• 8.0
  • : 2011
  • : 89
  • : 9165



Prank Amateurs
31, 2015
Jenna hears a disturbing secret that threatens her resolution to stop thinking about Matty; senior pranks wreak havoc on the school.
Short Circuit Party
07, 2015
Jenna causes an accident at school with surprising results; Matty deals with the fallout from his altercation with Jake.
Jenna in Wonderland
14, 2015
Jenna gets a taste of popularity while Matty struggles with being shunned; Jake goes after a new student; Ally hosts a sex toy party.
Now You See Me, Now I Don't
21, 2015
The senior yearbooks are released; Jenna is depressed when she sees her superlative, but wonders what Matty will write in her yearbook.
The Dis-Engagement Dinner
28, 2015
Jenna is forced to throw Tamara a party for her fake engagement; Gabby reveals a secret about Matty, sending Jenna on a search for the truth.
Don't Dream It's Over
05, 2015
Tamara accuses Jenna of sabotaging relationships, so Jenna confronts her ex-boyfriends to find answers.
The Big Reveal
12, 2015
Jenna wants to tell Matty the truth.
An Indecent Promposal
19, 2015
Prom season arrives at Palos Hills High School; Jenna receives some surprising news.
Say No to the Dress
26, 2015
Jenna refuses to let a series of obstacles ruin her chance at having a dream prom.
Reality Does Not Bite
02, 2015
The prom takes unexpected turns.
The Graduates
09, 2015
Sadie is forbidden from walking at graduation.
Holding On and Letting Go
09, 2015
This episode has no summary.
I'm the Kind of Girl Who Found Her Voice in College
15, 2016
Everyone arrives back from high school and Jenna feels weird that everyone is changing around her.
WTF Happened Last Year?
22, 2016
Jenna reveals what happened to her and the rest of the gang in the last year-what caused the deep freeze between Matty and Jenna, what sparked the friendship between Sadie and Tamara, and how Jake and Lissa rekindled their romance.
The Friend Connection
29, 2016
Jenna avoids a new relationship in order to connect with her co-workers. Meanwhile, Tamara throws a chic birthday party for Sadie that leaves more than one partier feeling less than celebratory.
Best Friends for Never
05, 2016
In an attempt to make Idea Bin a friendlier place for herself, Jenna hooks Tamara up with an internship but quickly finds that working with friends can be a recipe for disaster.
12, 2016
Jake secures shifts for Jenna and Tamara at the country club; Sully's plans for an after-hours party on the golf course lead to fireworks.
Digging Deep
19, 2016
Jenna and Matty continue to rekindle their friendship while they throw a party for Jake; Jenna's latest Idea Bin post threatens everything.
Girls Gone Viral
26, 2016
Jenna tries to decide between success at Idea Bin and her friendship with Matty. Jake has an unexpected hookup, and Sadie and Sergio find themselves closer than ever before.
Misadventures in Babysitting
03, 2016
Jenna volunteers to babysit, and receives some unexpected help in Matty. Meanwhile, Lissa learns the secret to being a Palos Hills mom, and Tamara and Sadie are in over their heads at a rich-kid clambake.
Living in Sin
10, 2016
Jenna takes things with Luke to the next level; Tamara's debt comes back to bite her.
Home Again, Home Again
17, 2016
Jenna signs up for her camp reunion after she gets into a fight with Luke.
Second Chances
24, 2016
Luke helps Jenna land an important meeting at SCU. Tamara finally admits she has money problems.
Happy Campers. Happier Trails
24, 2016
Jenna has to choose between an important SCU event and her camp reunion, which leads to a much bigger decision: Luke or Matty.