like now?
Episode 7052
Tori, Jasmine and Robbo showdown. Dean is haunted by his past actions.
Episode 7053
Brody is playing with fire when Simone returns to work at Salt. Dean’s erratic behaviour begins to concern Willow. Ziggy fears for her marriage, causing Justin to act.
Episode 7054
Justin struggles under the weight of Brody’s secret. Raffy’s overwhelmed at the thought of going back to school. Brody works hard to resolve Ziggy’s insecurities.
Episode 7055
Mason takes desperate measures to help his sister. Raffy offers Ryder a way out of their relationship. Alf develops a newfound respect for Martha, and is keen to make up for lost time.
Episode 7056
Tori’s shocked by Robbo’s decision. Alf’s feelings for Martha are growing. Mason continues to pursue an alternative treatment for Raffy.
Episode 7057
Will Jasmine keep fighting for Robbo? Raffy is buoyed by the possibility of partaking in a new trial. Can Mason get Tori over the line? Bella is daunted by her first day at school.
Episode 7058
Colby’s unnerved by a visit to the police station. Raffy, Bella and Maggie all struggle on the first day of the school year. Willow steps in to help Dean with a surprise visitor.
Episode 7059
Can Karen help Dean face his demons before it’s too late? Cracks begin to show as Brody struggles to juggle Ziggy and Simone. Maggie fights for her students and finds an unlikely ally.
Episode 7060
Martha’s getting too close for Alf’s comfort. Simone gives Brody an ultimatum. Ziggy wonders if she is the reason her marriage is failing. The Bay gets a surprise visitor.
Episode 7061
Ziggy and Brody struggle to find similar goals for their future. Alf and Martha grow closer over ancient and painful memories.
Episode 7062
Dean continues to suffer nightmares. Marilyn is fearful. Jasmine’s heartache spikes when no one has heard from Robbo.
Episode 7063
Dean remembers last night’s dream. Willow and Mason struggle to keep the gym going. Ryder takes matters into his own hands to help Raffy.
Episode 7064
Jasmine reveals Tori’s dark secret. Simone gets an insight into how troubled Bella is. Raffy and Ryder are caught red-handed with something illegal.
Episode 7065
Colby breaks down when Bella runs away. Maggie wins against the Department. Tori feels guilty over Robbo’s behaviour. The community rally to support the troops.
Episode 7066
Simone’s attempts to help Bella backfire. Brody’s problematic feelings for Simone escalate. Bella struggles with her negative impact on Colby’s life.
Episode 7067
Colby discovers Bella has run. Willow is worried for Dean as his strange night behaviours worsen. Tensions between Tori and Jasmine reach boiling point.
Episode 7068
Raffy struggles lead her to a drastic decision. Willow and Ziggy worry about Dean’s mental state. Dean sleepwalking forces him to do something drastic.
Episode 7069
Brody makes a bold declaration as Ziggy prepares for their future. Maggie enlists Simone’s help to soothe Raffy’s school woes. Martha panics when she cant contact Roo.
Episode 7070
Alf struggles to understand Martha’s irrational need to contact Roo. Mason is struggling with ideas for Raffy’s biology assignment. Colby fears that just as he’s got Bella back, his dark secret could tear them apart.
Episode 7071
Colby’s shock decision worries Willow and Dean. A crisis throws Tori and Jasmine in the deep end. Will Alf let Martha walk out of his life once again?
Episode 7072
A near tragedy strengthens Tori and Jasmine’s friendship. Colby’s on the wrong side of the law. Alf farewells an old friend.
Episode 7073
Ziggy and Brody’s relationship dramas come to a head. Maggie confronts Simone and Brody. Mason’s decision to help Raffy might cross the line.
Episode 7074
Raffy changes her mind regarding Mason’s idea. Morgans and Astonis clash as Justin and Leah connect. Marilyn gets some devastating news about Jett.
Episode 7075
Dean’s addiction enters into dangerous territory.
Episode 7076
Colby and Willow are shocked when Dean finally comes clean about his problems. A devastated Ziggy is challenged to confront Brody.
