The Complete Adrian Mole

  • : 1985
  • : 13
  • : 3
  • ITV1
  • 20
  • Comedy Drama Family



Adrian Mole Himself
Episode overview
16, 1985
The Mole family's neighbour Mr. Lucas is left by his wife, Mrs. Lucas. He and Adrian's mother Pauline have been having an affair, and they both leave to go to Sheffield, leaving Adrian .. show full overview
Parents Separate
Episode overview
23, 1985
Struggling to come to terms with his mother's departure, Adrian wears red socks to school, which sees him sent home by the headmaster, Mr. Scruton. His furious father complains to Mr. .. show full overview
Charles and Di's Wedding
Episode overview
30, 1985
Adrian wakes up unable to talk, and is diagnosed with tonsilitis. Meanwhile, an Asian family, the Singhs, move into the street which prompts some racist comments by Adrian's father. Bert .. show full overview
British Museum
Episode overview
07, 1985
A school trip to the British Museum in London ends in disaster when the children go out of control and Barry Kent ends up arrested for theft. Adrian's phone calls to Pandora in Tunisia .. show full overview
Episode overview
14, 1985
Adrian is admitted to hospital to have his tonsils removed, which brings his mother Pauline back to Leicester to see him. After spending a couple of days with George and Adrian, Pauline .. show full overview
New Year's Eve
Episode overview
21, 1985
It's Christmas Day in the Mole house, and Adrian annoys his parents by inviting Bert and Queenie over for the day. He receives a racing bike as a present. Having been made redundant, .. show full overview
Episode 7
Episode overview
29, 1985
This episode has no summary.