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Episode 8007
Dipi heads of for scans to clear any further injuries. Things take a rapid turn for the worse and a code blue is called. Will she survive? Amy finds out who is behind the robbery at Robinson Heights.
Episode 8008
In a desperate bid to not lose her daughters for good, Liz reads Bea's diary to try and figure out where she is going wrong. Toadie sets up a meeting with the DPP so Susan's case can be heard.
Episode 8009
Susan learns whether or not she will face trial for attempted murder. Piper overhears Delaney on a mysterious phone call and sets out to uncover what she is really up to.
Episode 8010
Susan learns whether or not she will face trial for attempted murder. Piper overhears Delaney on a mysterious phone call and sets out to uncover what she is really up to.
Episode 8011
Terese accepts that Leo simply doesn't want her. Xanthe decides to apply for nurses courses close to home. But when Gary sits her down for a chat, she starts to second guess her decision again.
Episode 8012
Amy is shocked to find Gary battered and bruised following Shane's outburst. Xanthe finally makes a decision on her future. Will she be leaving Ramsay Street?
Episode 8013
Needing time out after her break-up with Gary, Amy decides to visit New York to see Jimmy. Fay arrives for a visit and Chloe dreads having to reveal to her Huntington's diagnosis.
Episode 8014
The Brennan's try to decide how to tell Fay about her potential diagnosis. Leo continues his relationship with Delaney but feels increasingly uncomfortable keeping up the charade.
Episode 8015
Delaney's father Raymond unexpectedly arrives in town, armed with a gun and ready to take action against those who have hurt his daughter. Shots will be fired...will everyone survive?
Episode 8016
It's pandemonium at The Waterhole as it's revealed which Ramsay Street resident has been shot. Mark takes off with Ned in search of Ivan. Raymond Renshaw is still at large.
Episode 8017
Raymond barricades the doors to Harold's and confiscates everyone's phones. With time running out, and Raymond's temper flaring, one brave Ramsay Street resident risks it all to save the hostages.
Episode 8018
Jane is in shock when Paul confesses that he loves Terese. Leo catches Delaney making a mysterious phone call but when he quizzes her about it, she covers it up.
Episode 8019
Leo reveals to Paul who Delaney's mystery contact was - Mannix. He is alive. Terese wakes up and immediately asks to see Paul. Bea makes plans to meet up with Shaun to talk about Finn.
Episode 8020
Dipi is still incredibly shaken after the siege, but Shane is too focused on the girls to notice that his wife is struggling. Sonya thinks that Lassiters needs a cleansing to rid it of it's bad energy.
Episode 8021
Sheila is suspicious when she sees Gary and Dipi leaving Harold’s together. Chloe and Elly are spending a lot of time with each other post-siege, which concerns Aaron.
Episode 8022
Leo tries to convince Terese to take him back. Aaron reels from Chloe’s shock confession about Elly. Fay gets the results of her Huntington’s disease test.
Episode 8023
David is distraught to discover that Reggie has gone missing. Leo tells Paul that he’s back with Terese. Burying his hurt, Paul is determined to move forward and pretends he is fine.
Episode 8024
Dipi meets up with Gary to chat about Amy's impending return from New York and how he is going to win her back. Terese asks Leo to move in with her, but is she doing it for the right reasons.
Episode 8025
Aaron is worried about Chloe’s feelings for Elly and keeps finding excuses to supervise them. Tension remains high between Shane and Dipi and Gary and Amy as a result of the rumours.
Episode 8026
Sonya recovers from her collapse at the nursery. After further tests she is faced with a decision that could alter her life forever. Chloe refuses to speak to Mel and insists she leaves for good.
Episode 8027
Everyone is relieved when Sonya wakes up. but it's short-lived when a specialist arrives to deliver some heartbreaking news that no one saw coming. Is Sonya's illness more serious than expected?
Episode 8028
Terese is missing being around Paul and keeps making excuses to be in his orbit. Will Mark's appeal to get back into the police force be successful?
Episode 8029
With Elly's hen's night fast approaching, Chloe and Bea find they're on opposite pages about what the perfect party entails. Terese is livid with Piper for interfering in her relationships.
Episode 8030
Amy is caught off guard when prospective buyers turn up for her Robinson Pines event early. Worried about Chloe and Elly's continuing intimacy, Aaron encourages Chloe to expand her social circle.
Episode 8031
Sonya braces for her first chemotherapy session with remarkable, unfaltering positivity. Gary is humiliated following Amy's rejection.
