• : 2009
  • : 158
  • : 45
  • Investigation Discovery
  • 21
  • Crime Documentary Drama Mystery



The End of Innocence
Episode overview
01, 2009
Forensic officers investigate when a young woman who was about to start her dream job disappears.
A Mother's Secret
Episode overview
11, 2010
The case of a mother-of-three who vanished, but as the case unfolds the community if shocked by the woman's secret past.
A Fateful Meeting
Episode overview
18, 2010
A 25-year-old woman disappears while out on a date with a friend from out of town; a suspected sexual predator is thought to be connected with the disappearance.
The Last Truck Stop
Episode overview
25, 2010
Investigating the disappearance of Michele Whitaker who vanished after hitching a ride from a truck stop.
A Lost Soul
Episode overview
01, 2010
Following the search for teenager Lee Cutler, who went missing one morning after seeing a friend. Investigators try to discover if he has joined the Israeli army.
Miles to Nowhere
Episode overview
08, 2010
A 21-year-old college student goes missing after her car swerves off the road 140 miles away from her dorm.
Favorite Son
Episode overview
15, 2010
The investigation into Billy Smolinski's disappearance after he discovered his girlfriend had cheated on him. Detectives try to find out if she is behind the mystery.
The Long Drive Home
Episode overview
22, 2010
A woman's car is found abandoned and investigators try to find out whether she has been abducted or she is on the run.
The Most Hated Woman in America
Episode overview
01, 2010
Madalyn Murray O'Hair disappeared in 1995 with two members of her family and over a half-million dollars.
Rosemary's Secret
Episode overview
08, 2010
When Rosemary Christiansen disappears, detectives investigate to see if her husband's new girlfriend has any information that might solve the mystery.
When the Music Stopped
Episode overview
15, 2010
A series of dramatic events brings back into the limelight the case of a blues guitarist who vanished.
Dark Waters
Episode overview
22, 2010
A basketball player and his girlfriend vanish while sailing, and investigators try to find the only person who may have information - the man's brother.
Royal Secrets
Episode overview
29, 2010
When a lawyer disappears from a Colorado mountain town the local community are shocked, but investigators soon find secrets lurking beneath the town's idyllic veneer.