Home and Away

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Episode 7271
Episode overview
Colby and Dean go rogue to try and save hostages.
Episode 7272
Episode overview
Heartache and grief overwhelm the community in the aftermath of the hospital siege.
Episode 7273
Episode overview
Alf’s attempt to create a moment of joy with Martha backfires.
Episode 7274
Episode overview
Roo helps Alf and Martha through their miscommunication. Ryder’s attempts to warn Nikau about Jade fail. Maggie looks to help others anyway she can.
Episode 7275
Episode overview
Marilyn attempts to cover her trauma and focus on helping the Paratas. Tori’s heartbroken when Justin shares more bad news. The Stewarts rally around Ryder to support him in his case against Jade.
Episode 7276
Episode overview
The Shaws arrive back in the Bay. A grief-stricken Tori and Justin continue to clash over Mason’s funeral arrangements. Willow’s concerned with how Alex is processing her trauma after the siege.
Episode 7277
Episode overview
Marilyn admits to Alex that she is struggling with normalcy post siege. Bella gives Mackenzie her blessing. Colby comforts Jasmine. The Summer Bay community pay their respects at the funeral.
Episode 7278
Episode overview
Dean helps Ziggy say goodbye to Mason. Bella is relieved to finally be released from the hospital. Jasmine forces Colby to answer some tough questions.
Episode 7279
Episode overview
The Stewart household prepares for the big event. Dean and Marilyn unwittingly threaten to blow the Paratas secrets. Jade latest trap backfires.
Episode 7280
Episode overview
Alf and Martha’s special moment. Will Nik and Ryder put their misunderstandings aside to stop Jade? Marilyn’s on the back-foot when she realises her good deed had undesired consequences on the Paratas.
Episode 7281
Episode overview
Gemma and Ari panic when they assume that Nikau is in trouble with the law. Alf and Martha enjoy their relaxed staycation. Colby and Bella are given a reality check by a grieving Jasmine.
Episode 7282
Episode overview
Jasmine is haunted by her memories in the apartment. Colby’s best effort to get Bella psychological help is met with resistance. Maggie and Roo begin their own missing persons case for Leah.
Episode 7283
Episode overview
Alex drops a bombshell on Willow that could shape their future forever. A new lead in Leah’s case has deeply disturbed Justin. Aware Colby is struggling, Roo and Maggie step up to help Bella.
Episode 7284
Episode overview
Willow makes a shock decision. Ziggy is compelled to support a bereft Justin. Tori begins struggling with single-motherhood. Mackenzie is starting to feel the absence of Colby.
Episode 7285
Episode overview
Justin finds ways to bring joy to Ziggy and Ryder. Marilyn’s friendship with Ari gets under John’s skin. Mackenzie takes a leap of faith in an attempt to move on.
Episode 7286
Episode overview
Roo manages to do a good deed and enjoy her last day of holidays. The Paratas must swallow their pride. Mackenzie’s blind date is not what she expected. John’s worst nightmare comes to life.
Episode 7287
Episode overview
The Paratas struggle to put a roof over their heads. Marilyn and John’s marriage is in trouble. Can Dean help Mackenzie? Will Bella reveal too much during her counselling?
Episode 7288
Episode overview
Dean has an invitation for Ziggy. Bella starts to accept her need for counselling. Jasmine’s grief over Robbo continues.
Episode 7289
Episode overview
Is Willow ready to make a big decision? Jasmine makes peace with Robbo’s gift. There’s shock when a mystery photo suggests Leah could be alive.
Episode 7290
Episode overview
Justin is devastated as Leah’s photo leads to more questions than answers. Alex and Willow have big decisions to make.
Episode 7291
Episode overview
Justin’s losing his mind in his search for Leah. What now for Willow and Alex?
Episode 7292
Episode overview
Jasmine struggles with grief. Justin and Colby’s search for Leah takes a dramatic twist.