Episode 8032
Sonya reveals the truth about her health to Shane and Dipi. Toadie isn't coping well and blames Sonya's illness on Karl. Piper notices the tension between Chloe and Elly.
Episode 8033
Things are tense between Chloe and Elly, as Elly's hens party begins. Terese is feeling dissatisfied in her relationship with Leo.
Episode 8034
Tensions sizzle between Paul and Terese after their almost-kiss. Things get hot and heavy between Chloe and Mel as they spend the night together.
Episode 8035
Chloe is scared Mel will tell Mark about her feelings for Elly. Dipi admits to Sonya that her tarot cards have predicted the death of someone close to her. Toadie is furious at Dipi's lack of support.
Episode 8036
Toadie insists on keeping Sonya's diagnosis from Andrea, Chloe and Mel try to get to know each other again and Amy continues to support Gary despite their recent break up
Episode 8037
Sonya goes to Tasmania and confronts Andrea about their custody battle before returning home to tell her friends and family about her diagnosis
Episode 8038
After Leo’s proposal Terese is in turmoil insisting that she needs more time to work out what she wants. Mark is struggling with the news of Sonya’s health. Will this interfere with his wedding plans?
Episode 8039
Leo is left completely heartbroken by Terese's decision to end their relationship, while Chloe and Mel spend the day reconnecting - can they put their past behind them?
Episode 8040
All of Paul and Terese's longing for one another has finally led to an impassioned kiss, but is this the beginning of something real, or another mistake in a moment of weakness?
Episode 8041
Anger consumes Leo when he learns that Paul and Terese are now together, and he is ready for revenge. Will Susan be able to difuse the tension between Toadie and Karl?
Episode 8042
An angry Leo goes on a rampage, and Paul's penthouse is in his firing line. Gary has an awful first day at his new job at the warehouse. Susan comes up with an idea for a fundraiser for the Rebecchi's.
Episode 8043
The fundraiser for Sonya and Toadie is underway, with the biggest shock of all coming from the highest bidder of the day, Callum. With both Amy and Sheila at Gary's bedside, the awkward tension mounts.
Episode 8044
Mark still won't express his feelings about Sonya's diagnosis to Elly. Bea is suspicious by a sudden increase in the rate of cancellations at the garage.
Episode 8045
Convinced that Harry is dodgy, Bea is determined to counteract his attempts to undercut the garage’s business. Elly is stressed after Mark suggest postponing the wedding.
Episode 8046
Karl is eager to get a friendship with Toadie back on track. Bea's life is in danger as the garage fire builds while she sleeps in the work van.
Episode 8047
An untethered Leo is indulging in the party lifestyle. A determined Bea is sifting through all the strange happenings at the garage, looking for evidence that Mel is behind the fire.
Episode 8048
Terese and Paul are confronted by Leo's very public meltdown.Terese encourages Gary to stop wasting time and tell Amy he wants to reunite.
Episode 8049
Leo is in damage control with Piper and he makes an effort to apologise. Elly begins to fear Mark is not committed to the wedding after he misses another wedding appointment.
Episode 8050
Sonya feels the weight of a secret she's been hiding and confides in Shane. Elly's shaken to find Mark at Kate's grave and confronts him with her fear that he's getting cold feet.
Episode 8051
Shane assures Sonya that it's wise to keep Andrea's admission a secret from Toadie for now. At the hospital, the doctor tells Sonya the cancer has spread to her brain.
Episode 8052
Sonya knows that the end is near, and she intends to make the most of the precious time she has left
Episode 8053
Toadie grapples with the reality that his soul mate has been taken away from him. Meanwhile, in Erinsborough hospital, trouble is on the horizon when Finn Kelly awakes from his coma.
Episode 8054
The Kennedy household is shocked to learn Finn is awake. Toadie goes about planning Sonya's memorial. Mark flees Erinsborough, just days before the wedding.
Episode 8055
Chloe settles in to comfort Elly through the Finn drama and Mark's disappearance. Bea frets over Finn's amnesia diagnosis, truly believing that he is lying to avoid facing justice for all his crimes.
Episode 8056
Toadie, Callum and Nell, surrounded by their loved ones, gather by the lake for a touching and emotional service to honour Sonya. Elly makes a quick and desperate dash away from the Brennan house.
Episode 8057
Rocked by Chloe's request not to go after Mark, Aaron is torn and suddenly doubts whether he is doing the right thing. Those close to Leo fear that his volatile angry streak could resurface at any time.
