• 9.3
  • : 1989
  • : 180
  • : 2065



The Butter Shave
Episode overview
25, 1997
Not fully recovered from "The Summer of George," George is using a cane to get around. Jerry might have another shot at NBC, through an appearance on a NBC Showcase that might lead to .. show full overview
The Voice
Episode overview
02, 1997
George's employer wants to get rid of him, since they now know he isn't really handicapped and they don't like him. He has a one-year contract with Play Now that he will make sure they .. show full overview
The Serenity Now
Episode overview
09, 1997
Frank is supposed to say "serenity now" every time his blood pressure is in danger of going up. Jerry's girlfriend gives his Knicks tickets away. She comments that she has never seen him .. show full overview
The Blood
Episode overview
16, 1997
Jerry has an encounter with an Exacto knife and ends up having an infusion of 3 pints of Kramer's blood infused into him because Kramer decided to store his blood. Jerry's parents buy .. show full overview
The Junk Mail
Episode overview
30, 1997
Jerry's childhood friend "Fragile" Frankie promises to get Jerry a new car because of a show he did for Frankie's car dealership. George prepares for his weekly call to his parents. .. show full overview
The Merv Griffin Show
Episode overview
06, 1997
After Kramer finds the set of the old Merv Griffin Show in a dumpster, he begins to treat his entire life like a talk show. Jerry's new girlfriend has a priceless toy collection that .. show full overview
The Slicer
Episode overview
13, 1997
Elaine is having nightmares and sleepless nights due to her neighbor's inconsideracy. The neighbor is out of the country and has left her alarm clock set for 3:30 a.m.. George gets a .. show full overview
The Betrayal
Episode overview
20, 1997
Jerry, George and Elaine return from their trip to India that they don't want to talk about. Sue Ellen calls the wedding off and Nina doesn't want George or Jerry. George finds out that .. show full overview
The Apology
Episode overview
11, 1997
Jerry's girlfriend walks around his apartment naked; she even eats breakfast and plays Scrabble naked. An old friend of the gang named Jason is going through Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) .. show full overview
The Strike
Episode overview
18, 1997
George, Elaine and Jerry attend Tim Whatley's Hanukkah party. Jerry meets an attractive woman with whom he sets up a date. Elaine meets a man in a bad denim vest and gives him her fake .. show full overview
The Dealership
Episode overview
08, 1998
Jerry plans to buy a new car with an insider deal from Puddy, who's been promoted to a car salesman. Jerry ends up bargaining with Puddy and Elaine to get them back together so he can .. show full overview
The Reverse Peephole
Episode overview
15, 1998
Puddy is wearing what can only be described as a "man fur." Jerry and Elaine leave it to George to sniff them out a deal on a massage chair, for an apartment warming gift for their .. show full overview
The Cartoon
Episode overview
29, 1998
Kramer's brutal honesty gets Jerry in trouble with Susan's old college roommate, Sally Weaver. Elaine obsesses over the meaning of a cartoon that appears in The New Yorker. Elaine and .. show full overview
The Strongbox
Episode overview
05, 1998
George tries to break up with his girlfriend, Maura, only she doesn't agree. Jerry has purchased cuff links worn by Jerry Lewis in Cinderfella. He plans to use them as a conversation .. show full overview
The Wizard
Episode overview
26, 1998
Jerry buys his dad a $200 Wizard organizer for a birthday present. George receives a message from Susan's parents, the Rosses. Jerry and George debate about the race of Elaine's new .. show full overview
The Burning
Episode overview
19, 1998
Elaine thinks that Puddy is religious because of the presets she discovers on his car radio. The first idea George presents at a Kruger project meeting goes over great, his follow up .. show full overview
The Bookstore
Episode overview
09, 1998
Kramer "hangs-out" more than usual at Jerry's place. Jerry spots Uncle Leo shoplifting. George takes a large book into the bathroom with him. Kramer and Newman plan to implement Kramer's .. show full overview
The Frogger
Episode overview
23, 1998
Elaine is confronted with cake from two separate birthday celebrations. She is tired of the forced socializing, so she calls in the sick the following day. Jerry & George are going to .. show full overview
The Maid
Episode overview
30, 1998
George searches for a nickname and decides on "T-bone." Jerry has hired a maid to clean his apartment. Elaine suspects there is more than cleaning going on. Kramer's girlfriend is moving .. show full overview
The Puerto Rican Day
Episode overview
07, 1998
The gang tries to get back into town after leaving the Mets game early in the 8th inning, the Mets are down 9 - 0. On the highway they run into trouble with a maroon Volkswagen Golf. .. show full overview
The Clip Show (a.k.a. The Chronicle) (1)
Episode overview
14, 1998
Jerry, Elaine, George & Kramer plan to go to the movie, but Jerry takes out a little time to look at nine years of memories. Featuring relationships (getting in & out), etc.
The Clip Show (a.k.a. The Chronicle) (2)
Episode overview
14, 1998
More clips are seen and finally the closing minutes feature a series of bloopers and a musical montage that features the song "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" by the band Green Day, from their 1997 album Nimrod.
The Finale (1)
Episode overview
14, 1998
Jerry and George discuss the movies and George's desire to get his fifteen minutes of fame. Kramer is off to the beach. Elaine calls a friend, whose father is in the hospital, with her .. show full overview
The Finale (2)
Episode overview
14, 1998
The videotape Kramer made is played for the jury. When the NBC executives arrive, George forgets about the trial for a moment and complains loudly about the plane. The prosecution begins .. show full overview