Are You the One?

  • 8.5
  • : 2014
  • : 94
  • : 501


Special Delivery
29, 2014
The season 1 cast of 'Are You The One?' reunites one last time to celebrate a baby, reminisce on the good times and bad, and confront some of the drama they left unsettled.
Aftermatch 201
06, 2014
Host Nicole Byer leads the first Aftermatch to recap the episode and get juicy details with Chris Scali, Jess, and Awkward's Jillian Rose Reed.
Aftermatch 202
13, 2014
The 11th girl Christina is joined by season 1's Shanley and Neon Hitch to get the dirt on the episode, play games, and answer fan questions.
Aftermatch 203
20, 2014
Country favorite Ellie is joined by Season 1's Simone and R&B sensation Tinashe to talk about the latest 'Are You The One?' including crying, hookups, boys, and the surprise virgin confession.
Aftermatch 204
27, 2014
'Are You The One?' host Ryan Devlin and cast member Paris guest on this Halloween edition of the Aftermatch to play games, set the record straight, and dish on the show's inside scoop.
Aftermatch 205
03, 2014
Fan favorite Briana joins the Aftermatch with season 1's John to spill on the heartbreaking episode, talk pop culture, answer fan questions, and give an update on ship Curtana.
Aftermatch 206
10, 2014
Playboy Anthony stars as the final guest of this season's Aftermatch to dish on episode drama, his beef with Layton, and answer fan questions.
The Aftermatch 501
11, 2017
This extra has no summary.
The Aftermatch 502
18, 2017
This extra has no summary.
The Aftermatch 503
25, 2017
This extra has no summary.
The Aftermatch 504
01, 2017
This extra has no summary.
The Aftermatch 505
08, 2017
This extra has no summary.
Reunion: The Final Matchup
15, 2017
This extra has no summary.
Beyond the Boom Boom Room
24, 2017
This extra has no summary.
I’ve Got 99 Problems Cuz I Can’t Find The One
13, 2017
Host Terrence J provides an exclusive look at this seasons cast & breaks down why these 22 singles are bad at relationships.