Episode 8058
Mark returns to Erinsborough and begs Elly for another chance. Will the wedding go ahead? Chloe still feels like there is hope for her and Elly and decides to confide in Aaron for some advice.
Episode 8059
Unable to face the consequence of her actions, Elly runs as far away from Erinsborough as she can. With chaos and drama consuming her world, Chloe is left devastated and rejected.
Episode 8060
Karl has increasing concerns by Susan's compassion for Finn. Both Elly and Chloe are nervous at the thought of seeing Mark again after the fateful wedding day.
Episode 8061
This episode has no summary.
Episode 8062
Leo continues wrestling with his heartbreak over Terese and Paul's betrayal and he takes comfort in Piper's supportive friendship. The Kennedy's are alarmed over Finn's escape from hospital.
Episode 8063
Elly is struggling to come to terms with being rejected and ignored by Mark. Mark still wants nothing to do with Chloe or Aaron, and Fay begins to take pity on Chloe, regretting her outburst.
Episode 8064
Elly is left in shock when she realisesthat she could be pregnant. The public scandal over Mel's nefarious actions continues to dent the reputation of Robinson Pines.
Episode 8065
Elly's pregnancy test comes back and she and Mark are faced with a life changing decision. Will this news be enough to get their relationship back on track?
Episode 8066
When Piper tells Leo about Imogen's ultimatum, he wonders if it's best if they come clean about their secret romance. Susan grapples with the idea of forgiving Finn.
Episode 8067
This episode has no summary.
Episode 8068
Elly's world is turned upside down when her routine medical check-up takes an unexpected turn. Is the baby okay? Karl is becoming increasingly worried by Susan's relationship with Finn.
Episode 8069
Feeling rocked by her recent news, the disastrous wedding and the cheating scandal, Elly comes crashing down and uses alcohol as her momentary escape from her problems.
Episode 8070
Things go from bad to worse for Elly when Mark still struggles to get intimate with her. As Aaron and David celebrate the purchase of their new home, they look to finding someone to move in with them.
Episode 8071
Elly wakes up in a stranger's hotel room overwhelmed with regret. Will she come clean to Mark? Finn is feeling despondent after being rejected by his mother.
Episode 8072
This episode has no summary.
Episode 8073
Amy and Gary are stunned by the surprise arrival of Kyle. Why is he really back in town? Having decided to leave Erinsborough, Piper gently breaks it off with Leo while Terese is emotional.
Episode 8074
Kyle wrestles with Paul's request to break up Amy and Gary, knowing it's an unspoken condition of the job offer. Aaron is suspicious of Chloe when she comes into some extra cash.
Episode 8075
Mark and David escort Finn around Erinsborough in an attempt to trigger his memory. Piper's parting words are ringing in Terese's ears. Is she too much at the mercy of Paul and his wants and needs?
Episode 8076
Terese is concerned he's not being straight with her and asks Chloe to keep an eye on him. Seeing Finn wracked with guilt over ruining Bea's concert, Susan continues to soften.
Episode 8077
Overhearing Shaun urge Finn to take this chance to change his plea to not guilty, Ned accuses him of starting the fire. Feeling guilty over her recent betrayal of Mark, Elly blows her chances at a job interview.
Episode 8078
Shaken after the clearly targeted threat, Imogen questions whether she is doing the right thing representing Finn. A local Ramsay Street resident is unmasked as the attacker. Who will own up?
Episode 8079
Discovering that she is pregnant for real, Elly is pushed by Leo to finally tell the whole truth. Dipi and Shane try to reach out to Andrea for answers about finding the real Dee.
Episode 8080
Paul and Chloe's secret mission is almost over. Leo agrees to keep Elly's secret but doesn't want anything else to do with her lies.
Episode 8081
Terese and Amy are unimpressed by the revelation that Chloe's been posing as Amy, while in contrast, Leo delights in exploiting the secret. Amy lies to Gary about spending time with Kyle.
Episode 8082
Imogen is pulling out all stops to secure Finn a non-custodial sentence. Bea is angry Finn is receiving so much support, especially from Susan. Paul is acclimatisingto life back on Ramsay Street.
Episode 8083
With lives endangered by the mysterious hit and run, Mark launches an investigation into who was behind the wheel. Anyone who might want to harm Imogen and prevent her from defending Finn is a suspect
Episode 8084
Finn's hearing begins, with all his victims reading their impact statements. Elly discovers who the father of her baby really is.
Episode 8085
A very desperate Elly is forced to make her web of lies even more tangled after seeing Shaun. Kyle is working hard to move past his heartache. In a moment of vulnerability, he grows closer to Chloe.