Episode 7077
Ziggy is devastated when Brody is unwilling to fight for their marriage. Tori struggles to come to terms with what Brody has done. John and Marilyn anxiously await news on Jett.
Episode 7078
Purple Day goes off brilliantly thanks to Ryder. Mason and Raffy extract CBD oil. Simone battles for respect.
Episode 7079
Dean detoxes with Colby’s help. Leah and Justin have fun.
Episode 7080
Jasmine comes to Dean’s rescue. Colby arrives at a life altering decision. Irene lets Bella move in with her.
Episode 7081
Colby resolves to tell Bella the truth. Willow tries to stop her family from falling apart. Will Jasmine give up on Robbo?
Episode 7082
Colby’s plans hit a snag. Brody and Simone bring their relationship out into the open. Ziggy is confronted as she starts to get her life back to normal.
Episode 7083
Justin helps Simone mix with the family. Raffy starts abusing CBD oil.
Episode 7084
Will Jett ever be able to walk again? Raffy feels ill after secretly taking a double dose of the CBD oil.
Episode 7085
Jett is in denial. Dean saves the day as Ziggy wallows in self-pity on her birthday.
Episode 7086
Ziggy feels humiliated. Jett struggles to navigate a wheelchair for the first time. Willow is rattled as she realises how much Dean cares for Ziggy.
Episode 7087
Colby makes a startling discovery about Willow. Concern for Ziggy sends Dean off the rails. An explosive confrontation pushes Brody and Simone into new territory.
Episode 7088
Brody and Simone take a big step forward in their relationship. Colby recruits Raffy and Ryder to keep Bella company. How much longer can Leah and Justin continue their secret rendezvous?
Episode 7089
Is Raffy onto Justin and Leah? Could Leah and Justin ever be more than friends with benefits? Maggie agonises over the part she played in Ziggy’s marriage breakdown.
Episode 7090
Tori makes a decision regarding Robbo. Is Justin developing feelings for Leah? Jett’s mood crashes after an exercise session with Mason.
Episode 7091
Justin and Leah’s attempts to see each other keep getting thwarted. Shock arrival back in the Bay. Jasmine makes a dramatic decision involving Robbo.
Episode 7092
Willow’s struggle with Deans attraction to Ziggy comes to a head. Justin begins to suspect that he and Leah are not on the same page with their arrangement.
Episode 7093
Ziggy’s drunken antics come back to bite her. Dean is challenged to respond to Willow’s admission. Brody and Simone’s rental application is rejected…but why?
Episode 7094
Bella takes desperate measures to win back Raffy’s friendship. Is Jett responsible for the deaths of his soldiers in Afghanistan?
Episode 7095
Brody is forced to reveal his dark past to Simone. John and Marilyn fear they will fail Jett when he is allowed home. Bella has to choose between her friends and Simone.
Episode 7096
Raffy is accused of the graffiti. Ziggy’s drinking is starting to cause problems. Brody and Simone become ever more isolated.
Episode 7097
Bella faces the music after slandering Simone. A disheartened Willow watches Ziggy and Dean grow closer. Will Simone resign from Summer Bay High?
Episode 7098
Jasmine struggles to clamp down on her building anxiety. Willow and Dean’s friendship is on the line after Willow’s unwanted proposition.
Episode 7099
Jett is more wounded than first thought. Justin and Leah try to fit each other into their busy lives. Jasmine and Robbo go one step forward, two steps back.
Episode 7100
Concern for Ziggy escalates as her partying starts to get out of control. Marilyn and John search for ways to help Jett deal with his survivor’s guilt.
Episode 7101
Ziggy’s bad behaviour finally catches up with her. Can John and Marilyn derail Jett’s plans to move out? Willow grapples with the shocking news about Dean.
Episode 7102
Dean finds the perfect way to distract Ziggy from her Brody woes. With Robbo’s help, Jett reaches out for help. Robbo chases after Jasmine, but in doing so, is he pushing her too hard?
Episode 7103
Reliving her past leads Jasmine to a startling realisation. Brodys hurt by Tori and Justins reaction to his news. Leah ponders the boundaries of her agreement with Justin.
