The Resident

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Saison 2 Discuss
Date de diffusion
Sept 24, 2018
A blackout at Chastain Memorial Hospital requires the staff to treat their patients without the help of any technology. Bell orders the staff to stop accepting new patients and transfer .. show full overview
The Prince & The Pauper
Date de diffusion
Oct 01, 2018
Bell grows frustrated when Marshall Winthrop, Conrad's dad and new chairman of the board, requests Conrad's input in his discussions about the hospital's expenses. As Conrad and Nic work .. show full overview
Three Words
Date de diffusion
Oct 08, 2018
Nic and Conrad contemplate their past when they team up to diagnose a happy husband and wife who are both admitted to the hospital with mysterious symptoms. Bell and Marshall butt heads .. show full overview
About Time
Date de diffusion
Oct 15, 2018
Chastain is flooded with concert goers when a stampede at a music festival grounds leaves many in need of doctors. As Conrad and Nic race to help Josh Robinson, a professional adventure .. show full overview
The Germ
Date de diffusion
Oct 22, 2018
When Bell makes the executive call to utilize Julian Booth's medical devices, rather than the hospital's usual products, Kit and AJ must stop their momentary feuding in order to team up .. show full overview
Date de diffusion
Oct 29, 2018
Halloween at Chastain proves to be just as spooky as ever when Conrad is tasked with diagnosing a young woman admitted to the hospital with extreme night terrors. Meanwhile, Devon faces .. show full overview
Trial & Error
Date de diffusion
Nov 05, 2018
When patients from the hospital's prescription drug trial start suffering life threatening side effects, Nic fears that her sister Jessie may be in danger. As a result, she and Conrad .. show full overview
Heart in a Box
Date de diffusion
Nov 19, 2018
Conrad goes head-to-head with Bell after he recommends one of Julian's risky medical devices to Zoey, who's already lost one son and is back in the hospital with the other. Nic fears .. show full overview
The Dance
Date de diffusion
Nov 26, 2018
Devon's doubts about his relationship reach a peak as his friends and family gather for his big wedding day. As Chastain's leading medical device company, Quovadis, continues to succeed, .. show full overview
After the Fall
Date de diffusion
Jan 14, 2019
Lane Hunter's victims and their families become outraged when she is released from prison. Bell, although responsible for posting Lane's bail and getting her released, continues to be .. show full overview
Operator Error
Date de diffusion
Jan 21, 2019
When a medical device fails on a former Chastain employee, an investigation is opened up, which pits Dr. AJ Austin against Quovadis. As Mina and Bell work to get to the bottom of what .. show full overview
Fear Finds a Way
Date de diffusion
Jan 28, 2019
When a nasty flu season turns out to be masking a terribly infectious disease, Chastain must race to quarantine and diagnose infected patients. Mina finds herself testing Quovadis .. show full overview
Virtually Impossible
Date de diffusion
Fév 04, 2019
Conrad, Kit, Mina and the Raptor work to save the life of a med student in need of a triple-organ transplant, drawing Bell back to the OR for one of the Chastain's riskiest surgeries .. show full overview
Stupid Things in the Name of Sex
Date de diffusion
Fév 11, 2019
When Conrad's attempt to surprise Nic with a lavish Valentine's Day dinner is foiled, he gives the reservation away to someone who could really use it. Mina and Devon distract themselves .. show full overview
Date de diffusion
Fév 18, 2019
Bell's confidence in Quovadis continues to waver when the poster child for one of its medical devices, Henry Barnett, is rushed back into the ER, experiencing seizure-like symptoms. .. show full overview
Adverse Events
Date de diffusion
Mar 04, 2019
The surgeons are determined to shut down Quovadis after Henry Barnett almost loses his life due to a device malfunction. As Mina and Devon set out to find the truth, Bell, AJ and Conrad .. show full overview
Date de diffusion
Mar 18, 2019
The surgeons work together to save the life of the Raptor's old mentor, Abe, who is their only inside source to Quovadis. Unfortunately, when Nic and Conrad take on a patient needing the .. show full overview
Emergency Contact
Date de diffusion
Mar 25, 2019
Chastain picks up the pieces after the fall out with the corrupt medical device company Quovadis, leaving Marshall ready to charter new territory in the medical field, and Devon to .. show full overview
Snowed In
Date de diffusion
Avr 01, 2019
When Atlanta is struck by a severe snowstorm, Mina must perform a big surgery - without the help of The Raptor - to save the life of a young father, while Kit and Bell get stuck .. show full overview
If Not Now, When?
Date de diffusion
Avr 15, 2019
Devon grows concerned when a mother's complaints go unaddressed after her delivery, and pushes Bell to take drastic measures. Conrad is faced with breaking the news to Nic regarding .. show full overview
Stuck as Foretold
Date de diffusion
Avr 22, 2019
When the hospital has a severe blood shortage, Conrad must try every avenue to save a patient's life. Nic receives devastating news and is left worrying about her sister's health, while .. show full overview
Broker and Broker
Date de diffusion
Avr 29, 2019
When a lottery winner is admitted to the hospital, Bell turns to him as a potential solution to Chastain's financial problems. Nic becomes infuriated when Alec suggests she meet with an .. show full overview
2x23 Épisode final de la saison
The Unbefriended
Date de diffusion
Mai 06, 2019
In an effort to save Chastain, Bell considers selling the hospital to a conglomerate, but Kit tries to make him see that the negatives will outweigh the positives. With Conrad's help, .. show full overview

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