• : 1968
  • : 174
  • : 9
  • NBC
  • 19
  • Action Crime Drama



Camp (1)
Episode overview
24, 1974
A small in-stature boy seeks independence from his smothering mother and, as a result, gets in trouble with the law.
Camp (2)
Episode overview
01, 1974
Malloy continues to deal with a rebellious youth by making him go to a summer camp where he is a counselor, while Reed hears a young woman's report about being molested.
Team Work
Episode overview
08, 1974
Malloy and Reed become suspicious of a scam when they see the same witness and tow truck driver at different accidents.
Roll Call
Episode overview
22, 1974
Every officers worst nightmare comes true for Malloy & Reed while on patrol: Another officer radios in for 'officer needs help', but then doesn't respond when asked for their location. .. show full overview
Suspect Number One
Episode overview
29, 1974
A strange request from an ex-con is delivered to Malloy: the former prisoner wants to go back to prison and will do whatever he has to do to get there.
Point of View
Episode overview
12, 1974
A holdup gone wrong leaves two robbers on a shopping center roof with a lady held hosting and Malloy and Reed trying to set her free.
Lady Beware
Episode overview
19, 1974
Malloy and Reed join forces with Sgt. Gloria Tyler to search for an attacker and rapist of teen girls.
Episode overview
03, 1974
Malloy and Reed search a neighborhood for a missing young girl wearing a red sweater. During the canvassing of the neighborhood, Malloy & Reed go door-to-door asking residents if .. show full overview
Episode overview
10, 1974
Malloy and Reed arrest a happy drunk who is quite entertaining until the happiness turns out to be a tragedy.
Credit Risk
Episode overview
17, 1974
Reed applies for a credit card only to discover that he has been turned down because he is considered a bad credit risk. Reed fights to clear his credit history while Malloy offers advice in the interim.
Episode overview
24, 1974
Reed and Malloy spend Christmas Eve on patrol, answering calls such as a man playing Christmas carols on the bagpipes, a stolen truck carrying radioactive materials, a man caught trying .. show full overview
Pot Shot
Episode overview
14, 1975
Malloy, off duty, heads to the laundromat and finds a man using one of the dryers to dry a pillow case full of marijuana. This leads into an investigation into a possible marijuana ring .. show full overview
Episode overview
21, 1975
Malloy and Reed start looking at salvage yards after thefts of older cars begin to increase.
Victim of the Crime
Episode overview
28, 1975
Reeds gets blamed by a shopkeeper's daughter for the escape of a thief.
Pressure Point
Episode overview
04, 1975
A nervous recruit named Ernie Sampson hides the fact that he stutters, imperiling Reed and Malloy when he fails to warn them about an armed robber who might ambush them.
Lady's Night
Episode overview
18, 1975
Malloy and his girlfriend invite Reed and his wife on a rare night-on-the-town.
Citizen with Gun
Episode overview
04, 1975
A nervous homeowner who has been burglarized on time too many decides to buy a gun to protect himself and his home, but nearly shoots Officer Wells, who is responding to a prowler call.
Follow Up
Episode overview
11, 1975
Malloy and Reed set out to round up a horse thief after the owner of a riding academy is accused of stealing his own equines.
Episode overview
18, 1975
Malloy and Reed get dispatched to find a man who has told others he plans to kill himself.
Operation Action
Episode overview
25, 1975
When Malloy fails to show up for an off-duty appointment, Reed retraces his partner's steps and finds out he has been kidnapped by a revolutionary group demanding the release of one of their friends.
Gus Corbin
Episode overview
01, 1975
Reed and Malloy are called upon to train rookie officer Gus Corbin, but trouble ensues when Corbin starts taking unnecessary and often undue risks to apprehend suspects.
Dana Hall
Episode overview
29, 1975
A female office named Dana Hall feels she isn't being given enough worthy work and decides to prove herself to Reed and Malloy.
Something Worth Dying For (1)
Episode overview
13, 1975
When Reed is discouraged by the futility of his job, he volunteers to work on narcotics assignments for a month.
Something Worth Dying For (2)
Episode overview
20, 1975
Following his recovery from being shot, Malloy returns to patrol only to find out that Reed - who earned the Medal of Valor for saving Malloy's life - may indeed take the investigator's .. show full overview