Episode 7104
Will the Morgans get on board and support Brody in his decision? Bella frets that Raffy will blame her for Brody’s decision. Leah worries about blurring the lines with Justin.
Episode 7105
Bella proves to be a challenge for everyone. Have Leah and Justin ruined their friendship for good?
Episode 7106
Everyone struggles to deal with Bella’s out of control antics. The bomb shell that is Lustin spreads through the Bay. Alf returns.
Episode 7107
Colby finally makes a significant breakthrough with Bella. What is Alf hiding from Roo? Mason places his whole future in jeopardy.
Episode 7108
Roo struggles to deal with the fact that Alf and Martha are back together. Will Mason be charged with drug trafficking? Dean supports Ziggy as she begins the car restoration project.
Episode 7109
Ziggy and Brody clash over the terms of their divorce. Tori challenges Robbo to step up for Jasmine. Alf realises that John is unwittingly holding Jett back in his recovery.
Episode 7110
Robbo’s self-doubt threatens to damage his relationship with Jasmine. Marilyn takes a huge risk when she issues Jett with a difficult challenge. Justin and Leah settle into their new relationship.
Episode 7111
When Jasmine goes to counselling, Robbo is confronted with an unexpected challenge. Justin struggles to come up with the perfect date for Leah. Marilyn helps Jett in his search for a new career.
Episode 7112
Robbo has a surprising resolution after the counselling session with Jasmine. Roo’s happiness about Martha and Alf being together is turned upside down. Raffy has another seizure.
Episode 7113
After Raffy suffers another seizure, Mason begs Tori to reconsider the CBD oil as a treatment method. Roo struggles to come to terms with Alf and Martha’s living arrangements.
Episode 7114
Can Brody and Simone work out a way to move forward and start their new life together? Ziggy sets her sights on a charity rally, but can she get the car up to scratch in time?
Episode 7115
Bella finds issue with Ziggy and Dean’s friendship. Ziggy and Dean work to get the car fixed. Jett is left with some hard choices.
Episode 7116
Ziggy and Dean find adventure in the outback. Can Colby derail Bella’s devilish scheme? John and Marilyn remain supportive as Jett has a wobble about moving out.
Episode 7117
Colby makes an enemy of Bella. Dean makes a bold move. Willow urges Jasmine to fight.
Episode 7118
Dean and Ziggy’s race delves into uncharted territory. Colby fears Bella’s wild swings. Robbo’s therapy session leads to an interesting development.
Episode 7119
Raffy’s birthday surprise puts Brody and Simone in an awkward position. Mason pushes his fight for Raffy to the next level. Tori is stunned by Robbo’s admission.
Episode 7120
Brody contemplates whether he can leave his life in the bay behind. Jett proves he is ready to tackle life on his own. Mason’s article hits the Coastal News.
Episode 7121
Ziggy and Dean struggle to work out where they stand now they’re back in the bay. Mason and Tori clash over his impending medical marijuana trial. Brody and Simone look to the future after selling Salt.
Episode 7122
Bella lashes out and hurts Colby. Dean and Ziggy go public with their relationship. Justin challenges Brody to make a fresh start with Simone.
Episode 7123
Colby moves Bella into Irene’s in the hope it might help save their relationship. Ziggy and Dean show promise as a couple. Having set Jett up in the city, Marilyn is hopeful life will return to normal.
Episode 7124
Marilyn’s alarmed by John’s obsessive worry over Jett. Irene has her work cut out for her as Bella’s antics test her resolve. Loved up Jasmine and Robbo ride the engagement high.
Episode 7125
Tori is confronted with the reality that her silence could result in jail for Mason. John has to choose between his marriage and being with Jett. Jasmine struggles to accept her happily ever after.
Episode 7126
Will Mason be sentenced to jail time? Are Brody and Simone finally leaving the Bay for good? Marilyn considers the possibility of joining John and Jett in the city on a permanent basis.
Episode 7127
Brody says goodbye to Summer Bay. Ben and Maggie dismiss Ziggy and Dean’s friendship as Dean and a shattered Ziggy are drawn closer together.
