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Episode 8267
Episode overview
Love is in the air between Yashvi and Ned, but now it's time to break the news to Shane. Amy is still coping with her split from Kyle and wondering if she'll make the trip to NYC permanent.
Episode 8268
Episode overview
Roxy is still wracked with guilt over her decision not to donate and is over compensating by taking care of David in hospital. Harlow is sure there is good in her father Robert, but Paul isn't so sure
Episode 8269
Episode overview
Roxy rejects Kyle's advance but is rocked by his presumptuous kiss, and he only makes it worse by implying he thought she'd be up for it. Elly is struggling in her first week as a new mum.
Episode 8270
Episode overview
The wedge between Harlow and Paul intensifies as Harlow and David plan to visit Robert in prison. Susan is shocked to find Elly and Finn have feelings for each other.
Episode 8271
Episode overview
Determined to act before Bea gets hurt. Elly decides to move out of the Kennedy's. Karl and Susan's infamous 'blue box' ends up in the wrong hands.
Episode 8272
Episode overview
Pierce convinces Lucy to give Chloe a chance to prove herself as General Manager. With her confidence shaken, Chloe turns to old mentor Terese to help her.
Episode 8273
Episode overview
After being sprung working together, Chloe and Terese fight to save Chloe's job. Shane's plan to wait for Yashvi to outgrow Ned isn't working.
Episode 8274
Episode overview
Kyle is nervous about his ability to run the Buddy Club. Chloe is crushed after overhearing Pierce's lack of faith in her as General Manager and confronts her husband over what she heard.
Episode 8275
Episode overview
It's a desperate search for Nell as Kyle berates himself for taking his eyes off her. Dipi admits she's not totally comfortable with how close Shane and Roxy's friendship is becoming.
Episode 8276
Episode overview
Dipi decides to watch over Shane and Roxy at work and is perturbed at what she sees. Determined to resign from the Buddy Club, Kyle is asked to run at least one activity before he calls it quits.
Episode 8277
Episode overview
When Sheila gives Roxy and Shane amended rosters scheduling them apart, he blows up at Dipi, believing that she's responsible. Elly is struggling to make No. 32 her home.
Episode 8278
Episode overview
Susan reprimands Elly and Finn separately for their secret visits. Hendrix feels sympathy for Chloe when she loses half of a financial report she was working on and offers his support.
Episode 8279
Episode overview
Wracked with guilt after stealing the Polaroid, Hendrix confesses his misdeed to Karl. Chloe is furious and decides to make a phone call that could ruin everything.
Episode 8280
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Episode 8281
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Episode 8282
Episode overview
Chloe and Pierce grapple with Lisa's shock baby proposal. Roxy realises Sheila was genuinely the one keeping her andShane apart.
Episode 8283
Episode overview
Roxy is mortified after kissing Shane, who is completely shocked and can't get away from her fast enough. Elly starts to feel redundant at home as Aaron and David take over again with babysitting.
Episode 8284
Episode overview
Relations are strained after Elly's outburst and she avoids Number Thirty-Two. A shady guy has been watching Ned and Yashvi. Who is he and what does he want with them?
Episode 8285
Episode overview
Paul advises Ned to make a power move against Zenin as he's not the kind to scare easily. Roxy is still deflated over ruining her friendship with Shane, so she tries to resign from The Waterhole.
Episode 8286
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Episode 8287
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Episode 8288
Episode overview
A very guilty Shane begs Dipi for forgiveness but Dipi can't let the kiss slide. After the threats Zenin made against Yashvi, Ned is determined to get control of the situation.
Episode 8289
Episode overview
When Ned sees Zenin lurking around the complex, he fears for Yashvi's safety. Fronting up to Zenin, Ned claims he remembered the illicit activity at the fight ring. Will Ned's bluff pay off?
Episode 8290
Episode overview
Aaron and David ask Lisa if they might serve as an option for co-parenting. When Yashvi has car troubles, Ned runs to the rescue, but now he can't help but wonder - was this deliberate sabotage?
