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The Road Not Taken
Episode overview
09, 2012
College freshman Ginni Wood drops out of contact with her mother while on a spring break road trip to visit her best friend Kelly Gaskins in Texas. The mystery deepens when investigators realize that Kelly and her boyfriend may be missing too.
Dancing Into Darkness
Episode overview
16, 2012
Disappeared examines the case of Susan Walsh a single mother, stripper, and journalist. She leaves her son with her estranged husband and walks off to make a call. She never to returns. .. show full overview
Crime & Punishment
Episode overview
23, 2012
When Terrance Williams goes missing, his family fears he may have been picked up for driving without a license. But when they find his car has been towed by a police officer with no .. show full overview
Wrong Side of the Tracks
Episode overview
30, 2012
Jackie Markham, a feisty trucking company manager, vanishes from her Florida home without a trace of violence. A boyfriend's tale suggesting she departed with a rival suitor appears to .. show full overview
Daddy's Girl
Episode overview
06, 2012
Danice Day's father receives a phone call on January 12, 2002 that throws him into a panic. His daughter has gone missing in Monte Vista, Colorado. She is a recovering drug addict. Did .. show full overview
Last Call
Episode overview
13, 2012
Allison Jackson-Foy vanishes after taking a cab from a local bar. The police suspect that she left of here own accord since she was fed up with her marriage. Her family, however, do not believe that Allison would willingly leave her children behind.
Hometown Hero
Episode overview
20, 2012
Margaret McEnroe disappears from her home, leaving behind her infant daughter alone in her crib. Local cops know Margaret as a hero firefighter, with a fiery temper but strong maternal .. show full overview
A Soldier's Story
Episode overview
27, 2012
In August 2010, 31-year-old ex-marine Noah Pippin left Michigan to report to the California National Guard. But Noah never shows up. Police trace his path to the forests of Montana, leaving Noah's parents to wonder why he is venturing into the wild.
Into the Bayou
Episode overview
05, 2012
Clinton Nelson heads off to Louisiana to get to know his biological father and take a job in the oilfields. The 20 year-old is looking for a fresh start. But 6 months later, the bayou is .. show full overview
Little Girl Lost
Episode overview
12, 2012
Joey Lynn Ouffutt, mother of three children, vanishes after an argument with her on-and-off -again boyfriend. Is she holding a grudge or overwhelmed by motherhood and taking a break? A fiery tragedy leaves loved ones searching for answers.
The Vortex
Episode overview
19, 2012
Police believe Ben McDaniel disappeared during a dangerous underwater cave dive. But the best divers in the world search for his body and are convinced that he is not in the cave. .. show full overview
Final Exam
Episode overview
26, 2012
In 1998, Nineteen year old University of Albany student Suzy Lyall does not return to her dorm room after working the night shift at a computer store. When he parents are alerted, they .. show full overview
Too Young For Love
Episode overview
02, 2012
Fourteen-year-old Chioma Gray disappears with an older man in 2007 and crosses the border into Mexico. For four years, her family wonders how she disappeared and if she's still alive. In October of 2011, they get the answers they've been waiting for.
Footprints in the Sand
Episode overview
09, 2012
In the early hours of May 1st, 2010, Jersey City escort Shannan Gilbert goes missing on the affluent shores of Long Island. Police launch a search through the dense underbrush, and what .. show full overview
Just a Nice Guy
Episode overview
16, 2012
The last time Zebb Quinn was seen, he was leaving his work shift with an acquaintance in Asheville, North Carolina. Family members know the shy teenager's every move, but they are .. show full overview
Hard Life in the Big Easy
Episode overview
23, 2012
Dana Pastori hoped to leave New Orleans and get custody of her daughters, but she never got the chance. It is not until Hurricane Katrina hits that anyone realizes Dana is missing. In .. show full overview
Missing by Design
Episode overview
30, 2012
When Arizona millionaire Billy McGrath disappears, his financial advisor alerts police. Friends share the concern when someone starts impersonating Billy through calls and emails. As police follow the clues, they uncover a shocking and twisted plot.