Episode 7128
Dean and Ziggy navigate a new stage of their friendship. Irene and Bella enter WW3 over doing the dishes.
Episode 7129
Marilyn and John come to loggerheads over Jett. Bella gets worse before she gets better. Jasmine behaves oddly after the subject of children is brought up.
Episode 7130
Alf and Marilyn come to a decision about Jett. Leah and Maggie hatch a plan.
Episode 7131
An intriguing newcomer gets under Colby’s skin. Ziggy fires up about Dean’s secret. Tensions between Ben and Justin come to a head.
Episode 7132
Ziggy confronts Dean over a suspicious discovery. Colby gets to know the newcomer. Tori is excited about the scan. Ben tries to get his head around an outrageous surfboard order.
Episode 7133
Tori and Robbo discover there is a problem with the pregnancy. Raffy’s medical woes force Mason into action. Jasmine fears Robbo has done a runner.
Episode 7134
Bella stumbles in her schoolwork, and Irene wonders whether she’s a lost cause. Justin’s desperate to stop Mason doing something stupid. John is unaware of how much his absence hurts those around him.
Episode 7135
Bella makes a friend. Marilyn is feeling neglected but will John learn from his mistakes? Ben suspects Dean of foul play.
Episode 7136
Mackenzie struggles to get to know Dean better. Bella’s decision to move home with Colby takes an unexpected twist. Ben and Dean are forced to think on their feet as the big board order gets underway.
Episode 7137
Ziggy encourages Dean to get know Mackenzie. Dean and Mackenzie discover they have something in common. Jasmine makes a big decision.
Episode 7138
Jasmine is thrilled when Robbo suggests a road trip. Tori decides to put Robbo and Jasmine’s happiness first. Will an unhappy Mason choose a new path?
Episode 7139
Ryder lies to Roo about completing an assignment. Tori makes a decision on her pregnancy. Marilyn struggles with John’s absence.
Episode 7140
Bella shocks Colby with an unexpected change of heart. John foolishly places his life in danger. Ryder tests the boundaries with his overdue assignment.
Episode 7141
Willow is suspicious of Bella’s motivations. Marilyn puts her foot down after John’s accident. Raffy is shocked when Bella introduces her to a stranger online.
Episode 7142
Robbo takes Jasmine to the Shaw Farm. Bella is shaken when she learns Tommy’s secret. Mason enlists Tori’s help to apply for medical internships. Raffy gets her first dose on the new medical trial.
Episode 7143
Mackenzie reveals her true agenda to Dean. Ben hits a stumbling block with the surf board order. Jasmine struggles to win the approval of Robbo’s parents.
Episode 7144
Dean challenges Mackenzie’s plan for revenge. Ben’s fear of failing takes a toll on his marriage. Ryder is offered an exciting opportunity.
Episode 7145
Colby’s attraction to Mackenzie forces him to consider his future. Ryder defies Roo’s wishes. Ben swallows his pride for the sake of his family. John comes to a heartbreaking realisation.
Episode 7146
Ryder’s dedicated studying might not be what everyone suspects. Colby and Mackenzie’s date doesnt go to plan. Mac drags Dean kicking and screaming into her fight.
Episode 7147
Dean grapples with betrayal and an offer that’s too good to refuse. Roo doesn’t get the desired result by enlisting Alf’s help with Ryder. Tommy makes a move on Bella.
Episode 7148
Robbo is furious that Tori has gone behind his back yet again. Bella is being drawn further into Tommy’s web. Leah’s nervous about meeting Ava.
Episode 7149
Robbo and Jasmine look into a house move. Leah’s relationship with Ava gets off to a rocky start. Mason makes a big decision.
Episode 7150
Mason does some research on the Pilbara. Leah tries again to connect with Ava. Ben and Alf discover John might be doing it tough.
Episode 7151
Justin finally discovers the root cause of Ava’s anger. Dean struggles with his Rick dilemma. Ben attempts to fulfil one of Maggie’s life dreams.
Episode 7152
Mackenzie is angered as Rick calls her bluff – who will have the last laugh? Dean struggles to relax in Rick’s company on the yacht. Justin and Leah work together to help Ava through her difficulties at home.
