• : 1990
  • : 35
  • : 1
  • ITV1
  • Drama



Crash Course
Episode overview
20, 1990
Newly appointed Eastland Police Chief Constable John Stafford comes up against the Old Boys' Network. Tensions run high at Her Majesty's Prison 'Stornton' when the warders threaten to go out on strike.
Episode overview
27, 1990
In his new role as Chief Constable, John Stafford is facing opposition from all sides, and numerous challenges to his authority. The accusation of being soft over the weeding of Special Branch files presents just one...
Call Sign Bravo
Episode overview
04, 1990
John Stafford creates fruther controversey when he intercepts Special Branch papers en route to MI5. Anne, meanwhile, is determined to clear her husband's name following their son's drug bust.
The Great Escape
Episode overview
11, 1990
John Stafford must find a solution to the vigilante groups that are emerging in response to a new social menace - crack cocaine.
Ring O' Ring O' Roses
Episode overview
18, 1990
A drugs raid goes wrong, and militant university students challenge John Stafford's authority.
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Episode overview
25, 1990
John Stafford's conflict with the Home Office reaches crisis point - and threatens to end his career.