Episode 8291
Episode overview
Aaron and David's baby plan is shut down before it even began. Harlow becomes transfixed by Hendrix and is mortified.
Episode 8292
Episode overview
Shane is beginning to feel like Gary is a real obstacle in repairing his marriage. Armed with his suspicions that Harlow may have a crush on him, Hendrix tests this theory.
Episode 8293
Episode overview
Gary grows more and more uneasy by how close he and Dipi are becoming. In the wake of the fallout from her kiss with Shane, Roxy is caught in a funk.
Episode 8294
Episode overview
Toadie, David and Kyle are reeling after the gun went off at the Buddy Club. Where did it come from? Harlow decides to focus on Psychology as a career path.
Episode 8295
Episode overview
Paul and Terese are surprised to see Jane Harris turn up unexpectedly in Erinsborough. Finn explains his difficult relationship with his father to Bea and Susan.
Episode 8296
Episode overview
Yashvi fumes at Ned for not telling her she was in danger, while Ned is fearful that Zenin will remain a threat. Chloe has the idea of holding a wedding expo at Lassiters.
Episode 8297
Episode overview
Karl thinks he's doing Shane a solid by giving him daily updates about Dipi and Gary's movements next door. Paul suspects there's more to Jane's story and enlists the help of Dipi to get her to talk.
Episode 8298
Episode overview
Elly is alarmed when she discovers Bea has contacted Finn's dad. A stunned Gary pulls away from Dipi's kiss and Dipi is embarrassed and horrified. Will this finally end her marriage?
Episode 8299
Episode overview
After hearing the revelation of Trent's past actions, Finn does his best to pull himself together and resolves to move on. Jane is still in denial about her online lover, Richard, being dodgy.
Episode 8300
Episode overview
Ned's frustration builds as he anxiously waits for news from the police about shutting down the gun ring. Jane and Dipi begin an investigation for her catfish "Richard".
Episode 8301
Episode overview
Tensions linger between Ned and Yashvi as Mark explains he's been promoted to detective and is there to help round up the gun ring. Chloe continues to feel under pressure from Paul.
Episode 8302
Episode overview
Chloe strives to prove herself a strong leader, but Lucy finds the hotel is falling short of her targets. There's commotion outside the Willis house as Clementine's death hits the family hard.
Episode 8303
Episode overview
Terese confides in Paul about Lucy's job offer and he's ecstatic. As excitement builds for Aster's naming day ceremony, Finn is unsure he can handle the task of being godfather.
Episode 8304
Episode overview
Finn is shaken to the core, grappling with memory flash backs. The residents of Erinsborough receive a peculiar invitation to The Waterhole's Naked Brunch.
Episode 8305
Episode overview
Susan fears Finn is not coping as he suffers another set back. Chloe pushes Mark to start dating again. Roxy's alarmed to find someone unknown rummaging through the drawers in her home.
Episode 8306
Episode overview
When Paige comes to Ramsay St for a sudden visit, Terese is suspicious. As the list of people who know about Jane's catfishing incident grows, Jane’s deeply embarrassed.
Episode 8307
Episode overview
Yashvi's undercover stint to bring down Zenin forced her and Ned to confront some tricky trust issues. Paige is a mess as she braces for Jack's arrival, dreading what he might have to say.
Episode 8308
Episode overview
Gary feels terrible that Harlow had such a negative reaction to his news about Prue. Finn is hopeful his memory flash was a one-off.
Episode 8309
Episode overview
While all of Erinsborough gather at The Waterhole to watch the Mardi Gras parade, Aaron and David are living it up in Sydney. Finn flees in an avalanche of memories after a flashback.
Episode 8310
Episode overview
After being kicked out of the Mardi Gras party by Lucy, Finn struggles to quash the anger it has brought out in him. Lucy's feelings for a former lover bubble to the surface.
