Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

  • : 1983
  • : 38
  • : 10
  • ITV1
  • 21
  • Comedy Drama



Bridging the Gap
Episode overview
28, 2002
The lads reunite in Middlesbrough for Oz's funeral, only to be approached by the man himself and he has an 'Irresistible offer' of work at home and abroad. They of course still have .. show full overview
Heavy Metal
Episode overview
05, 2002
The foreign workforce arive and immediatley there are problems as half are Serbs and half are from Kosavo, who have been at war for years! The boys start their roles as gaffers and the bridge begins to come down!
Bridge over Troubled Water
Episode overview
12, 2002
There is trouble all round and the deal to sell the bridge falls through but help arrives in the most unusual form, a native American! Oz finds out his son is a 'pillow biter' (gay) and .. show full overview
A Bridge Too Far
Episode overview
19, 2002
A Native American appears on the banks of the river and wants to buy the bridge, but there is a problem the boys don't own the bridge, will Granger fall for their scheme? Barry finds out .. show full overview
Another Country
Episode overview
26, 2002
The lads find themselves united once more as workers, with a grim little hut for their new home. Barry begins to go off the rails whilst awaiting trial on drugs charges, Neville falls in .. show full overview
An Inspector Calls
Episode overview
02, 2002
The lads discover that the past has a habit of coming back to haunt them. A police inspector arrives looking for Moxey and a vengeful Grainger puts a spanner in the works with the .. show full overview