Hotel Babylon

  • : 2006
  • : 32
  • : 103
  • BBC One
  • Comedy Drama



Episode 25
Episode overview
19, 2009
Hotel Babylon is closing. Tony desperately pitches the hotel to an Asian businessman, but the deal goes into freefall when Tony refuses to meet his demands. Meanwhile, a terror alert .. show full overview
Episode 26
Episode overview
26, 2009
A couple who are both celebrities hold their joint 40th birthday party at the hotel. Anna finds out that they are not as happy as they seem together. Sam ignores Juliet's advise and .. show full overview
Episode 27
Episode overview
03, 2009
The staff take part in a treasure hunt around the hotel searching for valuable emeralds claimed to be hidden there. Gino finds himself being conned by a man staying at the hotel. Tony .. show full overview
Episode 28
Episode overview
17, 2009
When Emily's estranged father turns up at Babylon, she wants him to leave, but he has something he needs to tell her first. Meanwhile, Sam gambles Hotel Babylon and loses, and Tony .. show full overview
Episode 29
Episode overview
24, 2009
The staff are sent on a team-building course by Sam to improve their performance. Sam's plan doesn't go as he hoped when Juliet is forced to resign. A guest at the hotel makes eyes at .. show full overview
Episode 30
Episode overview
31, 2009
The hotel has managed to secure an exclusive magazine deal to host a Royal wedding with an Italian magazine called Certo!. Juliet is surprised when Sam plans to press ahead after the .. show full overview
Episode 31
Episode overview
07, 2009
James and Gino are are asked to organise the extravagant funeral of a VIP guest . If the event is a success Juliet tells James that he will gain a promotion at the hotel. An old .. show full overview
Episode 32
Episode overview
14, 2009
Sam and Juliet's love grows, but a hidden secret threatens their relationship. Tony hosts a party for other concierges while Gino tries to find the identity of the writer of an erotic novel among the staff. Also, Mel's lie starts to crumble.