Episode 8311
Episode overview
Paul gets a lead on Jane's catfish. Finn's old controlling nature seeps through. Chloe and Aaron suggest Mark try and spend more time with Paige.
Episode 8312
Episode overview
Hot on the trail of Jane's mystery catfish, Paul has finally found the culprit. Toadie is struggling with the anniversary of Sonya's death.
Episode 8313
Episode overview
With Prue's arrival imminent, Harlow's still not sure if she wants to see her mother. Calmer after his public meltdown, Toadie realises Roxy meant no harm and accepts her apology.
Episode 8314
Episode overview
Harlow feels that Prue has come back to town only to be with Gary. Finn's high spirits crash when he gets another call from his dad. Mark asks Lucy on a date.
Episode 8315
Episode overview
Finn convinces David to supervise a visit with Harry Sinclair. Harlow's head is all over the place but Hendrix is still trying to know where they're headed post-kiss.
Episode 8316
Episode overview
Having opened the storage locker from his memory, Finn finds himself immersed in reminders of his sinister past. Mark and Lucy are still going strong with Mark pulling out all the stops to woo her.
Episode 8317
Episode overview
Elly's concerned about Finn's plan to meet Trent. Jane is obsessing over Richard's final letter. Lucy happily accepts Mark's proposal.
Episode 8318
Episode overview
Gary and Kyle are at odds as Kyle reveals he can't support his dad's fast-tracked wedding and is planning to go on the island trip instead. Mark and Paige are now officially dating.
Episode 8319
Episode overview
Finn's mind turns to Elly more and more. He can't hold in his feelings for her any longer and decides to tell her the truth. Sheila convinces Gary to try and clear the air with Kyle.
Episode 8320
Episode overview
Love is in the air as the Lassiters Wedding Expo kicks off. Elly begs Finn to find a kind way to break it off with Bea but also shuts down any hopes of rekindling their romance.
Episode 8321
Episode overview
Sky has a big secret that she is hiding from everyone. Will Gary and Prue make it down the aisle? Will Toadie make it off the island?
Episode 8322
Episode overview
Preparations for a show stopping Ramsay St wedding are in full swing but will there be a serious case of cold feet? It's Elly's 35th birthday part but she remains distracted about Bea.
Episode 8323
Episode overview
After a series of unexpected mishaps, the venue for the next Ramsay St wedding has been destroyed. Concerns for Bea and Harlow heighten and a decision is made to search the island.
Episode 8324
Episode overview
Paul faces a dilemma when his best friends force him to choose between the two of them. On the mainland a body washes up on the coastline. Elly finds evidence that suggests Finn should not be trusted.
Episode 8325
Episode overview
Finn returns to Ramsay Street and surprises Susan at the Kennedy house and convinces her to go to the mountains with him to check on Bea. Is Susan in danger?
Episode 8326
Episode overview
The truth is revealed to the police as everyone recounts what happened on the island. Susan remains inside the cabin while Finn is up to something outside.
Episode 8327
Episode overview
Elly is questioned by the police about Finn and what happened at the cabin. Paul blames Hendrix for Harlow's injuries and for putting her life in danger.
Episode 8328
Episode overview
David is blaming himself for not realising Finn's memory had returned. Sheila is heartbroken and struggles to work through her grief, finding it impossible to focus on the anything else.
Episode 8329
Episode overview
Paul, Terese and Roxy rally around Harlow as she processes her grief and anger. Mark and Sky get the full forensics report back from the crime scene. What will this mean for Elly?
Episode 8330
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Episode 8331
Episode overview
Upset by Elly's betrayal, Bea leans on Karl and Susan for support. Mindful of Susan's fragile emotional state, Karl does everything he can to support her.
Episode 8332
Episode overview
A sympathetic Mark offers to show Finn's video diaries to David to help him better understand what went wrong. Mackenzie needs to ask the Rebecchis an important question.
Episode 8333
Episode overview
Chloe suggests that Elly watches Finn's video diaries to help give her closure. Mackenzie still needs someone to talk to and finds a new confidante in Roxy.
