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Saison 10 Discuss
Lili Hayes
Date de diffusion
Mar 27, 2018
Daniel reboots his show for Season 10 with a little help from Twitter, breaks down an epic butt-paddling video and chats with Instagram-famous grandma Lili Hayes.
Bear Attack
Date de diffusion
Avr 03, 2018
Daniel tries a leisurely alternative to the Hot Coil Challenge, talks to a bear-attack survivor who went viral and looks at gross celebrity feet.
Date de diffusion
Avr 10, 2018
Daniel unpacks a child's startling bathroom visit, helps the inventor of a fan-powered bike attachment find investors and uses his mouth to recreate cooking demonstrations.
Ticket Girl
Date de diffusion
Avr 17, 2018
Daniel celebrates a nude optical illusion, helps viewers learns proper pronunciation and gives a weepy teen a new look after she has a meltdown over a traffic ticket.
Rhoda on the Scene
Date de diffusion
Avr 24, 2018
Daniel finds out what happens when a girl gets stuck on an uncontrollable pony, profiles an amateur breaking news reporter and imagines himself piloting a damaged aircraft.
Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire
Date de diffusion
Mai 01, 2018
Daniel looks at an elaborate emergency room proposal, tries to figure out Bitcoin with help from a teenage millionaire and recites all his Twitter followers from memory.
Cussing Preacher
Date de diffusion
Mai 08, 2018
Daniel takes a gross-out milk prank too far, spreads the gospel of a foul-mouthed preacher and gets into a heated debate about "The Wizard of Oz."
Knee Shred Girl
Date de diffusion
Mai 15, 2018
Daniel reveals his testicle-based side business, helps an injured cheerleader get redemption and gives himself a new look with the help of a face-changing app.
Mr. E's Life Hacks
Date de diffusion
Mai 22, 2018
Daniel gives an expert life-hacker a makeover, sings theme songs to popular video games and tries to combat racism by threatening to call the cops on innocuous white people.
Woah Vicky
Date de diffusion
Mai 29, 2018
Daniel tries to determine the race of a white woman who identifies as black, Big Ass Baby gets in a fight at a baptism, and Tosh.0 issues a public apology.
Web Redemption Reunion Spectacular
Date de diffusion
Sept 18, 2018
Daniel catches up with a good Samaritan and "What What (In the Butt)" songwriter Samwell, hires a contemporary dance duo and gets inspired by an animal abuse protestor.
Mack The Trans Wrestler
Date de diffusion
Sept 25, 2018
Daniel wrestles a trans athlete who was forced to compete outside his gender identity, gets tricked into thinking he's invisible and reveals which celebrities he'd cheat with.
Paul Flart
Date de diffusion
Oct 02, 2018
Daniel meets a security guard who became an internet legend, reviews a daring convenience store crime and reveals the new sensation sweeping the country.
Naked Hanging Artist
Date de diffusion
Oct 09, 2018
Daniel carries out an elaborate scheme with a performance artist who got stuck in a tree, finds out what's funny to Daddy Long Neck and reveals helpful toenail tips.
Flat-Earth Rocket Man
Date de diffusion
Oct 16, 2018
Daniel helps an anti-abortion protester with a broken phone, meets a flat-Earther trying to launch himself into space and creates a celebrity messaging app to rival Cameo.
Crying Mukbanger
Date de diffusion
Oct 23, 2018
Daniel meets an emotional on-camera eater, discovers which skills Iranian soldiers have and listens to complaints from Twitter users about the issues in their cities.
Deafies in Drag
Date de diffusion
Oct 30, 2018
Daniel meets Deafies in Drag stars Selena Minogue and Casavina, reviews risque Halloween costumes and hosts a spooky seance.
Adrenaline Junkie Chase
Date de diffusion
Nov 06, 2018
Daniel goes skydiving with an adrenaline junkie, learns about a muddy fetish called gunge and partakes in the Flaunt Your Wealth Challenge.
One Hole or Two?
Date de diffusion
Nov 13, 2018
Daniel breaks down a video of a woman getting trapped on a car elevator, hosts a debate between two friends over the number of holes in a straw and endorses some new sports.
10x20 Épisode final de la saison
Best of Season 10
Date de diffusion
Nov 20, 2018
Daniel shares some 2018 memories he can't wait to repress and checks in with his favorite foulmouthed football analyst.

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