Episode 7293
Episode overview
Alex’s quick medical actions save a Summer Bay favourite. Justin and Irene are deeply troubled by Leah’s behaviour. Mackenzie is forced to rethink her feelings for Colby.
Episode 7294
Episode overview
John’s concerned that the Paratas are taking advantage of Marilyn’s charity. Dean is sick of Bella’s attitude and gives her a reality check. Ari’s work hunt continues whilst Nikau makes a new friend.
Episode 7295
Episode overview
Alex returns a favour for Ari. Nikau helps Bella find a clear direction after bonding over similar backgrounds. John’s ultimatum backfires.
Episode 7296
Episode overview
Sparks fly between Marilyn and John. Justin gets a harrowing insight into Leah’s behaviour.
Episode 7297
Episode overview
Leah reveals what happened when she was kidnapped. Marilyn’s appalled when John orders Ari to leave. There’s a shock for Tori on her first morning back at work. Has Willow persuaded Alex to stay?
Episode 7298
Episode overview
Bella shocks Colby with the prospect of leaving school. A medical emergency puts Jasmine to the test.
Episode 7299
Episode overview
Ryder puts his friendship with Bella on the line when he sees her heading for a fall. Ben throws caution to the wind for the sake of his family.
Episode 7300
Episode overview
Justin and Leah continue to slowly navigate Leah’s healing after trauma. Ryder wrestles with telling Nikau the truth about Bella. A mysterious stranger arrives at the Astoni house.
Episode 7301
Episode overview
Ben’s brother threatens to destroy the Astoni family celebration. Leah struggles to move forward. John begins to lose hope for his marriage.
Episode 7302
Episode overview
John and Marilyn’s marriage is at breaking point. Marco’s intentions are still unclear. Bella and Nikau go on a joyride to his uncle Tane’s.
Episode 7303
Episode overview
Dean explodes when he learns Bella and Nikau stole his car. Colby returns from hospital to find a troubling letter in the mail. Roo believes Marilyn is thinking irrationally.
Episode 7304
Episode overview
Colby’s divorce papers put a halt to a future with Mackenzie. Jasmine’s guilt prevents her from moving forward. Justin’s smothering pushes Leah to breaking point.
Episode 7305
Episode overview
Maggie fears for her marriage when Marco blackmails her. Leah and Justin struggle to reconcile after her outburst. Jasmine is rocked by huge news.
Episode 7306
Episode overview
Maggie is blackmailed into a compromising position. Jasmine’s attempt to spread good news is unexpectedly tempered. Justin and Leah’s reconnection hits bumpy ground with an unexpected package.
Episode 7307
Episode overview
An emotional farewell leads to a new beginning in the Morgan house. Willow’s breakup is causing her to lash out at friends. The town discovers Jasmine’s big news. Maggie tells Roo her big secret.
Episode 7308
Episode overview
A reluctant Dean gets caught up in Mackenzie’s love triangle. Willow continues to emotionally struggle with her break-up. Leah and Justin try to move forward and get their groove back.
Episode 7309
Episode overview
Ari’s attempt to set Mackenzie straight doesn’t go to plan. John’s gossiping gets more than just himself in trouble. Bella attempts to flirt. Colby finally gets his answer.
Episode 7310
Episode overview
Maggie must decide between two paths fraught with danger. Will Nikau and Bella be able to find a path forward together? Will Gemma be able to get John to see sense?
Episode 7311
Episode overview
Ben’s in turmoil after Maggie drops a bombshell. Marilyn opens up to John about why she insisted on taking the Paratas in. Tori and Jasmine bond.
Episode 7312
Episode overview
Ziggy’s hunger for the truth could tear her family apart. A phone call threatens to derail Leah’s recovery. Willow starts to crack.
Episode 7313
Episode overview
Colby’s thrown to learn about Mac and Ari. Leah is triggered by a diner customer. Bella and Nikau enjoy time together.
Episode 7314
Episode overview
Bella believes she’s ready to take her relationship to the next level. Ari is treading in dangerous waters by pursuing Mac. Justin finds it hard to hear the details of Leah’s impact statement.