Episode 8334
Episode overview
The Kennedys are tense in anticipation of Claudia's arrival. Roxy plays dress up to help Mackenzie.
Episode 8335
Episode overview
The Kennedys are tense in anticipation of Claudia's arrival. Roxy plays dress up to help Mackenzie.
Episode 8336
Episode overview
The Kennedys are rattled in the aftermath of the break in at their house. Harlow returns home from hospital, devastated and overwhelmed by her mother's death.
Episode 8337
Episode overview
Roxy suggests that Prue's memorial should incorporate some of the Order's beliefs but Paul turns his nose up at the idea, causing Harlow's anger towards him to return.
Episode 8338
Episode overview
Paul overhears a conversation about how Harlow is feeling and misinterprets what is said. After Kyle's mini-freak out during his canoodling session with Roxy, they're both feeling disappointed.
Episode 8339
Episode overview
Karl and Bea worry about Susan's mental state. Mark accidentally picks up the wrong file at work and reads something Sky doesn't want him to see.
Episode 8340
Episode overview
Karl reluctantly admits that he blames Susan for Finn's actions. When Toadie receives information that Elly could possibly go down another legal route, everything changes.
Episode 8341
Episode overview
The gravity of Elly's decision hits the street hard and not everyone agrees with her choice. Will it pay off? Mackenzie struggles to focus at school because of the situation with Mannix at home.
Episode 8342
Episode overview
Mackenzie and Harlow are shaken up as they deal with the aftermath of the police raid at Mackenzie's apartment. Aaron and David are excited about the idea of foster caring.
Episode 8343
Episode overview
Harlow talks to David who encourages her to try and accept Paul, warts and all. Roxy and Kyle are still confused about their relationship status.
Episode 8344
Episode overview
Everyone except Paul himself, can see how badly he has messed up this time. Elly's sentencing hearing is fast approaching, and just when she needs support, she is blindsided.
Episode 8345
Episode overview
It's the day of Elly's sentence hearing. Her and Toadie are optimistic that he will produce the outcome they are hoping for. Roxy and Kyle are finally enjoying their first official date.
Episode 8346
Episode overview
Claudia is strongly opposed to the decision that Elly and the Kennedys make for Aster. Paul is trying his best to bridge the divide between himself and Harlow.
Episode 8347
Episode overview
Andrea is back and capitilising on every opportunity to infiltrate Ramsay Street. Will Claudia manage to remove Aster from the care of Elly and the Kennedys?
Episode 8348
Episode overview
Dee Bliss agrees to come back to Erinsborough to consider Andrea's request for a visit. After a bumpy end to their date, Roxy and Kyle are back in awkward territory.
Episode 8349
Episode overview
Even though Roxy asked to keep their relationship casual, Kyle knows he has to tell her what happened with Jess.
Episode 8350
Episode overview
Paul remains stubborn in the face of David's ultimatum and Harlow's disapproval. Claudia is busy with Samantha, laying the groundwork for Aster's custody battle.
Episode 8351
Episode overview
Toadie assures the Kennedys that Claudia doesn't have a case against them. After hearing about the custody battle, Elly vents her pain to Andrea and the pair unexpectedly bond.
Episode 8352
Episode overview
Karl and Susan have different opinions on how to handle their current situation. With Dee's empathy for her sister growing, she finally decides to bring up Andrea's request with Toadie.
Episode 8353
Episode overview
Susan takes Karl's advice and smooths things over with Claudia. Dee wants to lift Toadie's spirits by taking him out fishing. Chloe decides not to sell the island to Claudia out of loyalty to Elly.
Episode 8354
Episode overview
Toadie realises it's time Dee and he had "the talk". Terese gives Ned the job of planning the relaunch of the Lassiters rooftop pool. Roxy is concerned by Sheila's obsession with Gary the pigeon.
