Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

  • : 1983
  • : 38
  • : 10
  • ITV1
  • 21
  • Comedy Drama



Britannia Waives the Rules
Episode overview
04, 2004
Russia. A marble staircase. Oz descends in his dirty, worn white underpants to join the others over a morning cuppa. The house is magnificent - another job well done. It is payday, and .. show full overview
Our Boys in Havana
Episode overview
11, 2004
Perhaps it's the heat, or the Cuban rum, or maybe it's just creeping middle-age but strange things are happening to TV's best-known gang of Geordie brickies. Neville, for instance, has .. show full overview
A Gift from Fidel
Episode overview
18, 2004
The lads are sent out into the Cuban countryside to collect an antique bath, a present from Castro to the British Ambassador. Sounds like an easy job, until Barry goes missing…
Episode overview
25, 2004
Neville's first mission is to get to know Michael who works for a pharmaceutical company. As if being suspected of spying isn't bad enough, Michael is also a Manchester United fan. .. show full overview
Dangerous Liaisons
Episode overview
01, 2004
The Cuban's are convinced Barry is a spy after discovering his Russian connections. Oz faces a major blow in his relationship with Ofelia after word comes from the British Embassy that they want his relationship with Ofelia to end.
The End of the Affair
Episode overview
08, 2004
Pru comes to the aid of Neville after he is kidnapped. Pru explains to Neville that Tarquin has not been entirely honest with him. Oz visits Barry in jail and finds that he's suffering .. show full overview