Episode 8086
Sheila remains determined to learn what truly happened between Kyle and Georgia in Germany. Aaron's relieved to learn David is fine, but is unhappy that David's decided not to tell Paul about it.
Episode 8087
Shaun is willing to stay quiet about the baby to help Elly - if she's willing to help Finn. Sheila is convinced that Kyle's secret love for Amy will mean trouble is on the horizon for Gary and Amy.
Episode 8088
Finn's new neighbours are not happy about his arrival on Ramsay Street. Toadie returns from the US where he discovers Dipi and Shane have packed away Sonya's things.
Episode 8089
Ned fears Finn's already coming between him and Bea. David finds new inspiration for his career.
Episode 8090
The Kennedy's rush to warn their neighbours and retrieve the contaminated fruit. Toadie saves Hugo from a close call, but it's too late for Aaron.
Episode 8091
Chloe's intrigued by Paul's offer to continue her romance with Kyle but doesn't want to stir up drama for Amy. Terese's niece Roxy makes an immediate splash at The Waterhole.
Episode 8092
Ned starts to question Roxy's story about why she has come to Erinsborough. Elly's thrown when Mark reveals he has booked her in for an ultrasound at the hospital.
Episode 8093
Elly visits her doctor to make sure word won't get back to Mark that she never had her scan. Toadie finds a new vision for a project to honour Sonya and develops The Sonya Rebecchi Foundation.
Episode 8094
Elly's lies are getting harder to manage as Mark grows more and more excited about finally becoming a dad. Suspicious of Finn's edgy behaviour, Bea confronts him about what he's been up to.
Episode 8095
Elly tries to stand her ground with Dean, unwilling to give into to his demand to award him good marks. Eccentric Jemima sends Karl the biggest, most unusual present he's ever received.
Episode 8096
Finn realises how much his presence is impacting Susan when he learns Toadie is keeping her at a distance. Caught red handed by Dipi with alcohol at school, Elly scrambles for an excuse.
Episode 8097
Mark finds Elly clutching her belly in pain and quickly rushes her to hospital, fearing the worst. When Leo learns the Back Lane Bar is up for sale, Roxy's prepared to offer tp go halves with him.
Episode 8098
Finn doesn't arrive for his regular assessment with David. Will David report him to the police? Roxy continues to infuriate Paul. Paul gives Terese an ultimatum - it's him or Roxy.
Episode 8099
In the face of Roxy's blackmail, Paul caves in to her and tells Terese he's changed his mind - Roxy should stay. Kyle realises that Chloe's feelings for him are genuine.
Episode 8100
Pressure is mounting on Elly from her mischievous student Dean. Bea remains guilty after helping Finn and continuing to lie to Ned about it. A Canning family brunch turns awkward.
Episode 8101
Toadie is set to launch the Sonya Rebecchi Foundation. But when it doesn't go to plan and an unexpected disaster strikes, it leaves everyone's life hanging in the balance.
Episode 8102
The person who planted the gas canisters is identified – and it turns out to be the same person who planted the razor blades in the Kennedy’s apricots and drove the car in the .. show full overview
Episode 8103
Ned contemplates leaving Ramsay Street after his actions risked the lives of many. Bea reveals to Toadie that Finn was the anonymous donor who helped make Sonya's foundation a reality.
Episode 8104
Terese is worried that Paul never seems to learn from his mistakes. Will they be able to compromise and make their relationship work? Leo and Roxy are struggling to agree on the new look for the Back Lane Bar.
Episode 8105
Terese is left utterly shocked when she finds herself face-to-face with Vance. Her past flame is now her niece's boyfriend. David's medical study with Finn is causing friction between him and Aaron.
Episode 8106
Finn is disturbed that he recognised Harry. Mark is increasingly convinced Finn's hiding something. Roxy is full of excitement that her man Vance is getting cozy in her world, while Terese is on edge.
Episode 8107
Chloe is surprised to hear that Pierce Greyson is back in town and is curious of his motives. Elly's anxiety reaches breaking point as she begins to fear the consequences of keeping Finn's secret.
Episode 8108
News is spreading through Erinsborough that Finn's memories may be returning, and Elly fears that Finn may now reveal her own secret. Gary has a big surprise in store for Amy's birthday.
Episode 8109
In what feels like the longest kept secret ever, Elly comes clean about all the terrible things she's done to hide the truth from Mark regarding the paternity of her baby.