Episode 8355
Episode overview
Ned is under pressure to organise the launch of the Lassiters rooftop pool. Sheila's obsession with Gary the pigeon escalates which starts to worry Kyle.
Episode 8356
Episode overview
Elly is worried that Claudia may try to keep custody of Aster when she gets out of jail. Susan and Karl are still not communicating well, which leads to a huge argument.
Episode 8357
Episode overview
Toadie wants to spend the day with Dee and the kids, which makes Dipi uncomfortable. Elly warns Toadie that she thinks Andrea is up to something when she overhears her talking about Hugo.
Episode 8358
Episode overview
Sheila is elated when her daughter Naomi returns out of the blue. Having fallen out of Andrea's favour, Elly faces a threatening new life in prison.
Episode 8359
Episode overview
Chloe is acting as Elly's secret agent, gathering intel on Claudia in the hopes of uncovering her plan for Aster. Naomi has decided to stay in Erinsborough and is looking for work at the hotel.
Episode 8360
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Episode 8361
Episode overview
Things are heating up between Toadie and Dee but they both feel awkward about taking things to the next level. Shane tells Dipi that he felt compelled to contact Grant for Mackenzie's sake.
Episode 8362
Episode overview
Aaron and Chloe are shocked when they uncover a huge secret about Claudia, but is it enough to bring her down? Working with Pierce while trying get over him is doing Naomi's head in.
Episode 8363
Episode overview
Toadie receives the court's decision about Elly's appeal and delivers the shocking news to her. Claudia begins to panic and takes drastic action to evade the trouble she feels is coming her way.
Episode 8364
Episode overview
Aaron, Bea, Susan and Chloe fear that Claudia has fled with Aster. A shock arrival walks through the door to suprise Claudia. Toadie investigates a suspicious detail about Elly's sentencing.
Episode 8365
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Episode 8366
Episode overview
Shaun does his best to slot back into family life, but the trauma Claudia and Finn have caused stand in his way. No matter how hard Naomi tries, she can't shake her attraction to Pierce.
Episode 8367
Episode overview
Paul senses something is going on between Pierce and Chloe, and after some digging discovers his suspicions are accurate. Ned is struggling to find work as an artist.
Episode 8368
Episode overview
Chloe confronts Naomi and Pierce about their past. Dee comes clean to Toadie and reveals that she thinks she saw Heather at the prison.
Episode 8369
Episode overview
Paul is determined to use Naomi to drive a wedge between Pierce and Chloe. When Susan catches Karl and Olivia together, the tension between the two reaches its peak.
Episode 8370
Episode overview
Hendrix has picked up on the tension between Karl and Susan and is determined to help them come to a resolution. Elly is finding it challenging to settle back into life back on Ramsay Street.
Episode 8371
Episode overview
Toadie decides he'll accept Dee seeing Heather if they never discuss him or Hugo. Bea suggests that Shaun watchFinn's video diaries.
Episode 8372
Episode overview
Aaron and David nervously prepare for their foster care assessor interview. Naomi, Pierce, Chloe and Ned work hard to ensure The Cancer Council's Biggest Morning Tea is a success.
Episode 8373
Episode overview
It's the Biggest Morning Tea event! Chloe, Pierce and Naomi are thrilled with how it's going. Ned's breast casts are revealed and there are plenty of interested bidders splashing their cash.
Episode 8374
Episode overview
Pierce fears that Paul could be right, and that maybe Chloe is attracted to Naomi. Mackenzie is caught off-guard when her father sends a friend request.
Episode 8375
Episode overview
Despite Naomi's enthusiasm. Pierce and Chloe both find themselves uncomfortable with the idea of welcoming her into their bedroom. Mackenzie is cautiously optimistic when Grant visits Erinsborough.
Episode 8376
Episode overview
Dee starts thinking about her biological father and wants to track him down. Pierce and Chloe focus their energy into securing a big name headline act for the Pride celebrations at Lassiters.