Episode 7153
Jasmine and Robbo are touched when Colby organises a surprise party before the wedding. Ryder quits his job at the juice bar upon receiving a better offer from Mackenzie.
Episode 7154
Tommy invites Bella to a photography exhibition in the city. Robbo picks up on Jasmine’s low mood and calls her on it. Raffy is feeling sidelined when Ryder is busy with his new job.
Episode 7155
Will Tommy stand Bella up? Robbo offers to track down Jasmine’s father. Tori is anxious about having to meet Robbo’s parents.
Episode 7156
Jasmine and Robbo’s wedding day is finally here! Will Bella ditch the wedding to meet Tommy? Lance receives a mysterious phone call.
Episode 7157
Tori, Robbo and Jasmine’s worlds are changed forever. Bella’s friendship with Tommy takes a dangerous turn. Past trauma consumes Irene.
Episode 7158
A frazzled Irene tries to maintain a facade. Robbo, Jasmine and Tori are horrified by the current situation. Justin and Mason’s fears for Tori are heightened.
Episode 7159
Mackenzie causes unexpected trouble for Dean. Raffy feels a growing gulf between herself and Ryder. Maggie is worried that Ben’s deal will fall through.
Episode 7160
Ryder learns the root cause of Raffy’s dependency. Dean tries to keep a level head as Rick’s agenda becomes apparent.
Episode 7161
There’s a Shock for Ben. Irene struggles to keep it together. Dean’s dad doesn’t have Dean’s best intentions at heart.
Episode 7162
Ziggy unravels under pressure and makes a shocking confession. Dean takes the fight back to Rick. Ben’s life goes from bad to worse.
Episode 7163
Colby treads carefully with Mackenzie’s charges. Robbo decides to do something dangerous to make himself safer. Justin struggles in Tori’s absence.
Episode 7164
Will Justin and Robbo come to blows over Tori? Irene’s sanity is hanging on by a thread. Raffy and Ryder continue to grow apart.
Episode 7165
Ben tries and fails to find a silver lining in his situation. Ryder is made to choose between freedom and his relationship. Irene decides to take action over the Tommy situation.
Episode 7166
Can Mackenzie and Dean repair their rift? Irene is on edge when she learns Tommy has been identified. An upset Raffy is still in disbelief.
Episode 7167
Dean struggles to deal with Colby and Mackenzie’s relationship. Ryder opens up to Raffy in order to save their friendship. Bella is rattled by what Irene is considering.
Episode 7168
Irene faces the music. Colby is furious. A stir-crazy Jasmine is desperate to leave the apartment and visit Irene.
Episode 7169
Leah agrees to err on the side of caution, but vows to fight for Irene. Jasmine and Robbo break out of the apartment. Maggie fights for Ben even when he won’t.
Episode 7170
Ben turns to alcohol in the hope of drinking his woes away while Maggie searches for a solution. Robbo’s optimism over the threat dissipating proves short-lived. Can Ryder face up to a work challenge?
Episode 7171
As the threat against them escalates, Robbo vows to get answers and keep a terrified Jasmine safe. Ziggy steps in to help Maggie and Ben reconcile. Justin seeks answers from Robbo about Tori’s safety.
Episode 7172
Mackenzie attempts to reconcile with Dean. Is Ben willing to sacrifice his nest egg for freedom? Robbo will do what it takes to find answers; even if it pushes him and Jasmine to breaking point.
Episode 7173
Mackenzie tries to connect with Dean by participating in one of his hobbies. Leah tries desperately to help Irene. Raffy and Ryder go one step forward and two steps back.
Episode 7174
Irene continues to push away those that care about her the most. Bella stays at the beach house to support Irene but misses Colby. Roo runs interference when Raffy and Ryder refuse to work together.
Episode 7175
A brave Irene decides to tell her friends and family about the trauma she suffered as an adolescent. A devastated Ben must clear out the Board Shop. Colby is propelled to support Bella.
Episode 7176
Robbo and Jasmine’s world grows even smaller. Irene makes a decision about her future. Colby has a proposition for Bella.
