The Real Housewives of Atlanta

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Saison 11 Discuss
To Love and to Cherish
Date de diffusion
Nov 04, 2018
Cynthia and Porsha have fallen hard for their new men; Eva has a new ring and a new baby; NeNe prepares to fight alongside Gregg as he begins his battle with cancer; Porsha rallies all the ladies for a trip to Miami to show the Leakes their support.
South Peach
Date de diffusion
Nov 11, 2018
Porsha enjoys her birthday weekend with Dennis, but the romance comes to a halt after a brush with danger; Kandi, Cynthia, Eva, and Marlo touch down in Miami to surprise NeNe as she hits the comedy stage for the first time since Gregg's diagnosis.
A New Addition
Date de diffusion
Nov 18, 2018
Eva and Porsha hit the gym; Kandi reconnects with friend Shamari DeVoe who is the lead singer from the group Blaque; the ladies attend ATL Live to check out Shamari's performance; Kandi finds out potentially damaging information about Porsha's man.
Pass the Peach, Throw the Shade
Date de diffusion
Nov 25, 2018
Porsha faces Dennis' mother; Kandi and Todd meet with Dr. Jackie; Shamari drops a bomb on her mother-in-law; Cynthia hosts a Bailey-Cue; NeNe hears a surprising rumor; the ladies find themselves in the hot seat during Cynthia's Pass the Peach game.
Tatted Tales
Date de diffusion
Déc 02, 2018
Kandi gets advice from the women about sharing details from Porsha's boyfriend's past; Eva's mother pushes her daughter's buttons regarding the wedding's budget; Shamari reveals more details about her open relationship with her husband.
Whining and Dining
Date de diffusion
Déc 09, 2018
Shamari and Ronnie open up to Kandi and Todd about their relationship; Kandi and Porsha have a one-on-one meeting for the first time in years; Nene decides to throw a couples' event; Porsha gives Dennis the surprise of a lifetime for his birthday.
Sisterhood of the Traveling Peaches
Date de diffusion
Déc 16, 2018
A newly pregnant Porsha works at Dennis' restaurant to win over his mother's approval; the men bail on Nene and Gregg's couples trip; the women board a bus to Destin, Fla., and play a game of truth or dare during which Kandi spills more Dennis tea.
Final Destin-ation
Date de diffusion
Déc 23, 2018
In Destin, Fla., Shamari accepts fashion tips from Marlo; during rainy weather, the ladies put their talents on display in their quest for a crown; the group begins to suspect there is more to Porsha's alcohol cleanse than she's letting on.
A Mother's Love
Date de diffusion
Déc 30, 2018
Cynthia plans a send-off for Noelle that ends in a meltdown; Porsha and Dennis are ecstatic about their first sonogram; Shamari and her mother forge a new bond; NeNe and Gregg hold a family meeting to educate their sons on Gregg's cancer.
The Wrong Road
Date de diffusion
Jan 06, 2019
Porsha gets the boot after an altercation at Todd's birthday party; Mike Hill comes to town; Eva and Tanya host a hibachi night followed by a bachelorette trip invite; the evening goes awry when Porsha and Kandi engage in a battle of words.
Texts, Lies & Therapy
Date de diffusion
Jan 13, 2019
Eva and Tanya's hibachi night continues to go up in flames when Eva is confronted by Porsha over past shady comments. As Gregg's birthday approaches, tension builds between the Leakes as Nene deals with the mounting pressure of being his caretaker.
The Peaches of Tokyo
Date de diffusion
Jan 20, 2019
While in Tokyo to celebrate her bachelorette party, Eva receives devastating news that threatens to derail the trip; Porsha shares a secret with the rest of the ladies; NeNe and Tanya get into a heated confrontation that leaves everyone confused.
Tempers in Tokyo
Date de diffusion
Jan 27, 2019
After NeNe is confronted about a shady comment, tempers spiral out of control; Eva tries to stay in good spirits, but an interaction with Marlo drives her over the edge; the ladies go out for a sexy night in the Red Light District.
Lost in Translation
Date de diffusion
Fév 10, 2019
Eva and the ladies continue their celebration with a bachelorette party; epic battles go down during a traditional Samurai lesson; NeNe's troubles with Gregg come to a head and leaves her questioning their relationship.
Let's Make It Official
Date de diffusion
Fév 17, 2019
As Porsha and Dennis prepare for their baby's arrival, the ladies speculate about when they will take their relationship to the next level; Eva deals with the stresses of wedding planning; Kandi and Todd struggle with the decision to use a surrogate.
Bye Wig, Hello Drama
Date de diffusion
Mar 03, 2019
Kandi gets a surprise at her "Welcome to the Dungeon" auditions; Eva deals with increasing wedding costs; NeNe hosts a Bye Wig party during which the women rock their natural hair; a misunderstanding leaves everyone both wigless and speechless.
Welcome to the Dungeon
Date de diffusion
Mar 10, 2019
In the aftermath of NeNe's Bye Wig party, the ladies try to make sense of what happened; Shamari tells Ronnie about her drunken antics; Eva searches for a wedding dress; Kandi preps for the launch of her "Welcome to the Dungeon" burlesque show.
The Model Bride
Date de diffusion
Mar 17, 2019
The ladies all come together to celebrate Eva and Michael's big day; the ladies are concerned with Shamari's behavior; NeNe drops a bomb about her marriage; Kandi and Porsha confront Marlo about a miscommunication that occurred after NeNe's party.
No Money, Mo' Problems
Date de diffusion
Mar 24, 2019
Eva's post honeymoon bliss crashes down around her as Marlo serves up a pot of tea regarding her living situation; since her meltdown, NeNe struggles over what's next for her marriage; Kandi and Todd celebrate the opening of their restaurant.
Caught in the Middle
Date de diffusion
Mar 31, 2019
Porsha gets ready for her gender reveal, only to have her hopes dashed; Eva pushes past the rumors about her finances; when Cynthia's old friend makes an appearance at her wine cooler event, it threatens to blow a hole in her relationship with NeNe.
Reunion (Part 1)
Date de diffusion
Avr 07, 2019
A pregnant Porsha relives the highlights of her relationship with Dennis; Eva lands in the hot seat; Kandi provides an update on her surrogacy journey; Cynthia confronts NeNe; Porsha and Kandi address their relationship when it comes to social media.
Reunion (Part 2)
Date de diffusion
Avr 14, 2019
Kandi clues Porsha in about reports regarding her and Dennis' relationship timeline; NeNe and Gregg talk about his cancer diagnosis and their marriage; tempers flare as the women discuss the Bye Wig party.
Reunion (Part 3)
Date de diffusion
Avr 21, 2019
The Bye Wig party saga continues; Cynthia glows while talking about her whirlwind romance with Mike Hill; the women discuss the drama surrounding Eva's wedding party; tensions rise as NeNe and Cynthia go head to head.
Porsha's Having A Baby Part 1
Date de diffusion
Avr 28, 2019
This episode has no summary.
Porsha's Having A Baby: Grandmother Dearest
Date de diffusion
Mai 05, 2019
This episode has no summary.
11x26 Épisode final de la saison
Porsha's Having A Baby Part 3
Date de diffusion
Mai 12, 2019
This episode has no summary.

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