Episode 8377
Episode overview
Karl is shaken by the information Heather revealed about Dee's father. Shane reveals to Dipi the information about Grant he has been hiding from her.
Episode 8378
Episode overview
Paul is left red-faced when he realises that Shane Jenek is in fact Courtney Act. Mackenzie is shocked when her Dad shows up at Pride.
Episode 8379
Episode overview
Erinsborough is painted rainbow for Pride as the residents lap up the sparkly presence of Courtney Act. Aaron and David feel hopeful after they secure a second meeting with the foster care assessor.
Episode 8380
Episode overview
Aaron wants to make an official complaint about the intrusive questions asked by the assessor during the foster care interview. Andrea has a secret relationship with the new prison guard Owen.
Episode 8381
Episode overview
David receives a call from the foster care agency. Will it be the news that they are hoping for? Owen selects Dee and Heather to be involved in a special visitor gardening program in the prison yard.
Episode 8382
Episode overview
Aaron and David are shocked to meet their foster child, who is a lot older than the age they had requested. Roxy considers giving her relationship with Kyle a second chance.
Episode 8383
Episode overview
Feeling unwanted, Emmett runs away, leaving Aaron, David and Chloe to search for him. Terese and the Lassiters team are preparing for the Writers' Festival which includes the launch of a new book.
Episode 8384
Episode overview
Mackenzie is a wreck after learning the truth behind Grant's visit. Susan and Karl are plunged into a fresh chapter of pain in the wake of the new book release.
Episode 8385
Episode overview
Waking up in prison, Dee is horrified that Andrea has orchestrated an escape. Russell Brand makes a surprise visit to Erinsborough.
Episode 8386
Episode overview
With Hugo still missing, fear ripples through Toadie. Heather finds a burner phone buried in the prison garden and realises that Andrea has left it for her to stay in touch.
Episode 8387
Episode overview
Toadie struggles with trusting Heather and her plan to catch Andrea and get Hugo back. Emmett's week with Aaron and David is coming to an end.
Episode 8388
Episode overview
Toadie struggles to forgive Dee for welcoming Heather and Andrea back into their lives. Full of self-doubt after the Hugo saga, Yashvi considers resigning from the Police Academy.
Episode 8389
Episode overview
Pierce and Chloe decide to investigate becoming foster carers themselves. Grant comes clean to Mackenzie about something he's been hiding. Will this revelation tear their relationship apart?
Episode 8390
Episode overview
Chloe and Pierce's fostering hopes have been halted for now. Levi moves into the Canning house and when Sheila learns he's single, she thinks she might be able to set him up.
Episode 8391
Episode overview
Toadie visits Heather in prison to confront her, but instead Heather convinces him that Dee still loves him. Elly realises that Shaun still cares for her as old sparks start to fly between them.
Episode 8392
Episode overview
Emmett is overwhelmed with anxiety on his first day at Erinsborough High. Toadie learns the identity of Dee's biological father and doesn't know whether he should tell Dee.
Episode 8393
Episode overview
Chloe and Pierce are excited to sink their teeth into the island project, but Pierce still blames Hendrix for sabotaging their chance to be foster parents.
Episode 8394
Episode overview
Shaun confronts Aaron and David about Emmett's academic struggles. Can Kyle handle the emotional pressure of going back to the island?
Episode 8395
Episode overview
Roxy has had enough of her inconsistent relationship with Kyle and decides to put him on the spot. Bea is thrown when Levi begs her to keep his seizure a secret.
Episode 8396
Episode overview
Levi's childhood trauma is on Sheila's mind, so when Kyle tells her that he and Roxy are now official, she's shocked and upset. Desperate for mates, is Emmett getting mixed up with the wrong crowd?
Episode 8397
Episode overview
Aaron and David hope that Emmett isn't responsible for the trashed classroom. Elly signs herself up for a local mother's group for some socialising.
Episode 8398
Episode overview
Harlow discovers that Hendrix is planning to keep his 18th birthday lowkey out of respect for her, so she decides to plan a surprise party at the Backpackers.