Episode 8110
Mortified by Gary's attempt at a surprise wedding, Amy is left in a total state of shock. Will she proceed with the wedding? Vance stirs up Terese with flirty comments and reminders of their youth.
Episode 8111
Terese is determined to force Vance out of town while Ned becomes concerned that Terese can't shake her past. Chloe feels guilty that she outed Kyle’s feelings for Amy and is eager to make amends.
Episode 8112
Elly is grateful to have Susan take over as her birthing partner but is ashamed to reveal the secret of Dean's blackmail. Vance is becoming more desperate to sell the horse.
Episode 8113
Elly is horrified that Finn asked for Shaun to return to Erinsborough. Will Elly let Shaun back into her world? Bea is empathetic towards Mark, admitting she felt betrayed by Elly as well.
Episode 8114
A heartbroken Mark allows himself to be comforted by Chloe after his decision to annul his marriage. Will Elly close the chapter on her and Mark for good?
Episode 8115
Shane makes the decision to visit Andrea without telling Toadie. Drawn in by Andrea's hope that Dee might be alive, Shane seeks her help in investigating further.
Episode 8116
Toadie is pushed to his emotional limits when Andrea turns up at the Waterhole and catches a glimpse of Hugo. In an effort to win Paul over, Roxy gets him involved in a blind wine taste testing.
Episode 8117
Protective of Toadie, Karl grills Shane and Dipi. When he hears their convincing argument, he's compelled to talk to Andrea himself.
Episode 8118
Toadie's deeply confronted to walk in at the tail end of the hypnosis session Karl's conducted with Andrea. What will Andrea reveal that will leave Toadie reeling?
Episode 8119
Elly is confronted when Finn urges her to get to know Shaun better. Stunned by Terese's ultimatum, Vance knows if he simply cuts and runs, Roxy will be shattered.
Episode 8120
Bea and Finn struggle to make sense of their feelings towards one another. Mark targets Shaun after seeing him with Elly and starts to re-investigate the fire in Finn's evidence locker.
Episode 8121
Toadie is surprised to see Willow, who turns up on his doorstep to make sure Andrea isn't up to her old tricks. Ebony invites Chloe to join her at breakfast and the two share stories about Pierce.
Episode 8122
Determined to talk to Ian (infamous Park Bench Dude) about 'Karen', the Andrea/Dee lookalike he met in 2009, Toadie and Andrea head to Hepburn Springs. Meeting Ian, Toadie is struck by .. show full overview
Episode 8123
Toadie is rocked by the realisation that Dee may GENUINELY still be alive. But the real question lays in what to do next - does his proceed with finding the truth or does he just leave .. show full overview
Episode 8124
Terese races to the stables to stop Pierce buying a hot horse, threatening to call the police when Vance refuses to cancel the sale Bea's singing at The Waterhole continues to draw .. show full overview
Episode 8125
Paul fumes that Terese kept her past with Vance a secret. Ebony's extravagant demands heighten Chloe's suspicions that Ebony is after Pierce's money. Is she right?
Episode 8126
Andrea puts the next phase of her plan into action. Chloe is enraged after Ebony tells her to back off, and she looks for advice from Kyle, who tells her to keep out of it.
Episode 8127
Shaun goes to Mark to ask him if he still loves Elly, and offers to leave town if it would make it easier for them to reconcile. Andrea scrambles to hide Heather from Willow.
Episode 8128
Elly hopes she and Mark are on the verge of reconciling after their kiss. Andrea manages her mother's expectations by using all her powers of persuasion to keep Heather safely out of sight.
Episode 8129
As Heather lurks around the Lassiters complex, Andrea is rattled when pestered by Ian. Terese is mid-meltdown as Roxy and Paul continue to give her the cold shoulder.
Episode 8130
Paul is hurt by Terese's dancing dalliance with Vance and puts off moving back in with her. Andrea realises she is now treading a fine line and switches into damage control and sends Ian on his way.
Episode 8131
Paul rejects Terese's proposal, suspecting she's just feeling guilty for running around with Vance. Gary catches Kyle's look of longing towards Amy and can't help but feel rattled.
Episode 8132
Chloe's convinced Ebony doesn't really love Pierce and is only after his money. Is she right? Bea and Elly are dismayed to learn their mother is making a spontaneous visit to Erinsborough.
Episode 8133
Gary is racked with guilt as Kyle is rushed to the hospital. Shane is dismayed to learn Dipi is quietly continuing the search for Karen without Toadie's knowledge.