Episode 7315
Episode overview
Bella reaches crisis point. Nikau is forced to break his family’s cycle with running from police. Maggie’s ostracised by her family.
Episode 7316
Episode overview
Colby makes a big decision to save Bella. Bella makes an unexpected breakthrough. Nikau struggles with his guilt over Bella’s breakdown.
Episode 7317
Episode overview
Colby faces a difficult dilemma with Bella. John proves a wise head for Nikau’s young shoulders. Ari orders Tane to stay away from the family.
Episode 7318
Episode overview
Maggie tries to make amends. Colby and Mac grow closer over the distress of Bella. Ari pulls the rug from under Mac.
Episode 7319
Episode overview
Marco makes admissions beyond Maggie’s comprehension. Ziggy and Ben finally see the positive in their life. Leah’s walls start to come down.
Episode 7320
Episode overview
Leah and Justin are right where they’re supposed to be. Maggie hopes her threat will drive Marco out of town once and for all. Jasmine and Tori grow closer.
Episode 7321
Episode overview
Maggie fails to create a dialog with Ben. After an altercation, Leah pleasantly surprises Justin with her progress. Jasmine has a surprise visitor.
Episode 7322
Episode overview
Jasmine struggles. Mackenzie counsels Colby about his growing anxiety over Bella. Leah’s reconciliation with Justin leads her to a happy realisation.
Episode 7323
Episode overview
Jasmine focuses on Grace. After receiving bad news, Gemma refuses to accept more charity. Ziggy shuts Maggie out. Colby does a payback prank.
Episode 7324
Episode overview
Has Ari pushed Nikau too far? The icy Astoni dynamic thaws a little. John’s best intentions are misinterpreted
Episode 7325
Episode overview
The Parata family’s unity looks to be cracking.Marilyn and John try to be there for each other. Ben’s troubles have become a lot worse.
Episode 7326
Episode overview
A new arrival into town divides the Parata family. Ben’s life hangs in the balance. John’s worried about Marilyn’s safety.
Episode 7327
Episode overview
Jasmine begins to develop unusual behaviour. Justin has a burning question for Leah. Will Ari and Tane resolve their issues?
Episode 7328
Episode overview
Jasmine stands behind her decision about Grace. Marilyn worries she’s done the wrong thing by Tori. Justin has a proposal for Leah.
Episode 7329
Episode overview
Maggie gives her husband an ultimatum. Colby throws a divorce party which ends in disaster. Irene is beside herself with worry about Jasmine.
Episode 7330
Episode overview
Colby hears some hard home truths from his friends. Maggie fears she’s made things worse for her marriage. An unexpected visitor has Ryder’s life in a spin.
Episode 7331
Episode overview
Ryder refuses to let the past in. Jasmine finds it hard to face Colby. Roo tries to convince Ryder he may regret his decisions.
Episode 7332
Episode overview
Is the emotional cost too much for Jasmine to stay in Summer Bay? Ryder’s wall drops, but is it enough? Tori turns on Justin to protect her friend.
Episode 7333
Episode overview
Tori does her best to convince Jasmine that she’s there for her. Ziggy finishes her final mechanic exam. Ben tells Ziggy the truth about his marriage.
Episode 7334
Episode overview
Ziggy doesn’t cope with the news of her parents. Ari’s conflicted about his past. Tane surprises Gemma with a new opportunity.
Episode 7335
Episode overview
A new opportunity for the Parata family becomes a divide. Is Summer Bay too small for the Astonis? John and Marilyn try to reconcile
Episode 7336
Episode overview
Ari and Tane’s clash reaches boiling point. Roo is blindsided when Evan’s shocking secret is revealed. Marilyn struggles with being on her own. An old face shows back up in the bay.
Episode 7337
Episode overview
Alf feels as though his world has turned upside-down. Ziggy takes drastic action to help her mother, hurting Dean in the process. Roo accuses Evan of setting Ryder up for a massive fall.
