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The Secret Journey
Episode overview
04, 2010
A 17 year old disappears after spending 3 days at the beach on her spring break vacation.
The Beauty Queen Mystery
Episode overview
11, 2010
After spending the day with her students, a high school teacher vanishes and a glove with male DNA is found in her yard.
Vanishing Bride
Episode overview
18, 2010
Police receive a tip 6 years after a 28 year old woman disappears connecting an old colleague to it and another women's murder.
No Exit
Episode overview
25, 2010
Tanya Rider goes missing after her shift at work and police zero in on her husband.
Lost Trust
Episode overview
01, 2010
Marina resort owners are no where to be found after meeting with their accountant when they discover money missing.
Lost Highway
Episode overview
08, 2010
Man vanishes from his new apartment and his parents life is turned upside down only to find he has been guarding a dark secret.
Danger at Dusk
Episode overview
15, 2010
While out on a routine workout, Kristi Cornwell's phone conversation is cut short when she screams and begs not to be taken.
Mojave Mystery
Episode overview
22, 2010
April Pitzer goes missing shortly after an encounter with a woman whom April had testified against in a drug trial a few years earlier.
Unfinished Business
Episode overview
29, 2010
On January 2008, 45 year-old Chief Financial Officer, John Glasgow left his Little Rock home early morning and never made it to work.
Paradise Lost
Episode overview
06, 2010
In 2009, Bobby and Sherilyn Jamison's truck is found abandoned on a dirt road in Oklahoma. They and their 6-year-old daughter are nowhere to be found.
Final Prayer
Episode overview
13, 2010
One morning in 2004, Tim breaks routine and doesn't attend morning prayers. Later, he calls work to say he'll be late but never appears.
Doomed Romance
Episode overview
20, 2010
Thirty-three year old Jeramy Burt is heading over to his friend's house to discuss hunting plans when he is never heard of again.
Gone at 17
Episode overview
27, 2010
A typical teenager living outside of Kansas City, Missouri who didn't return home from school one day.