Episode 8134
Toadie accompanies Andrea to her hypnosis appointment. At Ned's first day of community service he's dismayed to come face-to-face with Finn.
Episode 8135
Frazzled after falling into a genuine hypnosis, Andrea rushes to Geelong to seek advice from Heather. Inspired by Ned's graffiti tours, Yashvi and Willow work on a tour business for a school project.
Episode 8136
Roxy learns Terese has called her mother Gemma and told her all about her scandalous romance with Vance. Roxy is furious and decides to mess with Terese. What does she have in store?
Episode 8137
Amy is floored after Kyle decides he will leave town, and confesses to him that she doesn't want him to leave. Will this lead to a moment of romance?
Episode 8138
Caught out by Pierce, cavorting with his fiance's wedding dress, Chloe squirms with embarrassment. Gary struggles with Amy's desire to have another child and decides to confide in Sheila.
Episode 8139
Susan's alarmed to find out Andrea has stayed the night at Toadies' home and cautions him to be wary. Committing to his marriage and baby plans with Amy, Gary forges ahead on wedding preparation.
Episode 8140
After a tense phone call with Heather, Andrea is horrified to learn she's gone rogue again and rushes to Byron Bay. Yashvi and Ned are enjoying the early stages of dating however Shane's still in the dark
Episode 8141
Face-to-face for the first time, Dee is full of questions for Andrea. But when Andrea tries to walk away Dee attempts to stop her and Andrea reacts violently. How will this explosive story end?
Episode 8142
Andrea works to convince Toadie she is Dee. Willow drops in to see Dee and suddenly keeping up the lies becomes increasingly difficult. The real Dee is in a precarious situation with Heather.
Episode 8143
Toadie finally learns the traumatic history that kept Dee away from him for so many years. Their reunion is full of surprises that Toadie never saw coming.
Episode 8144
Having failed to create a rift between Amy and Gary, Paul and Sheila are determined to concoct a new scheme. Chloe wants to help ensure Pierce and Ebony's relationship gets back on track.
Episode 8145
Roxy suspects that David and Aaron are planning to foster a child, but Leo is sceptical. Amy recognises Gary is acting out of love, but she doesn't want to have a baby with someone who doesn't want to
Episode 8146
Eager to keep his visit to Robert a secret from Paul, David plays along when Roxy claims that he and Aaron are fostering a child. Yashvi decides to run a graffiti tour of Erinsborough.
Episode 8147
Paul, Aaron and David are shocked to learn that Rob had a daughter. Heather is desperate to see Dee as she is still bewildered by the similarities between Dee and Andrea, and is aching for answers.
Episode 8148
Dee reveals to Toadie she wants to visit Andrea. Finding a groove with his new granddaughter becomes difficult for Paul due to Harlow's interest in Rob.
Episode 8149
Toadie is committed to finding some way to revisit the past and reconnect with Dee. She feels the warmth of Toadie's care again and begins to wonder, are her feelings for him being reawakened?
Episode 8150
Arriving home to see Bea cornered by an intruder, Finn's protective instincts go into overdrive. Nervous about meeting Toadie's kids, Dee wonders if they should wait a little longer.
Episode 8151
As Kyle remains tortured by Gary & Amy's love, Paul & Sheila ramp up their efforts to derail Gary & Amy. Bea & Finn decide it's best to rip off the band-aid & tell Karl & Susan they’re back together.
Episode 8152
Harlow and Paul are slowly connecting, but the topic of Rob remains the proverbial elephant in the room. Roxy is consumed by her desperate need to contact Vance.
Episode 8153
Toadie and Dee visit Andrea in prison again, where she shares a new theory about a red headed woman. Finding the moment to break up with Gary proves difficult for Amy.
Episode 8154
Embarrassed and fed up with everything in Erinsborough, Roxy decides to leave town. Having found out about Sheila and Paul's meddling, Gary is on the war path.
Episode 8155
Armed with the DNA proof that Dee, Heather and Andrea are related, Toadie organisesfor Heather to be hypnotised to see if she can remember the truth about the birth.
Episode 8156
After Roxy provides her eyewitness account of Gary's attack on Paul, Mark is left with no choice but to arrest Gary. Aaron notices tension between Elly and Chloe and wants them to reconnect.
Episode 8157
Bea and Finn head to the city for their first official date. Yashvi is ready to take her relationship with Ned to the next level. Mark encourages Elly not to abandon her friendship with his sister.
Episode 8158
Chloe blows off Pierce to spend more time with Elly. Dipi is troubled when it becomes clear just how much Dee is emotionally investing in Toadie.