Episode 8399
Episode overview
Harlow is found by the police with a bag full of drugs at the Backpackers. Will she go down for a crime that she didn't commit?
Episode 8400
Episode overview
Terese is concerned that she's inadvertently bribed a police officer. Roxy is determined to get into Sheila's good graces. Emmett feel pressured to keep his mate entertained.
Episode 8401
Episode overview
Emmett and his friend have caused havoc with Hendrix's drone. Chloe makes a shocking discovery that only adds to her anxiety.
Episode 8402
Episode overview
Elly is seriously considering making the move to Switzerland with Shaun. While on holiday with Susan in Perth, Karl bumps into a dear friend in a bad state.
Episode 8403
Episode overview
Chloe tells Pierce about the pregnancy and the couple have a lot to discuss. Shane is stressed by his uni assignments piling up and Sheila relying on him more heavily at work.
Episode 8404
Episode overview
Elly encourages Chloe to allow hope to factor into her decision-making process with the pregnancy. Karl and Susan arrive home in time to say goodbye to Elly, Shaun and Aster.
Episode 8405
Episode overview
Levi makes a proactive suggestion about how Bea could better process her anger. Emmett is dreading his first day back at school.
Episode 8406
Episode overview
David and Aaron are thrown by the arrival of Emmett's brother, Brent. Jane reaches out to Terese to spill the truth about her relationship with Des.
Episode 8407
Episode overview
After receiving Terese's Facebook message, Nicolette shows up at Lassiters. Aaron and David know that David's not capable of looking after Emmett which leads to Aaron making a shocking suggestion.
Episode 8408
Episode overview
Will David come around to the idea of keeping Emmett and Brent together? Clive prompts Sheila to tell Levi and Kyle the whole truth about Levi's childhood.
Episode 8409
Episode overview
Levi is struggling to process the truth about his childhood trauma. Dipi grows frustrated as Shane continues to brush off his commitments due to his growing uni workload.
Episode 8410
Episode overview
Roxy is worried about how the tension within the Canning family has impacted Kyle and is determined to cheer him up. While helping with Richie's project, Harlow and Hendrix uncover bags of drugs.
Episode 8411
Episode overview
After the discovery of drugs at the school, the police are called to search the grounds. Paul and Terese run into Nicolette and Paul recognises her as Jane's daughter.
Episode 8412
Episode overview
Nicolette is stunned that her mother is on her way to Erinsborough, Terese encourages her to give Jane a chance. David agrees to Aaron's idea of allowing Brent to stay with them.
Episode 8413
Episode overview
Emmett is rushed to hospital after his fall. Chloe's morning sickness is getting worse and Pierce tells Paul that shemay need time off work.
Episode 8414
Episode overview
Pierce is hurt by how little his opinion about her pregnancy seems to matter to Chloe. On her first day back, a series of drug-themed pranks at the school tip Susan over the edge.
Episode 8415
Episode overview
Roxy offers to help Sheila convince Levi to come home and suggests a grand gesture. Shane has a huge secret that could involve Yashvi and the rest of the police.
Episode 8416
Episode overview
At the Waterhole, Roxy stumbles upon an empty bag that matches the ones found at the school. Levi has come home but things are far from peachy.
Episode 8417
Episode overview
Shane begs Roxy for a chance to get clean without telling Dipi about his problem. Brent is causing huge problems for David and Aaron.
Episode 8418
Episode overview
Aaron and David are in for bigger problems when another one of Emmett's family members shows up. Jane agrees to help Susan out at school, but soon finds herself taking on more than she bargained for.
Episode 8419
Episode overview
Chloe goes to Nicolette for advice on how to prepare for her mother's arrival. Mackenzie fears that the eco-battle with Lassiters is not progressing and suggests they stage a protest.
Episode 8420
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Episode 8421
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Episode 8422
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Episode 8423
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Episode 8424
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.