Episode 7338
Episode overview
Will Ziggy move out of Dean’s place? Alf does the rounds catching up in Summer Bay. Willow tries everything to get Jasmine to open up
Episode 7339
Episode overview
Jasmine’s erratic behaviour divides the town. Maggie tries some different tactics to deal with Ben.
Episode 7340
Episode overview
Mackenzie tests the brothers new-found truce. Ben’s presence at the hangi causes upset. Jasmine works to get back in Grace’s life. An ambulance is called to the hangi.
Episode 7341
Episode overview
Marilyn blames herself for John’s condition. Mac is torn between Ari and Tane. Jasmine develops an obsession.
Episode 7342
Episode overview
John doesn’t want Marilyn to be stressed. Tane promises Mac he’ll back off. Jasmine makes a rash decision with Willow.
Episode 7343
Episode overview
Marilyn’s heart breaks for John. Colby refuses to let Jasmine push him away too. Are Dean and Ziggy heading into the friend-zone?
Episode 7344
Episode overview
Dean wants to take Ziggy away. Can Roo tell Ryder the truth about Evan? Maggie doesn’t know how to move forward.
Episode 7345
Episode overview
Ryder deals with the news of his father. Maggie’s heart is crushed. Nikau worries when his mum doesn’t come home.
Episode 7346
Episode overview
Ben and Gemma’s friendship stirs up more than just their emotions. Evan is torn between revealing the truth and letting Ryder down.
Episode 7347
Episode overview
Gemma and Ben’s families make navigating their feelings all the more tricky. Marilyn struggles with being kept away from a recovering John.
Episode 7348
Episode overview
John struggles with his new limitation. Dean smuggles Bella back into the Bay. Jasmine goes a little above and beyond when she discovers Grace is teething.
Episode 7349
Episode overview
Bella’s letters to Colby and Nikau have vastly different results. Ryder does his best to make Evan’s gig a success. Jasmine and Tori clash over Grace.
Episode 7350
Episode overview
Everyone is gunning for Evan’s gig to be a success. Ben and Maggie stop tiptoeing around each other. Nikau is struggling with Gemma’s decisions. Leah’s trauma might only just be starting.
Episode 7351
Episode overview
Ryder reveals to Evan that he knows his secret. Ari is concerned that Nikau and Tane are hiding something from him. Justin worries if Leah is strong enough to get through another trauma.
Episode 7352
Episode overview
Evan and Ryder come to loggerheads. Tane and Ari navigate a tense situation.Colby commences his investigation.
Episode 7353
Episode overview
Evan and Ryder’s bond is put to the test. Bella celebrates a milestone. Maggie makes a heartbreaking decision.
Episode 7354
Episode overview
Bella’s newfound independence inspires everyone. Ziggy desperately tries to keep her family together. John and Marilyn face some harsh realities.
Episode 7355
Episode overview
John finally receives some promising news. Ben’s final grand gesture. Jasmine makes an alarming claim. Leah gets back to a normal life.
Episode 7356
Episode overview
Maggie gives Ben one last chance to explain. Marilyn prepares for John’s return home. Jasmine’s behaviour towards Grace becomes intense.
Episode 7357
Episode overview
Ben and Maggie come to their final decision. Ziggy and Dean celebrate a milestone. Jasmine bends the truth.John returns home.
Episode 7358
Episode overview
Ziggy learns the fate of her parents. Evan makes a heartbreaking decision. Colby reignites the diner investigation.
Episode 7359
Episode overview
Ryder and Evan share a deeply emotional moment. Colby tightens his gaze on Ari. Martha returns to Merimbula.
Episode 7360
Episode overview
Mackenzie makes her biggest sacrifice for Ari. Colby’s investigation turns personal. Nikau’s lapse in judgement could change his life forever. Marilyn and John refuse to accept reality.