Episode 7177
Jasmine panics when Robbo goes off the rails. Colby begins to realise the extent of Bella’s trauma. Dean and Colby make a timely reconciliation.
Episode 7178
Bella’s emotions lead her to explode. Ben struggles to do anything. Dean’s first day at work does not bode well.
Episode 7179
Dean gets to the bottom of Mackenzie’s hostility towards him. A despairing Maggie doesn’t know how to help Ben. Ryder attempts to repair his friendship with Raffy but she shuts him down.
Episode 7180
Robbo gets an ominous demand. Ryder and Raffy drift further apart. Justin gets mixed news about Raffy’s CBD trial. Ben’s growth is short lived.
Episode 7181
Justin goes down a dark path in his quest to help a distraught Raffy after her CBD trial is shut down. Robbo finally learns who is after him and why – but it only leads to more questions.
Episode 7182
Robbo faces the struggle of his life to survive. Leah offers to help Justin in his battle to support Raffy. Will Bella find the courage to attend a support group?
Episode 7183
Mackenzie is aghast to learn of Dean’s ultimatum. Robbo questions whether Dylan Carter could possibly still be alive. Maggie is at an impasse while trying to help Ben.
Episode 7184
Ben is pushed to his limits by those he loves. Mackenzie proves she is a match for Colby and Dean. Ryder suspects there is something serious going on with Raffy.
Episode 7185
Ben’s wall of strength crumbles. Raffy struggles with life, post cannabis. Ryder learns break-ups have repercussions. Irene appeases Bella, but at what cost?
Episode 7186
Bella goes to drastic measures to avoid dealing with her pain. Maggie confronts Ben about his depression. Ryder’s party gets out of hand after he buckles to peer pressure.
Episode 7187
Ryder babysits Bella and tries to hide from Colby, but things quickly get out of hand. Colby and Mackenzie struggle to take it slow. Irene’s future is suddenly thrown into question.
Episode 7188
Will Dean repair things with Mackenzie and ask for his job back? An overwhelmed Irene questions what to do without Bella’s testimony in court. Jasmine and Robbo are going stir crazy in the motel.
Episode 7189
Robbo and Jasmine agree on a new normal. The bad news for Raffy continues. Ben’s erratic behaviour continues.
Episode 7190
Ben’s life hits rock bottom. Raffy lashes out at those who care. Robbo goes to extreme lengths to appease the bad guys.
Episode 7191
Robbo plays a dangerous game with the enemy. Ziggy struggles to cope with her fractured family. Mackenzie pushes Dean in an unexpected direction.
Episode 7192
Has the ourboros gang given Robbo a lead? With Ben unable to help, Maggie takes over. Raffy can’t cope with everyone doting on her, but can she survive without them?
Episode 7193
Raffy’s near drowning serves as a wake up call for everybody. Will the new lead provide Robbo with the answers he seeks? Irene is blown away by community support in the lead up to her trial.
Episode 7194
Ryder is shocked to learn Bella’s secret. Irene makes a desperate decision regarding her future. Leah refuses to be held to ransom by Tommy.
Episode 7195
Irene’s request has devastating consequences for Bella. Mackenzie has a proposition for Dean. Ben’s depression and feelings of inadequacy continue until he meets a mysterious stranger.
Episode 7196
Dean attempts to hide Mackenzie’s existence from his mum. Mackenzie and Bella are starting to form a cohesive family unit, much to Colby’s delight.
Episode 7197
Karen makes a long-lasting impression on the Astoni family. A heartbroken Maggie pleads with Ben to come home. Do Jasmine and Alex have a solution to unlock Robbo’s lost memories?
Episode 7198
Alex attempts to hypnotise Robbo to find out the truth about Dylan Carter. After finding Maggie at rock bottom, Ziggy comes up with a new plan to help them all cope with Ben’s depression.
Episode 7199
Irene is rattled when details about her past come to light. Jasmine offers Robbo a new perspective to aid his search for Dylan. Ryder is feeling out of the loop as Raffy gives him the cold shoulder.
