• : 1990
  • : 35
  • : 1
  • ITV1
  • Drama



A Sudden Cause for Demonstration
Episode overview
05, 1991
Chief Constable John Stafford returns to work after his temporary suspension. A series of bomb hoaxes by animal rights activists is amoung his first new cases.
Walk Home
Episode overview
12, 1991
Stafford has to deal with a sieges following the kidnapping of a hitch-hiker. Anne, meanwhile, is faced with the problem of security guards who are taking the law into their own hands on a private estate.
Jack and Jill
Episode overview
19, 1991
Stafford continues negotiating during the siege, while a female officer resigns because of sexual harassment.
Take Care
Episode overview
26, 1991
Stafford must decide whether to allow the screening of a documentary about mad cow disease.
Deep Breath
Episode overview
03, 1991
Two youths throw a brick at a patrol car from a motorway bridge killing a police officer.
The Thunder and the Lightning
Episode overview
10, 1991
Elizabeth Stafford has to treat a child poisoned by an oil spill, while John Stafford must force environmental protesters to leave a ship which is legally carrying toxic waste.