Episode 7361
Episode overview
Tori faces every mother’s worst nightmare. Colby has two active investigations on his hands. Nikau makes the biggest mistake of his life.
Episode 7362
Episode overview
Tori struggles to forgive herself. Jasmine takes matters into her own hands. Gemma makes big family plans. Colby’s investigations are thwarted.
Episode 7363
Episode overview
Jasmine is confronted over her recent behaviour. Ryder struggles to live a normal life. Maggie has concerns about the future.
Episode 7364
Episode overview
Maggie and Ben make major plans. Marilyn and John struggle to see eye to eye. Ryder gets some heartening news from Evan.
Episode 7365
Episode overview
Colby makes an unforgiveable decision. Gemma, Ari, Tane and Nikau begin their journey. Marilyn gets some much needed respite.
Episode 7366
Episode overview
The Parata men farewell Mikaere in a deeply spiritual way.Ziggy receives a generous offer. Ben and Maggie’s adventure is imminent.
Episode 7367
Episode overview
Dean accepts an unexpected proposition. Ziggy seeks closure. Tane disappoints Ari.
Episode 7368
Episode overview
It’s a special celebration for Ben and Maggie. Ziggy and Dean overcome challenges. Marilyn and John make hard decisions about their marriage.
Episode 7369
Episode overview
Marilyn and John reach the point of no return. Tori draws a line in the sand. Ryder encourages Alf to seize every moment.
Episode 7370
Episode overview
Jasmine’s behaviour reaches a crescendo. Nikau and Bella’s relationship continues to blossom. Tori makes an impossible choice.
Episode 7371
Episode overview
Jasmine’s anguish is undeniable. Tori protects Grace at all costs. Bella and Nikau take one step forward and two steps back.
Episode 7372
Episode overview
Tori draws a line in the sand. Ari doesn’t want Mackenzie’s pity. Jasmine shocks Irene.
Episode 7373
Episode overview
Tane does a good deed. Ari and Mackenzie overcome challenges. Irene is deeply troubled. Leah gives Justin some home truths.
Episode 7374
Episode overview
Amber arrives in the Bay. Tane starts his new job. Dean is shocked to learn Mackenzie’s secret.
Episode 7375
Episode overview
Amber and Colby share a dark past. John’s rehab progresses. Ziggy and Amber meet.
Episode 7376
Episode overview
Amber still refuses to forgive Colby. Marilyn finds the change a hard adjustment. Willow reflects on all her failing friendships.
Episode 7377
Episode overview
Tane lets Mac down. Bella and Nikau’s date night is ruined. Willow and Amber have a wild night out.
Episode 7378
Episode overview
Nikau tries to plan a new date for Bella. Mac doesn’t go easy on Tane. Irene feels helpless with Jasmine.
Episode 7379
Episode overview
Ryder is in shock over his dad. Irene and Colby decide to make a mercy dash. Tori and Justin battle over Jasmine.
Episode 7380
Episode overview
Jasmine feels like there is no place for her. Marilyn agrees to make a permanent change. Tori is nervous about hearing from Jasmine.
Episode 7381
Episode overview
Jasmine feels betrayed. Marilyn works through her new normal. Tori hits a roadblock.
Episode 7382
Episode overview
Willow forces Jasmine to open up. Roo worries about Ryder’s decision. Marilyn struggles to let go.
Episode 7383
Episode overview
Ryder can’t face his reality. Amber takes Willow for a night out clubbing. Mac’s secret gets exposed.
Episode 7384
Episode overview
Bella organises time alone with Nikau. Ziggy puts her foot in it. Ari discovers Mac is hiding something.
Episode 7385
Episode overview
Mac confesses her feelings. Colby and Nikau make amends. Marilyn reluctantly accepts Alf’s offer.
Episode 7386
Episode overview
Colby and Bella receive grave news. Marilyn struggles to find direction. Amber tries to understand Colby’s decision.
Episode 7387
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Episode 7388
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Episode 7389
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Episode 7390
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.