Episode 7200
Bella finds confidence to speak her truth in court to Tommy. Will Irene find peace once her court case is finalised? A frustrated Ben reaches breaking point and begins fighting for his freedom.
Episode 7201
Colby causes a scene and is thrown out of court. Bella finds the courage to testify for Irene, only to come face to face with pure evil. Justin is fearful that Raffy’s medical situation is deteriorating.
Episode 7202
Bella finds confidence to speak her truth in court to Tommy. Will Irene find peace once her court case is finalised? A frustrated Ben reaches breaking point and begins fighting for his freedom.
Episode 7203
Robbo is running out of places to look for Dylan Carter. The pressure mounts on Dean to tell Karen the truth about Mackenzie. A militant Teresa causes trouble for Irene.
Episode 7204
After a massive fight, Dean and Karen reconcile through an unlikely source. Maggie is relieved when Ben’s ready to talk. Roo keeps pushing Ryder to go to university.
Episode 7205
Some good news brings Ben and Maggie closer. Raffy is upset when Justin shuts down a potential medical trial. Roo’s constant badgering forces Ryder to consider his future.
Episode 7206
Desperate for answers, Robbo struggles with the fallout of Jasmine’s kidnapping. Roo’s plan to help Maggie and Ben reconnect backfires spectacularly. Can Dr Alex save Scott’s life?
Episode 7207
Can Robbo claw his way back from rock bottom in time to save Jasmine? Irene makes a bold decision about her future. Roo turns to Alf for help with her matchmaking mess.
Episode 7208
Robbo and Colby race to find Jasmine. Irene is supported by her friends as she enjoys her last day as a free woman. Willow panics about her future when Irene gives her a sombre reality check.
Episode 7209
Irene’s future hangs in the balance as the verdict is delivered. Dean accuses Karen of faking it when she melts down at work. Raffy has been accepted into the medical trial.
Episode 7210
Maggie is struggling with the growing divide between her and Ben. Raffy gets ready to start her medical trial. Dean realises he’s made a huge mistake with Karen.
Episode 7211
Dean’s struggles over having children manifests into egregious behaviour towards Ziggy. Roo wants Ryder to study for his HSC, but he’s distracted by the car of his dreams. Tommy comes after Irene.
Episode 7212
Dean and Ziggy come together to talk about kids. Ryder gets a big incentive to do well on his HSC. Irene’s support network takes a sinister turn.
Episode 7213
The community is shocked about Teresa. Colby tries to find balance between duty and family. Afraid of sending the wrong message, Leah decides to shut down her vlog. Will Robbo cross the line to save Jasmine?
Episode 7214
Robbo and Colby clash before finally getting a breakthrough on Jasmine’s whereabouts. Willow begins to fear the worst for Jasmine. John and Marilyn are curious about Alf’s suspicious behaviour.
Episode 7215
A concerned Robbo makes a big decision for Jasmine’s future. Martha’s return brings joy. Willow and Alex’s friendship takes an unexpected turn.
Episode 7216
Willow clears the awkwardness with Alex. A distraught Jasmine is faced with more torment. Martha and Alf’s family unit becomes rocky.
Episode 7217
Colby is burning out but is determined to help a distressed Jasmine. Martha and Alf leave on a romantic road trip. Mackenzie starts to doubt her relationship with Colby. Robbo is held hostage.
Episode 7218
Bella is defensive when Mackenzie and Colby’s relationship starts to break down. Leah explains why she shut down her blog. The Astonis are at a loss on how to help Ben’s depression.
Episode 7219
Marilyn feels lost and needs a new purpose in life. How will Ben shake the black dog of depression? Justin learns how awful things were for Ava at home. Robbo makes a shocking discovery.
Episode 7220
Thanks to Alex, Mason gets a second chance. Robbo’s need for justice for his family gets complicated. Ben’s mental health struggles reach breaking point.
Episode 7221
Colby pushes Robbo to the limit in his quest for answers. Mackenzie struggles with her uncertainty about Colby. Alex diagnoses Ben, and Maggie fears he no longer trusts her.
Episode 7222
An overworked Colby struggles to save his relationship with Mackenzie. Is Dean’s past the key to helping Ben’s future? Bella wants revenge on Mackenzie.