Episode 8159
Determined to seek a connection with her biological sister and mother, Dee returns to the prison with Toadie and Willow. Bea and Finn announce their relationship to Elly and Karl. How will it go down?
Episode 8160
Bitter and still recovering from his assault injuries, Paul goes on the warpath against Gary. Toadie and Dee are forced to come clean about their feelings for each other. Is a reunion on the horizon?
Episode 8161
Elly's return to work proves to be challenging as her troubled student Richie taunts her. Gary makes a drunken fool of himself at the grand opening of Erinsborough's newest restaurant "The 82".
Episode 8162
Roxy's guilty conscience gets the better of her and the whole sordid truth comes out about Paul's assault. Kyle confides in Pierce about his complicated love life.
Episode 8163
Toadie catches himself having almost too good a time with Dee and feels guilty. Amy struggles to make a decision on who she wants to be with.
Episode 8164
Finn is finding it increasingly difficult to navigate his complicated relationship with Bea. Dee concedes that neither she or Toadie can commit yet. Elly reaches out to apologise to Chloe.
Episode 8165
Chloe has an honest chat with Mark about Elly. Bea confronts an intruder, which puts her in a tough position with Finn. Ned's reflexes to protect Bea kick in.
Episode 8166
Bea pleads for Ned's help to stop Alfie from harassing Finn. Will Chloe and Elly be Ramsay Street's hot new romance, or will it be over before it's even begun?
Episode 8167
The Live At Lassiters Music Festival is underway and amidst excited families attending the event, Gary concedes that Amy should be with Kyle instead. Susan and Karl issue Finn with an ultimatum.
Episode 8168
Finn is held at the police station overnight until a decision is made about his alleged assault on Alfie. Amy and Kyle decide they don't want to wait any longer to start their relationship.
Episode 8169
Having hit rock bottom, Sheila is an absolute mess and isn't giving up on Clive so easily. Gemma has arrived in Erinsborough and is committed to getting Roxy back on the right track.
Episode 8170
Elly and Chloe share their true feelings on their first date. Aaron fears Chloe is overinvesting and is going to get hurt.
Episode 8171
Shane realises he's no longer the most important man Yashvi's life. Leo and Pierce lament their shared singledom but motivate each other to get back into the dating game.
Episode 8172
Anxious to make her burgeoning relationship with Elly work, Chloe throws herself into being the perfect pregnancy partner. Leo remains blissfully unaware of Carmen's hidden agenda.
Episode 8173
Absolutely devastated he's been conned, Leo reports Carmen to Mark. A cat fight between Roxy and Harlow is interrupted by the arrival of Paul's ex-wife and Harlow's grandmother, Gail.
Episode 8174
Gail claims she is in town to get to know Harlow. Why is she really here? Amy and Kyle are both worried about the state of Gary and Sheila's relationship.
Episode 8175
Paul is shaken when Gail reveals she blames him for the loss of both her sons. Shane and Yashvi's attempt to reconcile only results in new arguments. Kyle and Amy skip work to have a bit of fun.
Episode 8176
The search for Sheila picks up when her car is found abandoned in a remote area. The community rally around a shaken Gary who clings to the hope Sheila will walk through the door at any moment.
Episode 8177
Bea sits down Elly to chat about her relationship with Chloe, worried Elly's not as into it as Chloe is. Roxy is torn up about the dire situation at the Back Lane Bar.
Episode 8178
Paul and Terese are caught up in the excitement of their upcoming wedding when Lyn Scully, another one of Paul's ex-wives, suddenly appears. Leo clocks weird tension between Roxy and Mark.
Episode 8179
Paul refuses to be taken down by Lyn's words and accuses her of trying to get him back for herself. Following her break-up with Elly, Chloe becomes a heartbroken cliche.
Episode 8180
With the wounds of their breakup still fresh, Chloe and Elly struggle to navigate a new normal. Shane realises he's been duped by Yashvi into buying her a car.
Episode 8181
When a third ex-wife of Paul's, Rebecca Napier, turns up out of the blue it causes Paul to have a total meltdown. Fearing Elly's baby is in danger, Pierce calls an ambulance to rush her to hospital.
Episode 8182
Rebecca tries to give Terese cause to call off the wedding. Will it work? Yashvi continues to bond with new girl Mackenzie, unable shake the feeling they've met before.
Episode 8183
Gary and Sheila wallow in self-pity, lamenting their recent failures in romance. Elly decides she needs a break from al the drama.
