Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

  • : 1983
  • : 38
  • : 10
  • ITV1
  • 21
  • Comedy Drama



If I Were a Carpenter
Episode overview
11, 1983
Dennis, Neville and Oz head for Germany, looking for work as bricklayers. They get work in Dusseldorf, but only two bricklayers are needed. Dennis makes out that Neville is a carpenter .. show full overview
Who Won the War Anyway?
Episode overview
18, 1983
Neville is suspended from work when his boss finds out that he's a bricklayer rather than a carpenter. Watching a group of men playing football, Neville spots an unexploded bomb which .. show full overview
The Girls They Left Behind
Episode overview
25, 1983
Oz's wife, Marjorie, hasn't heard from him for quite a while and she's getting desperate for money. She goes to see Dennis' wife, Vera, and asks her where the lads are in Germany. Oz .. show full overview
Episode overview
02, 1983
Something very expensive goes missing from the hut and they all begin to suspect each other. So in a bid to catch out the culprit various plans are hatched but as usual all of them end .. show full overview
Home Thoughts from Abroad
Episode overview
09, 1983
Bomber's sixteen-year-old daughter runs away from her home in Bristol, so Bomber returns home to be with his wife while the search for their child continues. The missing daughter .. show full overview
The Accused
Episode overview
16, 1983
Neville meets a German girl in a bar and they share a taxi home. The girl is later assaulted and Neville is arrested by the police for the assault and protests his innocence. but .. show full overview
Private Lives
Episode overview
30, 1983
Dennis is getting it together with Dagmar from the site office. He takes her off to a hotel for a romantic interlude. Meanwhile, Wayne and Barry are 'on the pull' and have met up with .. show full overview
The Fugitive
Episode overview
06, 1984
The lads go off for a weekend's fishing in the country, where they meet up with an English hitchhiker who is very mysterious, The lads suspicions grow when he later runs away from the .. show full overview
The Alien
Episode overview
13, 1984
MacGowan is a violent Irish nutcase. Nobody on the building site likes him and he's always getting into fights and causing trouble. And with Bomber away he ends up as an unwelcome guest .. show full overview
Last Rites
Episode overview
20, 1984
While visiting a local hospital, Dennis and Neville become friendly with a Geordie expatriot named Hedley. He stayed in Germany after 'leaving' the Army and now has a terminal illness. .. show full overview
The Lovers
Episode overview
27, 1984
Barry talks the lads into redecorating the hut, using paint 'redistributed' from the site stores. Oz pretends to be a rich man's son to impress a German girl. He falls in love with .. show full overview
Love and Other Four Letter Words
Episode overview
03, 1984
Dennis' wife, Vera, visits him in Dusseldorf and tells him that she wants to try to rescue their marriage. With Vera and the kids back home to consider, will he stay in Germany or Return .. show full overview
When the Boat Goes Out
Episode overview
10, 1984
It's just about time to pack up and go home now that the German government has decided that all foreign workers will have to register and pay income tax. Dennis has decided to go back .. show full overview