Episode 7223
Willow and Dean struggle to make a vengeful Bella see sense. Justin intervenes when Ava is caught between her parents separation. Alex helps a nervous Mason on his first day at the hospital.
Episode 7224
Justin and Leah take Ava camping with an ulterior motif. Blake offers Ryder an opportunity but he’s faced with a moral dilemma. Robbo uses his prisoner for leverage.
Episode 7225
Robbo comes face to face with his family’s killer. Jasmine puts her fears for Robbo aside to help Tori. Ryder refuses to help Blake, but Blake has a more sinister plan.
Episode 7226
A very big moment for Tori. Ryder man’s up to tell Maggie the truth.
Episode 7227
Ryder fears for Blake’s future when the police get involved. The fight is on to save Tori’s life. Ben struggles with the side effects of antidepressants.
Episode 7228
An overworked Dean is feeling the burden of balancing two jobs and a girlfriend. Ben hits a roadblock in his mental health recovery and Maggie feels helpless. Willow battles her own work expectations.
Episode 7229
Bella works hard to keep Colby and Mackenzie apart. Willow is overwhelmed at the gym and gratefully accepts Alex’s help. Dean is under pressure and chastises Ziggy for meddling in his affairs.
Episode 7230
Robbo and Justin clash over what’s best for the baby. Ryder celebrates the end of high school. Mackenzie gives Colby time to sort out Bella’s trust issues.
Episode 7231
Justin and Robbo reach breaking point when Justin makes a terrifying threat. Jasmine fears that Robbo will crash and burn. Ava’s first meeting with her new cousin does not go as expected.
Episode 7232
Tension remains between Justin and Robbo over Grace’s welfare. Willow and Alex have a moment. Colby has second thoughts about ending his relationship with Mackenzie.
Episode 7233
Great news for Ben means Dean’s life will get more complicated. A confused Willow receives guidance from Irene. Colby underestimates Bella’s reaction when he reignites his relationship with Mackenzie.
Episode 7234
Ben takes a gamble in re-opening the Board Shop. Mackenzie throws Dean a lifeline when he crumbles under work and life pressures. How long can Marilyn maintain her facade before her devastation.
Episode 7235
Justin’s feeling the strain of life without Tori. Marilyn struggles to describe her loneliness and anxiety. As Ben’s work anxieties peak, he decides to start taking his medication again.
Episode 7236
Ben has a setback when he re-opens the Board Shop. Marilyn is feeling lost and forgotten. Robbo wrestles with admitting he needs help. Leah does her best to ease Justin’s burden.
Episode 7237
Jasmine pushes Robbo for the truth about Grace. Alex is spooked when Willow makes a bold move. Will ghosts from the past derail Leah’s happiness?
Episode 7238
Dean’s new surf student rattles Ziggy’s relationship insecurities. Willow and Alex take a leap of faith. Irene serves Robbo some tough love.
Episode 7239
Mackenzie accuses Bella of deliberately trying to keep her and Colby apart. Dean fears Ziggy’s reaction to the news that Jade is staying in town. Alf and Martha have some happy news to share.
Episode 7240
Happy for Alf and Martha, Leah is inspired to take the next step with Justin. Bella’s immunisation record is scrutinised by Alex. Ben and Maggie celebrate a turning point with their business.
Episode 7241
New living arrangements bring mixed feelings for Roo. Bella refuses her vaccinations when it means she can’t live with baby Grace or Colby. Mason oversteps his professional boundaries with Alex.
Episode 7242
Ziggy receives an amazing job offer that jeopardises her relationship with Dean. Colby struggles to make time for Mackenzie because of Bella’s neediness. Alex and Willow make a decision.
Episode 7243
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Episode 7244
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Episode 7245
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Episode 7246
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Episode 7247
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Episode 7248
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Episode 7249
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Episode 7250
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Episode 7251
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Episode 7252
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Episode 7253
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Episode 7254
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Episode 7255
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Episode 7256
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Episode 7257
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Episode 7258
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Episode 7259
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Episode 7260
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