Are You the One?

  • 8.5
  • : 2014
  • : 94
  • : 501



One Too Many
06, 2014
The wild adventure begins with all new singles looking for love and money. The cast gets to know one another, hook-ups happen, relationships form, and an 11th girl is brought on to shake things up.
The Truth Will Cost You
13, 2014
Relationships continue to form and several couples become convinced they've found their match. Brandon and Christina stick together, while something personal allows Briana to become closer to Curtis. Layton is confused over Jess and Jenni.
Virgin Tears
20, 2014
The house can't agree on a strategy, Nate loses his cool over Shelby, Christina tries to move on with little help from Brandon, and Jenni sees a side to Layton that isn't pleasant.
Loose Lips Sink Relationships
27, 2014
An alcohol-fueled mistake threatens the strongest couple in the house; Anthony goes after Layton's crush; John makes a move on Christina; the house reels after a Matchup Ceremony.
Strap Those Boots Tight
03, 2014
The house is stunned by the last Matchup Ceremony; Jenni thinks that Layton is her match, but worries about Jessica; the Truth Booth threatens another couple.
Parental Guidance
10, 2014
The girls learn surprising information when their parents show up to interrogate the guys. When the parents leave, tensions between Layton and Anthony explode. The house learns that history can repeat itself.
Hot Salsa
17, 2014
After another failed Matchup Ceremony, the house is ready for a fresh start. John believes he finally found his match in Jenni but the house isn't so sure. Ashley finds herself in a potentially explosive love triangle.
24, 2014
The cast gets dumped in a sloppy challenge, Christina and Nate believe they've found the one in each other, and Ashley struggles with listening to logic or her gut with Layton and Dario.
Old Flames
01, 2014
Despite not being a match, Nathan explodes when Christina returns to Brandon. With just two Matchup Ceremonies left, Ashley's indecision between Layton and Dario could keep the house from winning it all.
One Switch, One Glitch
08, 2014
The house is faced with the final matchup ceremony and one switch to make. While the Truth Booth delivers some much needed answers, the question of the 11th girl puts the $1 million in jeopardy.
The Supersized Season Aftermatch
15, 2014
21 castmates reunite as host, Ryan Devlin, finds out if love lasted outside of Puerto Rico. All of the explosive drama that happened, after the final matchup ceremony lights went down, is revealed.