Episode 8184
Yashvi accuses Shane of having an affair. Mackenzie reveals to Yashvi how they know each other. Harlow is sure Roxy has developed real feelings for Mark.
Episode 8185
Terese and Paul are having fun in their tropical paradise in the lead up to their wedding. However, Paul's nightmare is far from over as he runs into yet another former Mrs Robinson at the resort.
Episode 8186
Ned jumps on a plane to QLD to comfort Terese after Paul calls off their wedding. At the airport he spots a tear-stained bride sitting at the bar and offers his assistance.
Episode 8187
Staggered to realise he allowed himself to be manipulated, Paul begs Terese to take him back and forge ahead with their plans to marry. Scarlett takes a bizarre interest in Ned.
Episode 8188
Yashvi and Mackenzie are becoming close friends and start discussing Mackenzie's situation, leaving Harlow feeling excluded. A flustered Chloe continues to avoid Pierce following his declaration of love.
Episode 8189
After Yashvi accidently outs Mackenzie as transgender to the whole school, Mackenzie turns to Dipi for support, afraid the reaction among the students will mirror that of her last school.
Episode 8190
Mark is stunned to hear Pierce's secret and urges him to tell Chloe the truth. Chloe goes to Pierce's house to look for him but is greeted by a young man, half naked. Who is he?
Episode 8191
Chloe feels unsettled after her moment with Hendrix and wonders how long Pierce's son is sticking around. Mark and Roxy's raunchy fun continues as she pushes him out of his comfort zone.
Episode 8192
Ned is shocked to see Scarlett in Erinsborough. Are her motives pure, or is she up to no good? Susan deals with the negative reactions from some parents about Mackenzie.
Episode 8193
Scarlett does her best to drive a wedge between Ned and Yashvi by constantly bringing up their age gap. Appalled by the awful note in Mackenzie's locker, Mark vows to investigate.
Episode 8194
Shock sets in after Shane's outburst at Ollie. Eager to bridge the gap between himself and Elly, Finn plans to buy and restore a baby crib as a gift. Newlyweds Paul and Terese arrive in London.
Episode 8195
Amy is curious as to why Harlow doesn't want Paul and Terese to meet her mother. Pierce struggles to find a private school that'll accept his wayward son Hendrix.
Episode 8196
Pierce tries to spend time with Hendrix, but his efforts backfire. Scarlett turns her charm on Aaron and David, who are ready to let out their spare room after Leo's departure.
Episode 8197
Roxy organises a surprise party for Sheila, which gets out of hand when Hendrix turns up with a rowdy bunch of friends. Mackenzie has a new admirer.
Episode 8198
Relations between Roxy and Mark are strained. After Hendrix shows no remorse and refuses to help clean up the mess after the party, Pierce seeks advice about punishment.
Episode 8199
As Mark continues his affair with Roxy, Aaron and Chloe are concerned that he is going off the rails. Gary asks Clive to forgive Sheila, unaware that he has found someone else.
Episode 8200
Shane continues to help Mackenzie track down her father, but he has a confession to make that leaves Mackenzie shattered.
Episode 8201
Scarlett messes with Ned and Yashvi, making Yashvi out to be immature, while telling Yashvi that Ned is not supporting her like he should. Bea has an accident before her gig at the Waterhole.
Episode 8202
Ned leaps to Bea's rescue as she lays unconscious, making him forget about his date with Yashvi. Scarlett tells Yashvi a warped version of what happened. Will Scarlett's plan work?
Episode 8203
Elly is overwhelmed by Bea's condition, but Shaun is there to offer comfort and support. Mark realises dating the wild child of Erinsborough isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Episode 8204
Affected by Mark's comments, Roxy tries to show him a refined version of herself. Sheila dresses up and heads to The 82, only to be devastated when she runs into Clive and his new girlfriend.
Episode 8205
Pierce gives Hendrix him an ultimatum - if he can get a full time job, Pierce will consider letting him leave school. Humiliated by Mark's comments, there's a strong sense Roxy is done with Mark.
Episode 8206
Shane's thrilled when one of his leads on Mackenzie's fathe looks like coming through. Chloe, Mark and Aaron are worried sick about their mother when she fails to come home.
Episode 8207
Scarlett realises Ned is missing Yashvi, and she makes it her mission to get him alone and seduce him. Mackenzie is fighting nerves over seeing her father, Grant, again.
Episode 8208
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Episode 8209
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Episode 8210
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Episode 8211
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Episode 8212
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Episode 8213
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Episode 8214
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Episode 8215
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